Hot Shots Golf

Credit:,, Sage, Robb

Quick Level Up80101F44 FFFF
P1 Infinite Power Hits30101D97 000C
P2 Infinite Power Hits30101D98 000C
P3 Infinite Power Hits30101D99 000C
P4 Infinite Power Hits30101D9A 000C
Press L2 To Play As The Hidden CharactersD0103864 0001
80101DB4 0909
D0103864 0001
80101DB6 0909
P1 Always Wins Tournament (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)80101E78 0000
50001E02 0000
80101E38 00FF
80101E74 00FF
80101E76 00FF
Only One Shot Recorded80101C98 0001
Shot's Score Modifier8001EAA4 00??
Unlock Mary30101EF0 0001
Unlock Taku30101EF1 0001
Unlock Yuki30101EF2 0001
Unlock Sam30101EF3 0001
Unlock Ralf30101EF4 0001
Unlock Susan30101EF5 0001
Unlock Buzz30101EF6 0001
Unlock Daryl30101EF7 0001
Unlock Raul30101EF8 0001
Unlock Iceman30101EF9 0001
Unlock All Characters (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000502 0000
80101EF0 0101
Unlock All Courses80101F48 0005