Final Fantasy 7 International

Credit: Leo

Infinite Money8009C8B0 E0FF
8009C8B2 05F5
Infinite GP & BP8009CA22 2710
8009CA28 FDE8
Save Anywhere8009C8F6 0000
80023AFA 3C04
Total Time = 00' 00'0080011634 0000
Max EXP After 1 Battle8009CE2A 0FFF
Max AP After 1 Battle8009CE2E 0FFF
After The battle, HP & MP Auto Recovery800201FC BDC0
80020220 BDC2
USE Aerith After She Died3009C22E 0003
USE The EVIL3009C22E 000A
Rainbow Attack 77778009CEAC 1E61
8009CEAE 1E61
8009D2EC 1E61
8009D2EE 1E61
8009D72C 1E61
8009D72E 1E61
During The Battle, All Member Have MP 99998009CEB0 270F
8009CEB2 270F
8009D2F0 270F
8009D2F2 270F
8009D730 270F
8009D732 270F
Cloud Codes
Attack3009BD89 0063
Speed3009BD8A 00FF
Health3009BD8B 00FF
Magic3009BD8C 00FF
Concentration3009BD8D 00FF
Lucky8009BD8E FFFF
Can Use All Limit Attack8009BDAA 02DB
Infinite HP8009BDB4 270F
Max HP8009BDB6 270F
Infinite MP8009BDB8 03E7
Max MP8009BDBA 03E7
Max EXP8009BDC4 C9FF
8009BDC6 3B9A
Barett Codes
Attack3009BE0D 0063
Speed3009BE0E 00FF
Health3009BE0F 00FF
Magic3009BE10 00FF
Concentration3009BE11 00FF
Lucky8009BE12 FFFF
Can Use All Limit Attack8009BE2E 02DB
Infinite HP8009BE38 270F
Max HP8009BE3A 270F
Infinite MP8009BE3C 03E7
Max MP8009BE3E 03E7
Max EXP8009BE48 C9FF
8009BE4A 3B9A
Tifa Codes
Attack3009BE91 0063
Speed3009BE92 00FF
Health3009BE93 00FF
Magic3009BE94 00FF
Concentration3009BE95 00FF
Lucky8009BE96 FFFF
Can Use All Limit Attack8009BEB2 02DB
Infinite HP8009BEBC 270F
Max HP8009BEBE 270F
Infinite MP8009BEC0 03E7
Max MP8009BEC2 03E7
8009BECE 3B9A
Aerith Codes
Attack3009BF15 0063
Speed3009BF16 00FF
Health3009BF17 00FF
Magic3009BF18 00FF
Concentration3009BF19 00FF
Lucky8009BF1A FFFF
Can Use All Limit Attack8009BF36 02DB
Infinite HP8009BF40 270F
Max HP8009BF42 270F
Infinite MP8009BF44 03E7
Max MP8009BF46 03E7
Max EXP8009BF50 C9FF
8009BF52 3B9A
Red XIII Max Status as Mentioned Above3009BF99 0063
3009BF9A 00FF
3009BF9B 00FF
3009BF9C 00FF
3009BF9D 00FF
8009BFBA 02DB
8009BFC4 270F
8009BFC6 270F
8009BFC8 03E7
8009BFCA 03E7
8009BFD4 C9FF
8009BFD6 3B9A
Yuffie Max Status as Mentioned Above3009C01D 0063
3009C01E 00FF
3009C01F 00FF
3009C020 00FF
3009C021 00FF
8009C022 FFFF
8009C03E 02DB
8009C048 270F
8009C04A 270F
8009C04C 03E7
8009C04E 03E7
8009C058 C9FF
8009C05A 3B9A
Cait Sith Max Status as Mentioned Above3009C0A1 0063
3009C0A2 00FF
3009C0A3 00FF
3009C0A4 00FF
3009C0A5 00FF
8009C0A6 FFFF
8009C0C2 02DB
8009C0CC 270F
8009C0CE 270F
8009C0D0 03E7
8009C0D2 03E7
8009C0DC C9FF
8009C0DE 3B9A
Vincent Max Status as Mentioned Above3009C125 0063
3009C126 00FF
3009C127 00FF
3009C128 00FF
3009C129 00FF
8009C12A FFFF
8009C146 02DB
8009C150 270F
8009C152 270F
8009C154 03E7
8009C156 03E7
8009C160 C9FF
8009C162 3B9A
Cid Max Status as Mentioned Above3009C1A9 0063
3009C1AA 00FF
3009C1AB 00FF
3009C1AC 00FF
3009C1AD 00FF
8009C1CA 02DB
8009C1D4 270F
8009C1D6 270F
8009C1D8 03E7
8009C1DA 03E7
8009C1E4 C9FF
8009C1E6 3B9A
Max Special Attack Bar in The BattleD000E2FC FFFF
300F6264 00FF
300F6298 00FF
300F62CC 00FF
Invincivle Time LongerD00F87DE 0000
