Dino Crisis

Credit: Code Master, ViperByte, Thunder2, JollyRoger, Ar.Zone, JollyRoger, Sage, police nypd, Andersoncouncil (Floydfan)

Joker CommandD00B1418 ????
Infinite Health800B9574 04B0
Have All Maps800C15D0 FFFF
800C15D2 FFFF
800C15D4 FFFF
800C15D6 FFFF
800C15D8 FFFF
All Weapons (Regina)800C15A8 FFFF
Have All Items (Regina)800C15A4 FFFF
800C15A6 FFFF
800C15B0 FFFF
800C15B2 FFFF
800C15B4 FFFF
800C15B6 FFFF
800C15B8 FFFF
Supplies Modifier Codes (Regina)
Slot 1300C18CC 00??
Slot 2300C18D0 00??
Slot 3300C18D4 00??
Slot 4300C18D8 00??
Slot 5300C18DC 00??
Slot 6300C18E0 00??
Slot 7300C18E4 00??
Slot 8300C18E8 00??
Slot 9300C18EC 00??
Slot 10300C18F0 00??
Max Supplies Codes (Regina)
Slot 1300C18CD 00FF
Slot 2300C18D1 00FF
Slot 3300C18D5 00FF
Slot 4300C18D9 00FF
Slot 5300C18DD 00FF
Slot 6300C18E1 00FF
Slot 7300C18E5 00FF
Slot 8300C18E9 00FF
Slot 9300C18ED 00FF
Slot 10300C18F1 00FF
Max Supplies Modifier Codes (Regina)
Slot 1300C18CC FF??
Slot 2300C18D0 FF??
Slot 3300C18D4 FF??
Slot 4300C18D8 FF??
Slot 5300C18DC FF??
Slot 6300C18E0 FF??
Slot 7300C18E4 FF??
Slot 8300C18E8 FF??
Slot 9300C18EC FF??
Slot 10300C18F0 FF??
View First Ending (Press Select)D00B1418 0100
800B7A48 000A
D00B1418 0100
300B7A5B 0000
View Second Ending (Press Select)D00B1418 0100
800B7A48 000A
D00B1418 0100
300B7A5B 0001
View Third Ending (Press Select)D00B1418 0100
800B7A48 000A
D00B1418 0100
300B7A5B 0002
Turbo Boost (Press X)D00B1418 0040
800B94A0 0100
Save Anywhere (Press L1 & L2)D00B1418 0005
800B7A48 0007
Mini Me (Regina)800B9500 0500
800B9504 0500
800B9508 0600
Giant (Regina)800B9500 1F00
800B9504 1F00
800B9508 1F00
Infinite Ammo & Items8006AC06 2400
Enable Costume ChangeD00C1CF4 0001
800C1CF4 000F
D00C7C42 0003
800C7C42 0503
Enable Extra Missions (Press R1+R2 At Main Menu)D00B1418 000A
800C7C42 0403
Infinite Time-Wipeout Missions800480CA 2400
Clear Time Is 0:00:00800C14C4 0000
800C14C6 0000
Used 0 Continues300C14CA 0005
Haven't Saved300C14C3 0000
Have A Lot of Plugs on Pickup800C1B00 00FF
Item Box Modifier Codes
Slot 1300C1744 00??
Slot 2300C1748 00??
Slot 3300C174C 00??
Slot 4300C1750 00??
Slot 5300C1754 00??
Slot 6300C1758 00??
Slot 7300C175C 00??
Slot 8300C1760 00??
Slot 9300C1764 00??
Slot 10300C1768 00??
Max Item Box Codes
Slot 1300C1745 00FF
Slot 2300C1749 00FF
Slot 3300C174D 00FF
Slot 4300C1751 00FF
Slot 5300C1755 00FF
Slot 6300C1759 00FF
Slot 7300C175D 00FF
Slot 8300C1761 00FF
Slot 9300C1765 00FF
Slot 10300C1769 00FF
Max Item Box Modifier Codes
Slot 1800C1744 FF??
Slot 2800C1748 FF??
Slot 3800C174C FF??
Slot 4800C1750 FF??
Slot 5800C1754 FF??
Slot 6800C1758 FF??
Slot 7800C175C FF??
Slot 8800C1760 FF??
Slot 9800C1764 FF??
Slot 10800C1768 FF??
Invisible Regina800B9472 FFFF
Turbo Shooting & No ReloadD00B949A 0102
800B949A 0101
300B96A0 0063
300B96A2 0063
300B96A4 0063
Change Size Regina Anywhere Press L1 For Smaller & R2 For Bigger (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)D00B1418 0001
D30B9500 0500
110B9500 0010
D00B1418 0002
D20B9500 1F00
100B9500 0010
D00B1418 0001
D30B9504 0500
110B9504 0010
D00B1418 0002
D20B9504 1F00
100B9504 0010
D00B1418 0001
D30B9508 0500
110B9508 0010
D00B1418 0002
D20B9508 1F00
100B9508 0010
Infinite Time-Wipeout Missions800C1D04 1EC8
800C1D08 184F
800C1D0C 10D1
Walk Thru Walls80080916 2400
8008093A 2400
Slow Motion800ABF28 A803
Transform Size Of Dinosaur's Anytime Press L2 For Smaller & L1 For Bigger (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)D00B1418 0001
D30B7D40 0200
110B7D40 0010
D00B1418 0001
D30B7D44 0200
110B7D44 0010
D00B1418 0001
D30B7D48 0200
110B7D48 0010
D00B1418 0004
D20B7D48 3500
100B7D48 0010
D00B1418 0004
D20B7D44 3500
100B7D44 0010
D00B1418 0004
D20B7D40 3500
100B7D40 0010