Lion King-Simbas Mighty Adventure

Credit: Raven-187, AngelDust

Infinite Health80074FB0 03FC
Have All 500 Coin Parts80074FC8 01F4
Infinite Lives30074FB4 0006
Have Alot of Gourds80074FC0 00FF
Have All Movies (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300799CA 0001
All Levels Unlocked (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
8007995E 0001
All Levels 100% Found (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
30079994 0064
All Levels Have Coin Points (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000902 0000
80079928 01F4
All Levels Have SIMBA (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300799AF 009F
Unlock All Mini Games (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000301 0000
30079968 0001
Infinite Tries-Bug CatchingD01D488C 0002
801D488C 0000
Infinite Time-MatchingD016DA20 00B3
8016DA20 00B4
Infinite Tries-Martial ArtsE018850C 0001
3018850C 0003
Infinite Time-Meerkat BashD01B2A38 0076
801B2A38 0078
Unlock Matching Mini Game30079968 0001
Unlock Martial Arts Mini Game30079969 0001
Unlock Meerkat Bash Mini Game3007996A 0001
Unlock Graveyard3007995F 0001
Unlock Stampede30079960 0001
Unlock Old Friends30079961 0001
Unlock Return of the King30079962 0001
Unlock Fire30079963 0001
Unlock Rhino Chase30079964 0001
Unlock Outland Attack30079965 0001
Unlock Climb30079966 0001
Have Pride Rock Outro300799CA 0001
Have Graveyard Outro300799CB 0001
Have Stampede Outro300799CC 0001
Have Old Friends Outro300799CD 0001
Have Return of the King Outro300799CE 0001
Have Fire Outro300799CF 0001
Have Rhino Chase Outro300799D0 0001
Have Outland Attack Outro300799D1 0001
Have Climb Outro300799D2 0001
Pride Rock Level Codes
100% Found30079994 0064
Have All Coin Points80079928 01F4
Have SIMBA300799AF 009F
Graveyard Level Codes
100% Found30079995 0064
Have All Coin Points8007992A 01F4
Have SIMBA300799B0 009F
Stampede Level Codes
100% Found30079996 0064
Have All Coin Points8007992C 01F4
Have SIMBA300799B1 009F
Old Friends Level Codes
100% Found30079997 0064
Have All Coin Points8007992E 01F4
Have SIMBA300799B2 009F
Return of the King Level Codes
100% Found30079998 0064
Have All Coin Points80079930 01F4
Have SIMBA300799B3 009F
Fire Level Codes
100% Found30079999 0064
Have All Coin Points80079932 01F4
Have SIMBA300799B4 009F
Rhino Chase Level Codes
100% Found3007999A 0064
Have All Coin Points80079934 01F4
Have SIMBA300799B5 009F
Outland Attack Level Codes
100% Found3007999B 0064
Have All Coin Points80079936 01F4
Have SIMBA300799B6 009F
Climb Level Codes
100% Found3007999C 0064
Have All Coin Points80079938 01F4
Have SIMBA300799B7 009F
More Misc. Codes
Have SIMBA800944F6 FFFF