Jurassic Park 2-Lost World

Credit: gamer@aicom.com, camelot@mnl.sequel.net, ViperByte, Code Master, kstok@pacific.net.sg

Joker CommandD000857C ????
Compy Level Codes
Beat Levels At Touch Of A ButtonD000857C 0001
80050CD4 0004
Level Modifier80050CD0 00??
FAKE Infinite Lives80050CAA 0701
Infinite Energy (High Ridge)800B3A7E 0064
Infinite Lives (High Ridge)800B5614 0063
Infinite Energy (Rain Forest)800AA1FE 0064
Infinite Lives (Rain Forest)800ABD94 0063
Infinite Energy (Creek Bed)800AB90E 0064
Infinite Lives (Creek Bed)800AD4A4 0063
Infinite Energy (Aisle of Giants)800D0C7E 0064
Infinite Lives (Aisle of Giants)800D2814 0063
Infinite Energy (Sleeping Titan)800A441E 0064
Infinite Energy (Sleeping Titan)800A5FB4 0063
Infinite Energy (Plains)8009886E 0064
Infinite Energy (Plains)8009A404 0063
Infinite Energy (River's Edge)800A4F6E 0064
Infinite Energy (River's Edge)800A6B04 0063
Infinite Energy (Beneath The Surface)80088ACE 0064
Infinite Breath (Beneath The Surface)8008A684 03E8
Infinite Energy (Beneath The Surface)8008A664 0063
Infinite Energy (Tidal Cavern)800DF66E 0064
Infinite Energy (Tidal Cavern)800E1204 0063
Hunter Level Codes
Beat Levels At Touch Of A ButtonD000857C 0001
800582D4 0004
Level Modifier800582D0 00??
Infinite Energy (Enter Carefully)800C0D5E 0064
Infinite Lives (Enter Carefully)800C28F4 0063
Infinite Energy (Arid Canyon)800B032E 0064
Infinite Lives (Arid Canyon)800B1EC4 0063
Infinite Energy (Heart of The Island)800B6B2E 0064
Infinite Lives (Heart of The Island)800B86C4 0063
Infinite Energy (Underground)800BBB5E 0064
Infinite Lives (Underground)800BD6F4 0063
Infinite Energy (Geothermal Center)800B635E 0064
Infinite Lives (Geothermal Center)800B7EF4 0063
Infinite Energy (Ingen Complex)800C73BE 0064
Infinite Lives (Ingen Complex)800C8F54 0063
FAKE Infinite Lives800582AA 0701
Infinite Flame Gun30064BD0 0063
Infinite Cannon Gun30064BD1 0063
Infinite Smoke Gun30064BD2 0063
Infinite Timer Bomb30064BD3 0063
Infinite Machine Gun30064BD4 0063
Infinite Lighting Gun30064BD6 0063
Raptor Level Codes
Beat Levels At Touch Of A ButtonD000857C 0001
8005733C 0004
Level Modifier80057338 00??
FAKE Infinite Lives80057312 0701
Infinite Energy (The Way Out)800CDC1E 0064
Infinite Lives (The Way Out)800CF7B4 0063
Infinite Energy (Raptor Ravine)800B2D7E 0064
Infinite Lives (Raptor Ravine)800B4914 0063
Infinite Energy (The Burn Zone)800D8ECE 0064
Infinite Lives (The Burn Zone)800DAA64 0063
Infinite Energy (Into The Fire)800C365E 0064
Infinite Lives (Into The Fire)800C51F4 0063
Infinite Energy (Eve of Chaos)801279EE 0064
Infinite Lives (Eve of Chaos)80129584 0063
T-Rex Level Codes
Beat Levels At Touch Of A ButtonD000857C 0001
80059C74 0004
Level Modifier80059C70 00??
FAKE Infinite Lives80059C4A 0701
Infinite Energy (Aftermath)800B49CE 0064
Infinite Lives (Aftermath)800B6564 0063
Infinite Energy (Force of Nature)8009785E 0064
Infinite Lives (Force of Nature)800993F4 0063
Infinite Energy (Sulphure Fields)800B035E 0064
Infinite Lives (Sulphure Fields)800B1EF4 0063
Infinite Energy (Dinosaur Lairs)8009792E 0064
Infinite Lives (Dinosaur Lairs)800994C4 0063
Infinite Energy (Predator's Ball)80091F6E 0064
Infinite Lives (Predator's Ball)80093B04 0063
Infinite Energy (Hunter Camp)800AEE6E 0064
Infinite Lives (Hunter Camp)800B0A04 0063
Infinite Energy (The Hunters Regroup)800AD63E 0064
Infinite Lives (The Hunters Regroup)800AF1D4 0063
Misc. Codes
Enter Level Select Password Only Once8002EEF8 0002
Infinite Lives80015FE6 2400