Jade Cocoon

Credit: Thunder2, ViperByte, Kim Hawk, Savior, Number 12, Aquase, Jaha, KDF

Character Codes
Cocoon Master Codes
Max Empties8008B818 869F
8008B81A 0001
Infinite Emtpies8008B818 FFFF
Have All Valuables8008B81C FFFF
8008B81E FFFF
8008B820 FFFF
Max Exp8008BD3E FFFF
Infinite HP (In Battle)8008BD40 03E7
Max HP8008BD40 03E7
8008BD42 03E7
Equipped Weapon Modifier3008BD54 00??
Equipped Armor Modifier3008BD55 00??
Equipped Other Modifier3008BD56 00??
Max Attack3008BD64 00FF
Max Defense3008BD65 00FF
Max Magic A.3008BD66 00FF
Max Magic D.3008BD67 00FF
Max Speed3008BD68 00FF
Max Capture Lvl/Rank3008BD7C 00FF
Full Minion List/Alot of Captures8008BD84 FFFF
8008BD86 FFFF
8008BD88 FFFF
8008BD90 FFFF
8008BD92 FFFF
8008BD94 FFFF
8008BD96 FFFF
8008BD98 FFFF
Minion 1 Codes
Max Exp8008BF82 FFFF
Infinite HP (In Battle)8008BF84 03E7
Max HP8008BF84 03E7
8008BF86 03E7
Infinite Mana (In Battle)8008BF88 03E7
Max Mana8008BF88 03E7
8008BF8A 03E7
Max Attack3008BFA8 00FF
Max Defense3008BFA9 00FF
Max Magic A.3008BFAA 00FF
Max Magic D.3008BFAB 00FF
Max Speed3008BFAC 00FF
Have Fire Element3008BFBA 0020
Have Air Element3008BFBB 0020
Have Earth Element3008BFBC 0020
Have Wind Element3008BFBD 0020
Have All Element Usage3008BFBE 000F
Level 2553008BFC0 00FF
Special Feature Modifier Codes
Horn3008BFD6 0?01
Fang3008BFDA 0?01
Claw3008BFDE 0?01
Tail3008BFE2 0?01
Foot3008BFE6 0?01
Special Attributes Modifier Codes
Horn3008BFD8 000?
Fang3008BFDC 000?
Claw3008BFE0 000?
Tail3008BFE4 000?
Foot3008BFE8 000?
Have All Magic8008BFEC FFFF
8008BFEE 01FF
Minion 2 Codes
Max Exp8008C07A FFFF
Infinite HP (In Battle)8008C07C 03E7
Max HP8008C07C 03E7
8008C07E 03E7
Infinite Mana (In Battle)8008C080 03E7
Max Mana8008C080 03E7
8008C082 03E7
Max Attack3008C0A0 00FF
Max Defense3008C0A1 00FF
Max Magic A.3008C0A2 00FF
Max Magic D.3008C0A3 00FF
Max Speed3008C0A4 00FF
Have Fire Element3008C0B2 0020
Have Air Element3008C0B3 0020
Have Earth Element3008C0B4 0020
Have Wind Element3008C0B5 0020
Have All Element Usage3008C0B6 000F
Level 2553008C0B8 00FF
Special Feature Modifier Codes
Horn3008C0CE 0?01
Fang3008C0D2 0?01
Claw3008C0D6 0?01
Tail3008C0DA 0?01
Foot3008C0DE 0?01
Special Attributes Modifier Codes
Horn3008C0D0 000?
Fang3008C0D4 000?
Claw3008C0D8 000?
Tail3008C0DC 000?
Foot3008C0E0 000?