800F87DE 0103
D00F8846 0000
800F8846 0103
D00F88AE 0000
800F88AE 0103
All Important Item8009C918 FFFF
8009C91A FFFF
8009C91C FFFF
8009C91E 0007
All Item With 99 Quantity (Part 1)8009C230 C600
8009C232 C601
8009C234 C602
8009C236 C603
8009C238 C604
8009C23A C605
8009C23C C606
8009C23E C607
8009C240 C608
8009C242 C609
8009C244 C60A
8009C246 C60B
8009C248 C60C
8009C24A C60D
8009C24C C60E
8009C24E C60F
8009C250 C610
8009C252 C611
8009C254 C612
8009C256 C613
8009C258 C614
8009C25A C615
8009C25C C616
8009C25E C617
8009C260 C618
8009C262 C619
8009C264 C61A
8009C266 C61B
8009C268 C61C
8009C26A C61D
8009C26C C61E
8009C26E C61F
8009C270 C620
8009C272 C621
8009C274 C622
8009C276 C623
8009C278 C624
8009C27A C625
8009C27C C626
8009C27E C627
8009C280 C628
8009C282 C629
8009C284 C62A
8009C286 C62B
8009C288 C62C
8009C28A C62D
8009C28C C62E
8009C28E C62F
8009C290 C630
8009C292 C631
8009C294 C632
8009C296 C633
8009C298 C634
8009C29A C635
8009C29C C636
8009C29E C637
8009C2A0 C638
8009C2A2 C639
8009C2A4 C63A
8009C2A6 C63B
8009C2A8 C63C
8009C2AA C63D
8009C2AC C63E
8009C2AE C63F
8009C2B0 C640
8009C2B2 C641
8009C2B4 C642
8009C2B6 C643
8009C2B8 C644
8009C2BA C645
8009C2BC C646
8009C2BE C647
8009C2C0 C648
8009C2C2 C649
8009C2C4 C64A
8009C2C6 C64B
8009C2C8 C64C
8009C2CA C64D
8009C2CC C64E
8009C2CE C64F
8009C2D0 C650
8009C2D2 C651
8009C2D4 C652
8009C2D6 C653
8009C2D8 C654
8009C2DA C655
8009C2DC C656
8009C2DE C657
8009C2E0 C658
8009C2E2 C659
8009C2E4 C65A
8009C2E6 C65B
8009C2E8 C65C
8009C2EA C65D
8009C2EC C65E
8009C2EE C65F
8009C2F0 C660
8009C2F2 C661
8009C2F4 C662
8009C2F6 C663
8009C2F8 C664
8009C2FA C665
8009C2FC C666
8009C2FE C667
8009C300 C668
8009C302 C669
8009C304 C66A
8009C306 C66B
8009C308 C66C
8009C30A C66D
8009C30C C66E
8009C30E C66F
8009C310 C670
8009C312 C671
8009C314 C672
8009C316 C673
8009C318 C674
8009C31A C675
8009C31C C676
8009C31E C677
8009C320 C678
8009C322 C679
8009C324 C67A
8009C326 C67B
8009C328 C67C
8009C32A C67D
8009C32C C67E
8009C32E C67F
8009C330 C680
8009C332 C681
8009C334 C682
8009C336 C683
8009C338 C684
8009C33A C685
8009C33C C686
8009C33E C687
8009C340 C688
8009C342 C689
8009C344 C68A
8009C346 C68B
8009C348 C68C
8009C34A C68D
8009C34C C68E
8009C34E C68F
8009C350 C690
8009C352 C691
8009C354 C692
8009C356 C693
8009C358 C694
8009C35A C695
8009C35C C696
8009C35E C697
8009C360 C698
8009C362 C699
8009C364 C69A
8009C366 C69B
8009C368 C69C
8009C36A C69D
8009C36C C69E
8009C36E C69F
8009C370 C6A0
8009C372 C6A1
8009C374 C6A2
8009C376 C6A3
8009C378 C6A4
8009C37A C6A5
8009C37C C6A6
8009C37E C6A7
8009C380 C6A8
8009C382 C6A9
8009C384 C6AA
8009C386 C6AB
8009C388 C6AC
8009C38A C6AD
8009C38C C6AE
8009C38E C6AF
8009C390 C6B0
8009C392 C6B1
8009C394 C6B2
8009C396 C6B3
8009C398 C6B4
8009C39A C6B5
8009C39C C6B6
8009C39E C6B7
8009C3A0 C6B8
8009C3A2 C6B9
8009C3A4 C6BA
8009C3A6 C6BB
8009C3A8 C6BC
8009C3AA C6BD
8009C3AC C6BE
8009C3AE C6BF
8009C3B0 C6C0
8009C3B2 C6C1
8009C3B4 C6C2
8009C3B6 C6C3
8009C3B8 C6C4
8009C3BA C6C5
8009C3BC C6C6
8009C3BE C6C7
