King's Field 2

Credit:, Code Master

Infinite HP801B24FA 270F
801B24FC 270F
Rapid Weapon Usage801B2502 1388
801A120C 1208
801A120E 001A
801B259C 0000
801B259E 0000
Rapid Magic Usage801B2506 1388
801E103A FF00
801E1044 FF00
Loads of Gold801B2534 C350
Infinite MP801B24FE 270F
801B2500 270F
Max Offensive Slash801B2538 270F
Max Offensive Blow801B253A 270F
Max Offensive Stab801B253C 270F
Max Offensive Holy Magic801B253E 270F
Max Offensive Fire Magic801B2540 270F
Max Offensive Earth Magic801B2542 270F
Max Offensive Wind Magic801B2544 270F
Max Offensive Water Magic801B2546 270F
Max Defensive Slash801B254A 270F
Max Defensive Blow801B254C 270F
Max Defensive Stab801B254E 270F
Max Defensive Dark Magic801B2550 270F
Max Defensive Holy Magic801B2552 270F
Max Defensive Fire Magic801B2554 270F
Max Defensive Earth Magic801B2556 270F
Max Defensive Wind Magic801B2558 270F
Max Defensive Water Magic801B255A 270F
Level Modifier801B24F0 00??
Experience Modifier801B24E4 ????
Separated Have Item Codes
Have Excellector (1st)300C85E8 0063
Have Excellector (2nd)300C85E9 0063
Have Excellector (3rd)300C85EA 0063
Have Long Sword300C85EB 0063
Have Flame Sword300C85EC 0063
Have Broad Sword300C85ED 0063
Have Silvarion Sword300C85EE 0063
Have Rapier300C85EF 0063
Have Ryu-Ga Sword300C85F0 0063
Have Capricorn Sword300C85F1 0063
Have Groundal Blade300C85F2 0063
Have Anorium Sword300C85F3 0063
Have Vaculacia Sword300C85F4 0063
Have Seth's Sword300C85F5 0063
Have Dark Slayer Sword300C85F6 0063
Have Triple Fang Sword300C85F7 0063
Have Moonlight Sword300C85F8 0063
Have Moonlight Sword (Alfred)300C85F9 0063
Have "A"300C85FA 0063
Have "A"300C85FB 0063
Have Battle Axe300C85FC 0063
Have Crescent Axe300C85FD 0063
Have Evil Crescent300C85FE 0063
Have Morguline Axe300C85FF 0063
Have Mace300C8600 0063
Have "A"300C8601 0063
Have "A"300C8602 0063
Have Large Bow300C8603 0063
Have Elchris Bow300C8604 0063
Have Morning Star300C8605 0063
Have Volguard300C8606 0063
Have Blood Star300C8607 0063
Have Silence Rod300C8608 0063
Have Flame Rod300C8609 0063
Have Leather Helm300C860A 0063
Have Iron Helm300C860B 0063
Have Great Helm300C860C 0063
Have Orlandin's Hood300C860D 0063
Have Groundal Crown300C860E 0063
Have Dragon Head300C860F 0063
Have Promeus Helm300C8610 0063
Have Ichrius' Helm300C8611 0063
Have Leather Plate300C8612 0063
Have Iron Plate300C8613 0063
Have High Metal Armor300C8614 0063
Have Fire Mail300C8615 0063
Have Orladin's Mail300C8616 0063
Have Promeus Armor300C8617 0063
Have Groundal Mail300C8618 0063
Have Ichrius' Armor300C8619 0063
Have "A"300C861A 0063
Have Leather Shield300C861B 0063
Have Iron Shield300C861C 0063
Have Earth Shield300C861D 0063
Have High Elves Guard300C861E 0063
Have Ryu-Jin300C861F 0063
Have Orladin's Guard300C8620 0063
Have Orladin's Guard (w/eyes)300C8621 0063
Have Groundal Shield300C8622 0063
Have Promeus Shield300C8623 0063
Have Ichrius Shield300C8624 0063
Have "A"300C8625 0063
Have "A"300C8626 0063
Have Leather Gloves300C8627 0063
Have Iron Gloves300C8628 0063