Have All Magic8008C0E4 FFFF
8008C0E6 01FF
Minion 3 Codes
Max Exp8008C172 FFFF
Infinite HP (In Battle)8008C174 03E7
Max HP8008C174 03E7
8008C176 03E7
Infinite Mana (In Battle)8008C178 03E7
Max Mana8008C178 03E7
8008C17A 03E7
Max Attack3008C198 00FF
Max Defense3008C199 00FF
Max Magic A.3008C19A 00FF
Max Magic D.3008C19B 00FF
Max Speed3008C19C 00FF
Have Fire Element3008C1AA 0020
Have Air Element3008C1AB 0020
Have Earth Element3008C1AC 0020
Have Wind Element3008C1AD 0020
Have All Element Usage3008C1AE 000F
Level 2553008C1B0 00FF
Special Feature Modifier Codes
Horn3008C1C6 0?01
Fang3008C1CA 0?01
Claw3008C1D0 0?01
Tail3008C1D4 0?01
Foot3008C1D8 0?01
Special Attributes Modifier Codes
Horn3008C1C8 000?
Fang3008C1CC 000?
Claw3008C1D2 000?
Tail3008C1D6 000?
Foot3008C1DA 000?
Have All Magic8008C1DC FFFF
8008C1DE 01FF
Item Slot Codes
Armor Modifier Codes
Slot 13008B698 00??
Slot 23008B69A 00??
Slot 33008B69C 00??
Slot 43008B69E 00??
Slot 53008B6A0 00??
Slot 63008B6A2 00??
Slot 73008B6A4 00??
Slot 83008B6A6 00??
Slot 93008B6A8 00??
Slot 103008B6AA 00??
Slot 113008B6AC 00??
Slot 123008B6AE 00??
Slot 133008B6B0 00??
Slot 143008B6B2 00??
Slot 153008B6B4 00??
Slot 163008B6B6 00??
Slot 173008B6B8 00??
Slot 183008B6BA 00??
Slot 193008B6BC 00??
Slot 203008B6BE 00??
Slot 213008B6C0 00??
Slot 223008B6C2 00??
Slot 233008B6C4 00??
Slot 243008B6C6 00??
Slot 253008B6C8 00??
Slot 263008B6CA 00??
Slot 273008B6CC 00??
Slot 283008B6CE 00??
Slot 293008B6D0 00??
Slot 303008B6D2 00??
Slot 313008B6D4 00??
Slot 323008B6D6 00??
Slot 333008B6D8 00??
Slot 343008B6DA 00??
Slot 353008B6DC 00??
Slot 363008B6DE 00??
Slot 373008B6E0 00??
Slot 383008B6E2 00??
Slot 393008B6E4 00??
Slot 403008B6E6 00??
Slot 413008B6E8 00??
Slot 423008B6EA 00??
Slot 433008B6EC 00??
Slot 443008B6EE 00??
Slot 453008B6F0 00??
Slot 463008B6F2 00??
Slot 473008B6F4 00??
Slot 483008B6F6 00??
Slot 493008B6F8 00??
Slot 503008B6FA 00??
Slot 513008B6FC 00??
Slot 523008B6FE 00??
Slot 533008B700 00??
Slot 543008B702 00??
Slot 553008B704 00??
Slot 563008B706 00??
Slot 573008B708 00??
Slot 583008B70A 00??
Slot 593008B70C 00??
Slot 603008B70E 00??
Slot 613008B710 00??
Slot 623008B712 00??
Slot 633008B714 00??
Slot 643008B716 00??
Item Modifier Codes
Slot 13008B598 00??
Slot 23008B59A 00??
Slot 33008B59C 00??
Slot 43008B59E 00??
Slot 53008B5A0 00??
Slot 63008B5A2 00??
Slot 73008B5A4 00??
Slot 83008B5A6 00??
Slot 93008B5A8 00??
Slot 103008B5AA 00??
Slot 113008B5AC 00??
Slot 123008B5AE 00??
Slot 133008B5B0 00??
Slot 143008B5B2 00??
Slot 153008B5B4 00??
Slot 163008B5B6 00??
Slot 173008B5B8 00??
