Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Credit: Mare, Brianbal@rochester.rr.com, mr_keeler@hotmail.com

Have All Folios80082480 0011
Have All Spells30082685 00F0
Max House Points300827DD 0070
300827DE 003E
Have All Blue Beans800827F2 000F
Have All Green Beans800827F6 0100
Have All Red Beans800827FA 0100
Have All Yellow Beans800827EE 000F
Infinite Health80082964 8000
Infinite Time8007B538 0FFF
Press L1 For Extra House PointsD0078D0E FBFF
800827DC 7000
800827DE 003E
Have All Cheats Unlocked801223F4 FFFF
Hold L1 To Stay Invisible After Getting Invisibility CloakD0078D0E FBFF
8007C952 0008
Fill Coin Meter On Mine Cart Ride At Gringotts8007C9EA 0063