Ehrgeiz-God Bless The Ring

Credit: Code Master, ViperByte, Hybrid, Hacken,

P1 Infinite Health8011EADE 00B8
P1 75% HealthD011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 008A
P1 50% HealthD011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 005C
P1 25% HealthD011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 002E
P1 One Hit KillD011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 0001
P1 No Energy8011EADE 0000
P2 Infinite Health801228F2 00B8
P2 75% HealthD01228F2 00B8
801228F2 008A
P2 50% HealthD01228F2 00B8
801228F2 005C
P2 25% HealthD01228F2 00B8
801228F2 002E
P2 One Hit KillD01228F2 00B8
801228F2 0001
P2 No Energy801228F2 0000
Infinite Time In Battle800F6C94 0930
Infinite Time To Chose Fighter800F69EE 0EB2
P1 Max Power Bar8011F7D6 00D0
P1 No Power Bar8011F7D6 0000
P2 Max Power Bar801235EA 00D0
P2 No Power Bar801235EA 0000
Box is Always On800F7FD4 0001
Box is Always Off800F7FD4 0000
Stage Modifier800F6D34 00??
Time Is Always 0:00:00800F6C30 0000
Enable All Characters801F19FC FFFF
Enable All Endings801F1A00 FFFF
P1 Character Modifier800F69FC 00??
P2 Character Modifier800F6A2C 00??
P1 Outfit Modifier800F69FE 00??
P2 Outfit Modifier800F6A2E 00??
Weapons Do No Damage8007FC1A 2400
Hit Anywhere (Both Players) (Cant Use Guns)8004E5CA 2400
8004E7A6 1000
80088092 2400
8004E722 2400
8004E782 1000
All Attacks Hurt P1800348D0 8011
800348D2 3C10
800348D4 E9C0
800348D6 3610
All Attacks Hurt P2800348D0 8012
800348D2 3C10
800348D4 27D4
800348D6 3610
Point Modifier (Battle Panel)800B8216 00??
P1 Is Armoured Django801222C8 0005
800F7BBC 0005
800F6BF8 0005
800F6428 0005
800ECD98 0040
One Hit Kills801EA1F4 0000
801EBF18 0000
801EDC3C 0000
801EF960 0000
801F1684 0000
RPG Mode Codes
Infinite Health801E84D0 0080
Infinite Power Bar801F363E 0080
Max Magic Stones801F37A8 270F
Infinite Money801F37D0 FFFF
Max Max HP Base801F3642 00FF
Max Attack Base801F3644 00FF
Max Defense Base801F3646 00FF
Max Magic Atk Base801F3648 00FF
Max Magic Dev Base801F364A 00FF
Max Dexterity Base801F364C 00FF
Max Speed Base801F364E 00FF
Max Consum. Rate Base801F3650 00FF
Max Exp Gain Rate Base801F3652 00FF
Max Max HP Current801F3654 00FF
Max Attack Current801F3656 00FF
Max Defense Current801F3658 00FF
Max Magic Atk Current801F365A 00FF
Max Magic Def Current801F365C 00FF
Max Dexterity Current801F365E 00FF
Max Speed Current801F3660 00FF
Max Consum. Rate Current801F3662 00FF
Max Exp Gain Rate Current801F3664 00FF
Max Power Bar801F3640 00FF
Level Modifier301F3674 00??
Experience Modifier (FFFF For Quick Level Gain)801F366C ????
All Materia801F373C 012B
801F3740 012C
801F3744 012D
801F3748 012E
801F374C 012F
801F3750 0130
801F3754 0131
801F3758 0132
801F375C 0133
801F3760 0134
801F3764 0135
801F3768 0136
Infinite Dragon Wings801F3720 0125
Infinite X-Potions801F3724 011F
Infinite Bananas801F372C 0119
All of Sasuke's Equipment801F3730 0034
801F3734 00BA
801F3738 00D1
Walk Through The Traps (RPG Only)801E4BA4 0100
Character Modifier801F3696 ????
Item Modifier Codes
Slot 1801F36F4 ????
Slot 2801F36F8 ????
Slot 3801F36FC ????
Slot 4801F3700 ????
Slot 5801F3704 ????
Slot 6801F3708 ????
Slot 7801F370C ????
Slot 8801F3710 ????
Slot 9801F3714 ????
Slot 10801F3718 ????
Slot 11801F371C ????
Slot 12801F3720 ????
Slot 13801F3724 ????
Slot 14801F3728 ????
Slot 15801F372C ????
Slot 16801F3730 ????
Slot 17801F3734 ????
Slot 18801F3738 ????
Slot 19801F373C ????
Slot 20801F3740 ????
Slot 21801F3744 ????
Slot 22801F3748 ????
Slot 23801F374C ????
Slot 24801F3750 ????
Slot 25801F3754 ????
Slot 26801F3758 ????
Slot 27801F375C ????
Slot 28801F3760 ????
Slot 29801F3764 ????
Slot 30801F3768 ????