Slot 183008B5BA 00??
Slot 193008B5BC 00??
Slot 203008B5BE 00??
Slot 213008B5C0 00??
Slot 223008B5C2 00??
Slot 233008B5C4 00??
Slot 243008B5C6 00??
Slot 253008B5C8 00??
Slot 263008B5CA 00??
Slot 273008B5CC 00??
Slot 283008B5CE 00??
Slot 293008B5D0 00??
Slot 303008B5D2 00??
Slot 313008B5D4 00??
Slot 323008B5D6 00??
Slot 333008B5D8 00??
Slot 343008B5DA 00??
Slot 353008B5DC 00??
Slot 363008B5DE 00??
Slot 373008B5E0 00??
Slot 383008B5E2 00??
Slot 393008B5E4 00??
Slot 403008B5E6 00??
Slot 413008B5E8 00??
Slot 423008B5EA 00??
Slot 433008B5EC 00??
Slot 443008B5EE 00??
Slot 453008B5F0 00??
Slot 463008B5F2 00??
Slot 473008B5F4 00??
Slot 483008B5F6 00??
Slot 493008B5F8 00??
Slot 503008B5FA 00??
Slot 513008B5FC 00??
Slot 523008B5FE 00??
Slot 533008B600 00??
Slot 543008B602 00??
Slot 553008B604 00??
Slot 563008B606 00??
Slot 573008B608 00??
Slot 583008B60A 00??
Slot 593008B60C 00??
Slot 603008B60E 00??
Slot 613008B610 00??
Slot 623008B612 00??
Slot 633008B614 00??
Slot 643008B616 00??
Other Modifier Codes
Slot 13008B718 00??
Slot 23008B71A 00??
Slot 33008B71C 00??
Slot 43008B71E 00??
Slot 53008B720 00??
Slot 63008B722 00??
Slot 73008B724 00??
Slot 83008B726 00??
Slot 93008B728 00??
Slot 103008B72A 00??
Slot 113008B72C 00??
Slot 123008B72E 00??
Slot 133008B730 00??
Slot 143008B732 00??
Slot 153008B734 00??
Slot 163008B736 00??
Slot 173008B738 00??
Slot 183008B73A 00??
Slot 193008B73C 00??
Slot 203008B73E 00??
Slot 213008B740 00??
Slot 223008B742 00??
Slot 233008B744 00??
Slot 243008B746 00??
Slot 253008B748 00??
Slot 263008B74A 00??
Slot 273008B74C 00??
Slot 283008B74E 00??
Slot 293008B750 00??
Slot 303008B752 00??
Slot 313008B754 00??
Slot 323008B756 00??
Slot 333008B758 00??
Slot 343008B75A 00??
Slot 353008B75C 00??
Slot 363008B75E 00??
Slot 373008B760 00??
Slot 383008B762 00??
Slot 393008B764 00??
Slot 403008B766 00??
Slot 413008B768 00??
Slot 423008B76A 00??
Slot 433008B76C 00??
Slot 443008B76E 00??
Slot 453008B770 00??
Slot 463008B772 00??
Slot 473008B774 00??
Slot 483008B776 00??
Slot 493008B778 00??
Slot 503008B77A 00??
Slot 513008B77C 00??
Slot 523008B77E 00??
Slot 533008B780 00??
Slot 543008B782 00??
Slot 553008B784 00??
Slot 563008B786 00??
Slot 573008B788 00??
Slot 583008B78A 00??
Slot 593008B78C 00??
Slot 603008B78E 00??
Slot 613008B790 00??
Slot 623008B792 00??
Slot 633008B794 00??
Slot 643008B796 00??
Weapon Modifier Codes
Slot 13008B618 00??
Slot 23008B61A 00??
Slot 33008B61C 00??
Slot 43008B61E 00??
Slot 53008B620 00??
Slot 63008B622 00??
Slot 73008B624 00??
Slot 83008B626 00??