Have Silver Arms300C8629 0063
Have Rai Jin300C862A 0063
Have Fire Knuckles300C862B 0063
Have Groundal Arms300C862C 0063
Have Promeus Hands300C862D 0063
Have Ichrius' Gloves300C862E 0063
Have "A"300C862F 0063
Have Iron Boots300C8630 0063
Have Leg Guards300C8631 0063
Have Silver Boots300C8632 0063
Have Aquarian Boots300C8633 0063
Have Groundal Boots300C8634 0063
Have Fu-Jin300C8635 0063
Have Promeus Boots300C8636 0063
Have Ichrius' Boots300C8637 0063
Have "A"300C8638 0063
Have Green Bracelet300C8639 0063
Have Evil Ring300C863A 0063
Have Silver Ring300C863B 0063
Have Ivory Bracelet300C863C 0063
Have Ebony Bracelet300C863D 0063
Have Gold Ring300C863E 0063
Have "A"300C863F 0063
Have Globe Amulet300C8640 0063
Have Wind Necklace300C8641 0063
Have Black Jewel300C8642 0063
Have Luster Wing300C8643 0063
Have Phanton Crown300C8644 0063
Have "A"300C8645 0063
Have "A"300C8646 0063
Have Map of Verdite300C8647 0063
Have Pixy's Map300C8648 0063
Have "A"300C8649 0063
Have "A"300C864A 0063
Have Lyn's Note300C864B 0063
Have Leon's Note300C864C 0063
Have Truth Glass300C864D 0063
Have Varde's Key300C864E 0063
Have "A"300C864F 0063
Have Earth Herb300C8650 0063
Have Antidote300C8651 0063
Have Herbal Liquid300C8652 0063
Have Dragon Crystal300C8653 0063
Have Blood Stone300C8654 0063
Have Moon Stone300C8655 0063
Have Verdite300C8656 0063
Have Power Fruit300C8657 0063
Have Wisdom Fruit300C8658 0063
Have Fire Crystal300C8659 0063
Have Earth Crystal300C865A 0063
Have Water Crystal300C865B 0063
Have Wind Crystal300C865C 0063
Have Light Crystal300C865D 0063
Have Crystal Flask300C865E 0063
Have Blue Potion300C865F 0063
Have Gold Potion300C8660 0063
Have "A"300C8661 0063
Have "A"300C8662 0063
Have Marilyn's Charm300C8663 0063
Have Promeus300C8664 0063
Have Moonlight Sword300C8665 0063
Have Fair Fossil300C8666 0063
Have Blood Herb300C8667 0063
Have Orlandin's Pic300C8668 0063
Have Lyn's Ring300C8669 0063
Have Ichrius's Eys300C866A 0063
Have Ichrius's Wings300C866B 0063
Have Ichrius's Crown300C866C 0063
Have Ichrius's Key300C866D 0063
Have Key of The Corridor300C866E 0063
Have Royal Key300C866F 0063
Have Orlandin's Key300C8670 0063
Have Copper Key300C8671 0063
Have Silver Key300C8672 0063
Have Magicians Key300C8673 0063
Have Pirate Key300C8674 0063
Have Silvera's Key300C8675 0063
Have Dwarve's Key300C8676 0063
Have Demon's Key300C8677 0063
Have Lyn's Key300C8678 0063
Have "A"300C8679 0063
Have Gold Coin300C867A 0063
Have Arrows300C867B 0063
Have Light Arrows300C867C 0063
Have "A"300C867D 0063
Together Have Item Codes
Have Excellector (2nd) And Excellector (1st)800C85E8 6363
Have Long Sword And Excellector (3rd)800C85EA 6363
Have Broad Sword And Flame Sword800C85EC 6363
Have Rapier And Silvarion Sword800C85EE 6363
Have Capricorn Sword And Ryu-Ga Sword800C85F0 6363
Have Anorium Sword And Groundal Blade800C85F2 6363
Have Seth's Sword And Vaculacia Sword800C85F4 6363
Have Triple Fang Sword And Dark Slayer Sword800C85F6 6363
Have Moonlight Sword (Alfred) And Moonlight Sword800C85F8 6363
