Final Fantasy VII

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Infinite Cure-100HP8009B378 9000
Time Stops on Menu8009B9FC 0000
800988FA 0000
Infinite Money8009B9F8 FFFF
Infinite HP Hero800F84A4 7000
Infinite MP Hero800F84A0 03E7
Speeds The Movement up During The Game80050270 7D41
Limit Speeds up Hero800F6134 00FF
Experience Modifier Hero8009AF0C ????
Experience Modifier Barett Wallace8009AF90 ????
Time Stops at 10:008009BA00 0258
Infinite HP Barett Wallace800F850C 7000
Limit Speeds up Barett Wallace800F6168 00FF
Experience Modifier Tifa8009B014 ????
Infinite HP Tifa800F8574 7000
Limit Speeds up Tifa800F619C 00FF
Infinite MP Tifa800F8570 03E7
No Ramdom Battles800706F4 0000
Experience Modifier Aerith Gainsborough8009B098 ????
Infinite HP Aerith Gainsborough800F850C 7000
Limit Speeds up Aerith Gainsborough800F6168 00FF
Use Sephiros as a Friend (For Disk One Only)8009B374 0200
8009B376 000A
Save Everywhere8009BA3E 0000
Limit Speeds up Character 1800F6134 00FF
Limit Speeds up Character 2800F6168 00FF
Limit Speeds up Character 3800F619C 00FF
Have Highest Limit Attack (All Characters)8009AFFA 0FFF
8009B102 0FFF
8009B186 0FFF
8009AEF2 0FFF
8009B07E 0FFF
8009B28E 0FFF
8009AF76 0FFF
8009B20A 0FFF
8009B312 0FFF
Have Best Weapon (Cloud)8009B462 C68F
Have Master Summon (Monster) Materia3009B754 005A
Have Master Magic Materia3009B710 0049
Have Master Command Materia3009B6AC 0030
Have Learning Enemy Specials Materia3009B6A8 002C
Level Up Everything (???)C01B178A 1440
801B178A 0000
C01B1882 1440
801B1882 0000
C01B1696 1440
801B1696 0000
D01B169C 0064
801B169C 00FF
After Battle Obtain HIGH EXP800D5990 FF00
800D5992 7EFF
Infinite Cash800D16A0 967F
800D16A2 0098
Character Modifier - 3rd Position8009B376 FF??
Play as Aerith - 3rd Position801D3330 3313
Body Heat Always Stays at 31 Degrees80074DC4 2000
Start With Gold Chocobo800E54B4 0004
Item Select8009B4!XX 9!q2!???
Materia Select8009B6!XX 00!q3!??