Slot 93008B628 00??
Slot 103008B62A 00??
Slot 113008B62C 00??
Slot 123008B62E 00??
Slot 133008B630 00??
Slot 143008B632 00??
Slot 153008B634 00??
Slot 163008B636 00??
Slot 173008B638 00??
Slot 183008B63A 00??
Slot 193008B63C 00??
Slot 203008B63E 00??
Slot 213008B640 00??
Slot 223008B642 00??
Slot 233008B644 00??
Slot 243008B646 00??
Slot 253008B648 00??
Slot 263008B64A 00??
Slot 273008B64C 00??
Slot 283008B64E 00??
Slot 293008B650 00??
Slot 303008B652 00??
Slot 313008B654 00??
Slot 323008B656 00??
Slot 333008B658 00??
Slot 343008B65A 00??
Slot 353008B65C 00??
Slot 363008B65E 00??
Slot 373008B660 00??
Slot 383008B662 00??
Slot 393008B664 00??
Slot 403008B666 00??
Slot 413008B668 00??
Slot 423008B66A 00??
Slot 433008B66C 00??
Slot 443008B66E 00??
Slot 453008B670 00??
Slot 463008B672 00??
Slot 473008B674 00??
Slot 483008B676 00??
Slot 493008B678 00??
Slot 503008B67A 00??
Slot 513008B67C 00??
Slot 523008B67E 00??
Slot 533008B680 00??
Slot 543008B682 00??
Slot 553008B684 00??
Slot 563008B686 00??
Slot 573008B688 00??
Slot 583008B68A 00??
Slot 593008B68C 00??
Slot 603008B68E 00??
Slot 613008B690 00??
Slot 623008B692 00??
Slot 633008B694 00??
Slot 643008B696 00??
Max Amount Armor Slot Codes
Slot 13008B699 00FF
Slot 23008B69B 00FF
Slot 33008B69D 00FF
Slot 43008B69F 00FF
Slot 53008B6A1 00FF
Slot 63008B6A3 00FF
Slot 73008B6A5 00FF
Slot 83008B6A7 00FF
Slot 93008B6A9 00FF
Slot 103008B6AB 00FF
Slot 113008B6AD 00FF
Slot 123008B6AF 00FF
Slot 133008B6B1 00FF
Slot 143008B6B3 00FF
Slot 153008B6B5 00FF
Slot 163008B6B7 00FF
Slot 173008B6B9 00FF
Slot 183008B6BB 00FF
Slot 193008B6BD 00FF
Slot 203008B6BF 00FF
Slot 213008B6C1 00FF
Slot 223008B6C3 00FF
Slot 233008B6C5 00FF
Slot 243008B6C7 00FF
Slot 253008B6C9 00FF
Slot 263008B6CB 00FF
Slot 273008B6CD 00FF
Slot 283008B6CF 00FF
Slot 293008B6D1 00FF
Slot 303008B6D3 00FF
Slot 313008B6D5 00FF
Slot 323008B6D7 00FF
Slot 333008B6D9 00FF
Slot 343008B6DB 00FF
Slot 353008B6DD 00FF
Slot 363008B6DF 00FF
Slot 373008B6E1 00FF
Slot 383008B6E3 00FF
Slot 393008B6E5 00FF
Slot 403008B6E7 00FF
Slot 413008B6E9 00FF
Slot 423008B6EB 00FF
Slot 433008B6ED 00FF
Slot 443008B6EF 00FF
Slot 453008B6F1 00FF
Slot 463008B6F3 00FF
Slot 473008B6F5 00FF
Slot 483008B6F7 00FF
Slot 493008B6F9 00FF
Slot 503008B6FB 00FF
Slot 513008B6FD 00FF
Slot 523008B6FF 00FF
Slot 533008B701 00FF
Slot 543008B703 00FF
Slot 553008B705 00FF
Slot 563008B707 00FF
Slot 573008B709 00FF
