King's Field 1

Credit: Pseudo,,

Max HP80199428 C350
Max MP8019942A C350
Max Gold80199440 C350
Max Max HP80199426 C350
Max Max MP8019942C C350
Max Offensive Slash80199444 C350
Max Offensive Chop80199446 C350
Max Offensive Stab80199448 C350
Max Offensive Holy Magic8019944A C350
Max Offensive Fire Magic8019944C C350
Max Offensive Earth Magic8019944E C350
Max Offensive Wind Magic80199450 C350
Max Offensive Water Magic80199452 C350
Max Densive Slash80199456 C350
Max Defensive Chop80199458 C350
Max Defensive Stab8019945A C350
Max Defensive Poison8019945C C350
Max Defensive Dark Magic8019945E C350
Max Defensive Fire Magic80199460 C350
Max Defensive Earth Magic80199462 C350
Max Defensive Wind Magic80199464 C350
Max Defensive Water Magic80199466 C350
Max Strength Power8019942E C350
Max Magic Power80199432 C350
Every Time You Hit an Enemy, You Get "Strength Gained"80199434 C350
Every Time You Use Magic on an Enemy, You Get "Magic Gained"80199436 C350
Enemies Are Much Easier To Kill80199430 C350
Enemies Are Nearly Impossible To Kill80199438 C350
Attacking Doesn't Work80199494 C350
Magic Doesn't Work8019943A C350
Running Doesn't Work80199420 C350
Condition Is Poison (Type 1)80199468 C350
Condition Is Poison (Type 2)8019946E C350
Condition Is Curse (Type 1)8019946A C350
Condition Is Curse (Type 2)8019946C C350
Condition Is Dark80199470 C350
Condition Is Slow80199472 C350
Condition Is Paralyze80199474 C350
Condition Is Dark & type 2 Curse8019947C C350
Mega-Strong8019943E C350
Mega-Strong & Invincible8019943C C350
Can't See Very Far Ahead of You8019947A C350
Hidden Doors & Walls Are Transparent8019947E C350
Magic Doesn't Use MP80199480 C350
Always Have 50 Magic Power80199482 C350
Always Have 50 Defensive Fire Magic80199476 C350
Always Have 30 Defensive Slash, Chop, & Stab80199478 C350
Enemies Aren't Quite as Aggressive (version 1)8019948A C350
Enemies Aren't Quite as Aggressive (version 2)8019948C C350
Enemies Aren't Quite as Aggressive (version 3)8019948E C350
Enemies Aren't Quite as Aggressive (version 4)80199490 C350
All Running is Backwards, Try to Run Through Walls to Teleport80199422 C350
Tazmanian Devil Code.Spin Around Very Fast.80199544 C350
Character is Very Suicidal80199540 C350
Screen Doesn't Flash Red When You Fall or Get Hit80199550 C350
Rapid Weapon Usage8019942E 1388
Rapid Magic Usage80199432 1388
More Light8019947A 03D0
Float On Air8019954E 0001
Always Run80199420 0000
Get 65,535 Experience Points When You Hit An Enemy80199414 FFFF
Very slow magic bar recovery until you first use magic, then afterwards, very fast magic bar recovery80199490 FFFF
Play the entire game underwater.If you fall in the normal water, you will still die80199536 C350
You are headbanging.No kidding. Has no particular use.80199546 C350
You are 60 ft. tall.Play the game normally, & look down to see the ground & enemies.Works in caves,too.Great for mapmaking.8019954C C350
X button does nothing except for run80199556 C350
Reversed controls.Strafe left & right (L1 & R1) are actually up & down.Normal up & down are strafe left & right80199526 C350
Your height changes to about 60 ft. tall when you are stepping up or down onto a higher or lower surface80199548 C350
Acid Trip code.Hard to describe.Fly through walls while spinning somewhere in the air.The code really gets weird when you turn the GS off & on.Sometimes you do full flips.8019954E C350
Have Dagger8009B52C 0063
Have Short Sword8009B52C 6300
Have Knight Sword8009B52E 0063
Have Morning Star8009B52E 6300
Have Battle Hammer8009B530 0063
Have Bastard Sword8009B530 6300
Have Crescent Axe8009B532 0063
Have Flame Sword8009B534 6300
Have Shiden8009B536 0063
Have Spider8009B536 6300
Have Ice Blade8009B538 0063
Have Seath's Sword8009B538 6300
Have Moonlight Sword8009B53A 0063
Have Dark Slayer8009B53A 6300
Have Bow8009B53C 0063
Have Arbalest8009B53C 6300
Have Iron Mask8009B540 6300
Have Knight Helm8009B542 0063
Have Great Helm8009B542 6300
Have Blood Crown8009B544 0063
Have Lightning Helm8009B544 6300
Have Seath's Helm8009B546 0063
Have Breast Plate8009B548 0063
Have Knight Plate8009B548 6300
Have Ice Armor8009B54A 0063
Have Dark Armor8009B54A 6300
Have Seath's Armor8009B54C 0063
Have Leather Shield8009B54E 0063
Have Large Shield8009B54E 6300
Have Moon Guard8009B550 0063
Have Crystal Guard8009B550 6300
Have Skull Shield8009B552 0063
Have Seath's Shield8009B552 6300
Have Stone Hands8009B556 0063
Have Silver Arms8009B556 6300