Have "A And A"800C85FA 6363
Have Crescent Axe And Battle Axe800C85FC 6363
Have Morguline Axe And Evil Crescent800C85FE 6363
Have "A" And Mace800C8600 6363
Have Large Bow And "A"800C8602 6363
Have Morning Star And Elchris Bow800C8604 6363
Have Blood Star And Volguard800C8606 6363
Have Flame Rod And Silence Rod800C8608 6363
Have Iron Helm And Leather Helm800C860A 6363
Have Orlandin's Hood And Great Helm800C860C 6363
Have Dragon Head And Groundal Crown800C860E 6363
Have Ichrius' Helm And Promeus Helm800C8610 6363
Have Iron Plate And Leather Plate800C8612 6363
Have Fire Mail And High Metal Armor800C8614 6363
Have Promeus Armor And Orladin's Mail800C8616 6363
Have Ichrius' Armor And Groundal Mail800C8618 6363
Have Leather Shield And "A"800C861A 6363
Have Earth Shield And Iron Shield800C861C 6363
Have Ryu-Jin And High Elves Guard800C861E 6363
Have Orladin's Guard (w/eyes) And Orladin's Guard800C8620 6363
Have Promeus Shield And Groundal Shield800C8622 6363
Have "A" And Ichrius Shield800C8624 6363
Have Leather Gloves And "A"800C8626 6363
Have Silver Arms And Iron Gloves800C8628 6363
Have Fire Knuckles And Rai Jin800C862A 6363
Have Promeus Hands And Groundal Arms800C862C 6363
Have "A" And Ichrius' Gloves800C862E 6363
Have Leg Guards And Iron Boots800C8630 6363
Have Aquarian Boots And Silver Boots800C8632 6363
Have Fu-Jin And Groundal Boots800C8634 6363
Have Ichrius' Boots And Promeus Boots800C8636 6363
Have Green Bracelet And "A"800C8638 6363
Have Silver Ring And Evil Ring800C863A 6363
Have Ebony Bracelet And Ivory Bracelet800C863C 6363
Have "A" And Gold Ring800C863E 6363
Have Wind Necklace And Globe Amulet800C8640 6363
Have Luster Wing And Black Jewel800C8642 6363
Have "A" And Phantom Crown800C8644 6363
Have Map of Verdite And "A"800C8646 6363
Have "A" And Pixy's Map800C8648 6363
Have Lyn's note And "A"800C864A 6363
Have Truth Glass And Leon's Note800C864C 6363
Have "A" And Varde's Key800C864E 6363
Have Antidote And Earth Herb800C8650 6363
Have Dragon Crystal And Herbal Liquid800C8652 6363
Have Moon Stone And Blood Stone800C8654 6363
Have Power Fruit And Verdite800C8656 6363
Have Fire Crystal And Wisdom Fruit800C8658 6363
Have Water Crystal And Earth Crystal800C85EA 6363
Have Light Crystal And Wind Crystal800C865C 6363
Have Blue Potion And Crystal Flask800C865E 6363
Have "A" And Gold Potion800C8660 6363
Have Marilyn's Charm And "A"800C8662 6363
Have Moonlight Sword And Promeus800C8664 6363
Have Blood Herb And Fairy Fossil800C8666 6363
Have Lyn's Ring And Orlandins Pic800C8668 6363
Have Ichrius's Wings And Ichrius's Eye800C866A 6363
Have Ichrius's Key And Ichrius's Crown800C866C 6363
Have Royal Key And Key of The Corridor800C866E 6363
Have Copper Key And Orlandin's Key800C8670 6363
Have Magicians Key And Silver Key800C8672 6363
Have Silvera's Key And Pirate Key800C8674 6363
Have Demon's Key And Dwarve's Key800C8676 6363
Have "A" And Lyn's Key800C8678 6363
Have Arrows And Gold Coin800C867A 6363
Have "A" And Light Arrows800C867C 6363