Slot 583008B70B 00FF
Slot 593008B70D 00FF
Slot 603008B70F 00FF
Slot 613008B711 00FF
Slot 623008B713 00FF
Slot 633008B715 00FF
Slot 643008B717 00FF
Max Amount Item Slot Codes
Slot 13008B599 00FF
Slot 23008B59B 00FF
Slot 33008B59D 00FF
Slot 43008B59F 00FF
Slot 53008B5A1 00FF
Slot 63008B5A3 00FF
Slot 73008B5A5 00FF
Slot 83008B5A7 00FF
Slot 93008B5A9 00FF
Slot 103008B5AB 00FF
Slot 113008B5AD 00FF
Slot 123008B5AF 00FF
Slot 133008B5B1 00FF
Slot 143008B5B3 00FF
Slot 153008B5B5 00FF
Slot 163008B5B7 00FF
Slot 173008B5B9 00FF
Slot 183008B5BB 00FF
Slot 193008B5BD 00FF
Slot 203008B5BF 00FF
Slot 213008B5C1 00FF
Slot 223008B5C3 00FF
Slot 233008B5C5 00FF
Slot 243008B5C7 00FF
Slot 253008B5C9 00FF
Slot 263008B5CB 00FF
Slot 273008B5CD 00FF
Slot 283008B5CF 00FF
Slot 293008B5D1 00FF
Slot 303008B5D3 00FF
Slot 313008B5D5 00FF
Slot 323008B5D7 00FF
Slot 333008B5D9 00FF
Slot 343008B5DB 00FF
Slot 353008B5DD 00FF
Slot 363008B5DF 00FF
Slot 373008B5E1 00FF
Slot 383008B5E3 00FF
Slot 393008B5E5 00FF
Slot 403008B5E7 00FF
Slot 413008B5E9 00FF
Slot 423008B5EB 00FF
Slot 433008B5ED 00FF
Slot 443008B5EF 00FF
Slot 453008B5F1 00FF
Slot 463008B5F3 00FF
Slot 473008B5F5 00FF
Slot 483008B5F7 00FF
Slot 493008B5F9 00FF
Slot 503008B5FB 00FF
Slot 513008B5FD 00FF
Slot 523008B5FF 00FF
Slot 533008B601 00FF
Slot 543008B603 00FF
Slot 553008B605 00FF
Slot 563008B607 00FF
Slot 573008B609 00FF
Slot 583008B60B 00FF
Slot 593008B60D 00FF
Slot 603008B60F 00FF
Slot 613008B611 00FF
Slot 623008B613 00FF
Slot 633008B615 00FF
Slot 643008B617 00FF
Max Amount Other Slot Codes
Slot 13008B719 00FF
Slot 23008B71B 00FF
Slot 33008B71D 00FF
Slot 43008B71F 00FF
Slot 53008B721 00FF
Slot 63008B723 00FF
Slot 73008B725 00FF
Slot 83008B727 00FF
Slot 93008B729 00FF
Slot 103008B72B 00FF
Slot 113008B72D 00FF
Slot 123008B72F 00FF
Slot 133008B731 00FF
Slot 143008B733 00FF
Slot 153008B735 00FF
Slot 163008B737 00FF
Slot 173008B739 00FF
Slot 183008B73B 00FF
Slot 193008B73D 00FF
Slot 203008B73F 00FF
Slot 213008B741 00FF
Slot 223008B743 00FF
Slot 233008B745 00FF
Slot 243008B747 00FF
Slot 253008B749 00FF
Slot 263008B74B 00FF
Slot 273008B74D 00FF
Slot 283008B74F 00FF
Slot 293008B751 00FF
Slot 303008B753 00FF
Slot 313008B755 00FF
Slot 323008B757 00FF
Slot 333008B759 00FF
Slot 343008B75B 00FF
Slot 353008B75D 00FF
Slot 363008B75F 00FF
Slot 373008B761 00FF
Slot 383008B763 00FF
Slot 393008B765 00FF
Slot 403008B767 00FF
Slot 413008B769 00FF
Slot 423008B76B 00FF
