Gex 3-Deep Cover Gecko (Beta)

Credit: Thunder2

Infinite Health80072E7E 2400
Infinite Air8007ADB6 2400
99 Lives800A8E10 0063
Infinite Powerup Time8008137E 2400
Total 99 Flies800A8E18 0063
Total 99 Green Palms800A8E1C 0063
Total 99 Gold Coins800A8E20 0063
Total 99 Remotes800A8E24 0063
Have All Remotes Codes
Totally Scrooged300A8DF0 000F
Clueless in Seattle300A8DF1 000F
Holy Moses!300A8DF2 000F
War Is Heck300A8DF3 000F
The Organ Trail300A8DF4 000F
Cut Cheese Island300A8DF5 000F
Unsolved Mythstories300A8DF6 000F
Red Riding In The Hood300A8DF7 000F
When Sushi Goes Bad300A8DF8 000F
My Three Goons300A8DF9 000F
SuperZeroes300A8DFA 000F
Mission Control300A8E07 000A
Lake Flaccid300A8E08 0002
Slappy Valley300A8E09 0002
Funky Town300A8E0A 0002
Have All Gold Coins Codes
Totally Scrooged800A8E6C 000E
Clueless in Seattle800A8E6E 000E
Holy Moses!800A8E70 000E
War Is Heck800A8E72 000E
The Organ Trail800A8E74 000E
Cut Cheese Island800A8E76 000E
Unsolved Mythstories800A8E78 000E
Red Riding In The Hood800A8E7A 000E
When Sushi Goes Bad800A8E7C 000E
My Three Goons800A8E7E 000E
SuperZeroes800A8E80 000E
Mission Control800A8E9A 000E
Lake Flaccid800A8E9C 000E
Slappy Valley800A8E9E 000E
Funky Town800A8EA0 000E
Clueless in Seattle Codes
Infinite Health800A8E14 0004
Infinite Air800B212E 03E7
Infinite Bonus Time801A417A 2400
Gextreme Sports Codes
Infinite Time801207AC 0078
Dial 'A' For Arson Codes
Infinite Time80129ED4 1532
Have 50 Flies800A8E18 0032
Marsupial Madness Codes
Infinite Time80125804 0078
BraveHeartless Codes
Infinite Time801605BC 1064