Gauntlet Legends

Credit: Sage,

Infinite Potions (On Pickup)D00289B4 00F4
800289B6 2400
Infinite Breath's (On Pickup)D0028344 00FC
80028346 2400
D0025970 00FC
80025972 2400
Infinite Throwing Weapons (On Pickup)D0025314 00FC
80025316 2400
D00252B0 00FC
800252B2 2400
Infinite Status Ailment Changes (On Pickup)D00254A4 012C
800254A6 2400
Infinite Earth Quakes (On Pickup)D0025D28 0228
80025D2A 2400
Super Weapons/Powerups Enabler CodeD0027754 0003
80027756 1000
1st Person to Pick A Character Codes
Infinite Health80096DBC 270F
Max Health80096DC0 270F
Level 9980096DC4 0063
Infinite Gold80096DC8 FFFF
Experience Modifier80096DCC ????
Max Armor80096DD4 270F
Max Speed80096DD8 270F
Max Fight Power80096DE0 270F
Max Shot Power80096DE8 270F
Infinite Keys80096DF8 0063
Super Weapons/PowerupsD0096E38 0000
5000210C 0000
80096E38 000F
Have Falconess80096FF0 0000
Have Jackal80096FF8 0001
Have Minotaur80097000 0001
Have Tigress80097008 0001
Max Magic80096DDC 270F
2nd Person to Pick A Character Codes
Infinite Health80097638 270F
Max Health8009763C 270F
Level 9980097640 0063
Infinite Gold80097644 FFFF
Experience Modifier80097648 ????
Max Armor80097650 270F
Max Speed80097654 270F
Max Fight Power8009765C 270F
Max Shot Power80097664 270F
Infinite Keys80097674 0063
Super Weapons/PowerupsD00976B4 0000
5000210C 0000
800976B4 000F
Have Falconess8009786C 0000
Have Jackal80097874 0001
Have Minotaur8009787C 0001
Have Tigress80097884 0001
Max Magic80097658 270F