Slot 433008B76D 00FF
Slot 443008B76F 00FF
Slot 453008B771 00FF
Slot 463008B773 00FF
Slot 473008B775 00FF
Slot 483008B777 00FF
Slot 493008B779 00FF
Slot 503008B77B 00FF
Slot 513008B77D 00FF
Slot 523008B77F 00FF
Slot 533008B781 00FF
Slot 543008B783 00FF
Slot 553008B785 00FF
Slot 563008B787 00FF
Slot 573008B789 00FF
Slot 583008B78B 00FF
Slot 593008B78D 00FF
Slot 603008B78F 00FF
Slot 613008B791 00FF
Slot 623008B793 00FF
Slot 633008B795 00FF
Slot 643008B797 00FF
Max Amount Weapon Slot Codes
Slot 13008B619 00FF
Slot 23008B61B 00FF
Slot 33008B61D 00FF
Slot 43008B61F 00FF
Slot 53008B621 00FF
Slot 63008B623 00FF
Slot 73008B625 00FF
Slot 83008B627 00FF
Slot 93008B629 00FF
Slot 103008B62B 00FF
Slot 113008B62D 00FF
Slot 123008B62F 00FF
Slot 133008B631 00FF
Slot 143008B633 00FF
Slot 153008B635 00FF
Slot 163008B637 00FF
Slot 173008B639 00FF
Slot 183008B63B 00FF
Slot 193008B63D 00FF
Slot 203008B63F 00FF
Slot 213008B641 00FF
Slot 223008B643 00FF
Slot 233008B645 00FF
Slot 243008B647 00FF
Slot 253008B649 00FF
Slot 263008B64B 00FF
Slot 273008B64D 00FF
Slot 283008B64F 00FF
Slot 293008B651 00FF
Slot 303008B653 00FF
Slot 313008B655 00FF
Slot 323008B657 00FF
Slot 333008B659 00FF
Slot 343008B65B 00FF
Slot 353008B65D 00FF
Slot 363008B65F 00FF
Slot 373008B661 00FF
Slot 383008B663 00FF
Slot 393008B665 00FF
Slot 403008B667 00FF
Slot 413008B669 00FF
Slot 423008B66B 00FF
Slot 433008B66D 00FF
Slot 443008B66F 00FF
Slot 453008B671 00FF
Slot 463008B673 00FF
Slot 473008B675 00FF
Slot 483008B677 00FF
Slot 493008B679 00FF
Slot 503008B67B 00FF
Slot 513008B67D 00FF
Slot 523008B67F 00FF
Slot 533008B681 00FF
Slot 543008B683 00FF
Slot 553008B685 00FF
Slot 563008B687 00FF
Slot 573008B689 00FF
Slot 583008B68B 00FF
Slot 593008B68D 00FF
Slot 603008B68F 00FF
Slot 613008B691 00FF
Slot 623008B693 00FF
Slot 633008B695 00FF
Slot 643008B697 00FF
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Infinite Usage All Items800AD22A 2400
Max Yan8008B594 967F
8008B596 0098
Infinite Yan8008B594 FFFF
Enemies Have 1 HP 1st Position800B1314 0001
Enemies Have 1 HP 2nd Position800B139C 0001
Enemies Have 1 HP 3rd Position800B1424 0001
Start With All Minion Skins8008B798 0300
8008B79A 0301
8008B79C 0302
8008B79E 0303
8008B7A0 0304
8008B7A2 0305
8008B7A4 0306
8008B7A6 0307
Enemy Level Modifier 1st Position800B1350 00??
Enemy Level Modifier 2nd Position800B13D8 00??
Enemy Level Modifier 3rd Position800B1460 00??