Have Demon's Hands8009B558 0063
Have Ruinous Gloves8009B558 6300
Have Leg Guarders8009B55C 0063
Have Silver Boots8009B55C 6300
Have Death Walkers8009B55E 0063
Have Ruinous Boots8009B55E 6300
Have Seath's Tear8009B562 0063
Have Seath's Bracelet8009B562 6300
Have Earth Ring8009B564 0063
Have Psycpros Collar8009B564 6300
Have Amulet of Mist8009B566 0063
Have Lightwave Ring8009B566 6300
Have Pirate's Map8009B56E 6300
Have Miner's Map8009B570 0063
Have Necron's Map8009B570 6300
Have Gold Coin8009B572 0063
Have Blood Stone8009B572 6300
Have Moon Stone8009B574 0063
Have Veridite8009B574 6300
Have Earth Herb8009B576 0063
Have Antidote8009B576 6300
Have Dragon Crystal8009B578 0063
Have Blue Potion8009B578 6300
Have Red Potion8009B57A 0063
Have Green Potion8009B57A 6300
Have Gold Potion8009B57C 0063
Have "A"(Potion)8009B57C 6300
Have Crystal Flask8009B57E 0063
Have Figure of Seath8009B57E 6300
Have Phantom Rod8009B580 0063
Have Truth Glass8009B580 6300
Have Seath's Plume8009B582 0063
Have Demon Pick8009B682 6300
Have Harvine's Flute8009B684 0063
Have Ground Bell8009B684 6300
Have Fire Crystal8009B686 0063
Have Water Crystal8009B686 6300
Have Earth Crystal8009B688 0063
Have Wind Crystal8009B688 6300
Have Light Crystal8009B68A 0063
Have Dark Crystal8009B68A 6300
Have Crystal8009B68C 0063
Have Crystal Shard8009B68C 6300
Have "A"8009B58E 0063
Have Elf's Key8009B58E 6300
Have Pirate's Key8009B590 0063
Have Skull Key8009B590 6300
Have Jail Key8009B592 0063
Have Rhombus Key8009B592 6300
Have Harvine's Key8009B594 0063
Have Dragon Stone8009B594 6300
Have Magician's Key8009B596 0063
Have Silver Key8009B596 6300
Have Gold Key8009B598 0063
Have Shrine Key8009B598 6300
Have "A"8009B59A 0063
Have Moon Gate8009B59A 6300
Have Star Gate8009B59C 0063
Have Sun Gate8009B59C 6300
Have Moon Key8009B59E 0063
Have Star Key8009B59E 6300
Have Sun Key8009B5A0 0063
Have Arrow For The Bow8009B5A0 6300
Have Elf's Bolt (Arrow)8009B5A2 0063
Have "A"8009B5A2 6300
Have Dagger & Short Sword8009B52C 6363
Have Knight Sword & Morning Star8009B52E 6363
Have Battle Hammer & Bastard Sword8009B530 6363
Have Crescent Axe8009B532 0063
Have Flame Sword8009B534 6300
Have Shiden & Spider8009B536 6363
Have Ice Blade & Seath's Sword8009B538 6363
Have Moonlight Sword & Dark Slayer8009B53A 6363
Have Bow & Arbalest8009B53C 6363
Have Iron Mask8009B540 6300
Have Knight Helm & Great Helm8009B542 6363
Have Blood Crown & Lightning Helm8009B544 6363
Have Seath's Helm8009B546 0063
Have Breast Plate & Knight Plate8009B548 6363
Have Ice Armor & Dark Armor8009B54A 6363
Have Seath's Armor8009B54C 0063
Have Leather Shield & Large Shield8009B54E 6363
Have Moon Guard & Crystal Guard8009B550 6363
Have Skull Shield & Seath's Shield8009B552 6363
Have Stone Hands & Silver Arms8009B556 6363
Have Demon's Hands & Ruinous Gloves8009B558 6363
Have Leg Guarders & Silver Boots8009B55C 6363
Have Death Walkers & Ruinous Boots8009B55E 6363
Have Seath's Tear & Seath's Bracelet8009B562 6363
Have Earth Ring & Psycpros Collar8009B564 6363
Have Amulet of Mist & Lightwave Ring8009B566 6363
Have Pirate's Map8009B56E 6300
Have Miner's Map & Necron's Map8009B570 6363
Have Gold Coin & Blood Stone8009B572 6363
Have Moon Stone & Veridite8009B574 6363
Have Earth Herb & Antidote8009B576 6363
Have Dragon Crystal & Blue Potion8009B578 6363
Have Red Potion & Green Potion8009B57A 6363
Have Gold Potion & "A"(Potion)8009B57C 6363
Have Crystal Flask & Figure of Seath8009B57E 6363
Have Phantom Rod & Truth Glass8009B580 6363
Have Seath's Plume & Demon's Pick8009B582 6363
Have Harvine's Flute & Ground Bell8009B684 6363
Have Fire Crystal & Water Crystal8009B686 6363
Have Earth Crystal & Wind Crystal8009B688 6363
Have Light Crystal & Dark Crystal8009B68A 6363
Have Crystal & Crystal Shard8009B68C 6363
Have "A" & Elf's Key8009B58E 6363
Have Pirate's Key & Skull Key8009B590 6363
Have Jail Key & Rhombus Key8009B592 6363
Have Harvine's Key & Dragon Stone8009B594 6363
Have Magician's Key & Silver Key8009B596 6363
Have Gold Key & Shrine Key8009B598 6363
Have "A" & Moon Gate8009B59A 6363
Have Star Gate & Sun Gate8009B59C 6363
Have Moon Key & Star Key8009B59E 6363
Have Sun Key & Arrow For The Bow8009B5A0 6363
Have Elf's Bolt (Arrow) & "A"8009B5A2 6363
Mega Defense (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000902 0000
80199456 0064
Mega Offense (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000802 0000
80199444 0064