Kensei-Sacred Fist

Credit: Kato, Thunder2, Code Master

Infinite Health P1800C4D70 0090
800CE25C 00C0
Infinite Health P2800C4D86 0090
800CF5F8 00C0
Extra Characters80010588 FFFF
8001058A 003F
P1 Character Modifier80010208 00??
P1 Costume Modifier8001023A 000?
P1 Grip of Death800CF622 1000
P1 No Damage Frontal Attacks800CF626 FFFF
800CF628 FFFF
P2 Character Modifier80010268 00??
P2 Costume Modifier8001029A 010?
P2 Grip of Death800CE286 1000
P2 No Damage Frontal Attacks800CE28A FFFF
Enable Extra Mode80010090 0007
Hit Anywhere (Both Players)8005CB26 2400