Legacy Of Kain 2-Soul Reaver (Beta)

Credit: Code Master, ViperByte

Skips Intro & FMV80039E0A 2400
80039E42 1000
Infinite Health800D5A54 86A0
Shift Anytime800D59F8 0044
Have All Glyph Abilities800D0DCE 03FF
Have All Forged + Special Abilities800D0DCC FFBF
Have Spectral Reaver800D0DD0 0400
Have Material Reaver800D0DD0 0800
Have Fire Reaver800D0DD0 8000
Activate All Warp Gates800D2102 0040
Skip First Puppet Show800D2102 0080
Activate All Warp Gates + Skip First Puppet Show800D2102 00C0
Skip All Puppet Shows300D2082 0080
Show Warp Gate Info300D2083 0001
Have Level 4 Health800CCBAC 0004
Disable Monster AI300D2080 0008
Invincible300D2082 0090
Press Top 4 Buttons For Cheat Menu NOTE: This was taken out of the Final Release :(800D212E 0004