8009C3C0 C6C8
8009C3C2 C6C9
8009C3C4 C6CA
8009C3C6 C6CB
8009C3C8 C6CC
8009C3CA C6CD
8009C3CC C6CE
8009C3CE C6CF
8009C3D0 C6D0
8009C3D2 C6D1
8009C3D4 C6D2
8009C3D6 C6D3
8009C3D8 C6D4
8009C3DA C6D5
8009C3DC C6D6
8009C3DE C6D7
8009C3E0 C6D8
8009C3E2 C6D9
8009C3E4 C6DA
8009C3E6 C6DB
8009C3E8 C6DC
8009C3EA C6DD
8009C3EC C6DE
8009C3EE C6DF
8009C3F0 C6E0
8009C3F2 C6E1
8009C3F4 C6E2
8009C3F6 C6E3
8009C3F8 C6E4
8009C3FA C6E5
8009C3FC C6E6
8009C3FE C6E7
8009C400 C6E8
8009C402 C6E9
8009C404 C6EA
8009C406 C6EB
8009C408 C6EC
8009C40A C6ED
8009C40C C6EE
8009C40E C6EF
8009C410 C6F0
8009C412 C6F1
8009C414 C6F2
8009C416 C6F3
8009C418 C6F4
8009C41A C6F5
8009C41C C6F6
8009C41E C6F7
8009C420 C6F8
8009C422 C6F9
8009C424 C6FA
8009C426 C6FB
8009C428 C6FC
8009C42A C6FD
8009C42C C6FE
8009C42E C6FF
All Item With 99 Quantity (Part 2)8009C430 C700
8009C432 C701
8009C434 C702
8009C436 C703
8009C438 C704
8009C43A C705
8009C43C C706
8009C43E C707
8009C440 C708
8009C442 C709
8009C444 C70A
8009C446 C70B
8009C448 C70C
8009C44A C70D
8009C44C C70E
8009C44E C70F
8009C450 C710
8009C452 C711
8009C454 C712
8009C456 C713
8009C458 C714
8009C45A C715
8009C45C C716
8009C45E C717
8009C460 C718
8009C462 C719
8009C464 C71A
8009C466 C71B
8009C468 C71C
8009C46A C71D
8009C46C C71E
8009C46E C71F
8009C470 C720
8009C472 C721
8009C474 C722
8009C476 C723
8009C478 C724
8009C47A C725
8009C47C C726
8009C47E C727
8009C480 C728
8009C482 C729
8009C484 C72A
8009C486 C72B
8009C488 C72C
8009C48A C72D
8009C48C C72E
8009C48E C72F
8009C490 C730
8009C492 C731
8009C494 C732
8009C496 C733
8009C498 C734
8009C49A C735
8009C49C C736
8009C49E C737
8009C4A0 C738
8009C4A2 C739
8009C4A4 C73A
8009C4A6 C73B
8009C4A8 C73C
8009C4AA C73D
8009C4AC C73E
8009C4AE C73F
All Diamonds8009C4B0 FF00
8009C4B4 FF01
8009C4B8 FF02
8009C4BC FF03
8009C4C0 FF04
8009C4C4 FF05
8009C4C8 FF06
8009C4CC FF07
8009C4D0 FF08
8009C4D4 FF09
8009C4D8 FF0A
8009C4DC FF0B
8009C4E0 FF0C
8009C4E4 FF0D
8009C4E8 FF0E
8009C4EC FF0F
8009C4F0 FF10
8009C4F4 FF11
8009C4F8 FF12
8009C4FC FF13
8009C500 FF14
8009C504 FF15
8009C508 FF16
8009C50C FF17
8009C510 FF18
8009C514 FF19
8009C518 FF1A
8009C51C FF1B
8009C520 FF1C
8009C524 FF1D
8009C528 FF1E
8009C52C FF1F
8009C530 FF20
8009C534 FF21
8009C538 FF22
8009C53C FF23
8009C540 FF24
8009C544 FF25
8009C548 FF26
8009C54C FF27
8009C550 FF28
8009C554 FF29
8009C558 FF2A
8009C55C FF2B
8009C560 FF2C
8009C564 FF2D
8009C568 FF2E
8009C56C FF2F
8009C570 FF30
8009C574 FF31
8009C578 FF32
8009C57C FF33
8009C580 FF34
8009C584 FF35
8009C588 FF36
8009C58C FF37
8009C590 FF38
8009C594 FF39
8009C598 FF3A
8009C59C FF3B
8009C5A0 FF3C
8009C5A4 FF3D
8009C5A8 FF3E
8009C5AC FF3F
8009C5B0 FF40
8009C5B4 FF41
8009C5B8 FF42
8009C5BC FF43
8009C5C0 FF44
8009C5C4 FF45
8009C5C8 FF46
8009C5CC FF47
8009C5D0 FF48
8009C5D4 FF49
8009C5D8 FF4A
8009C5DC FF4B
8009C5E0 FF4C
8009C5E4 FF4D
8009C5E8 FF4E
8009C5EC FF4F
8009C5F0 FF50
8009C5F4 FF51
8009C5F8 FF52
8009C5FC FF53
8009C600 FF54
8009C604 FF55
8009C608 FF56
8009C60C FF57
8009C610 FF58
8009C614 FF59
8009C618 FF5A