Crime Killer

Credit: Thunder2

Level Modifier Code80120630 00??
Level Codes
Hitting The Streets Codes
More Time80159D62 0000
80159D64 0000
Infinite Ammo8015AB0C 00FF
Infinite Shields8015AB10 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier8015AB14 00??
Suburbia Codes
More Time8017B4D2 0000
8017B4D4 0000
Infinite Ammo8017C284 00FF
Infinite Shields8017C288 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier8017C28C 00??
The Break In Codes
More Time801A991A 0000
801A991C 0000
Infinite Ammo801AA784 00FF
Infinite Shields801AA788 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801AA78C 00??
Rapid Responce Codes
More Time8019C06A 0000
8019C06C 0000
Infinite Ammo8019CE4C 00FF
Infinite Shields8019CE50 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier8019CE54 00??
Cult Moves Codes
More Time8019F702 0000
8019F704 0000
Infinite Ammo801A053C 00FF
Infinite Shields801A0540 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801A0544 00??
The Kidnap Codes
More Time801AB0AA 0000
801AB0AC 0000
Infinite Ammo801ABED4 00FF
Infinite Shields801ABED8 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801ABDEC 00??
Family Codes
More Time801A80DC 0000
801A80E0 0000
Infinite Ammo801A8EFC 00FF
Infinite Shields801A8F00 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801A8F04 00??
Police Hijack Codes
More Time8019CCFE 0000
8019CD00 0000
Infinite Ammo8019DAEC 00FF
Infinite Shields8019DAF0 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier8019DAF4 00??
The Rescue Codes
More Time801994EE 0000
801994F0 0000
Infinite Ammo8019A33C 00FF
Infinite Shields8019A340 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier8019A344 00??
Static Codes
More Time801A6B8A 0000
801A6B8C 0000
Infinite Ammo801A7A3C 00FF
Infinite Shields801A7A40 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801A7A44 00??
Use of Force Codes
More Time801A06E6 0000
801A06E8 0000
Infinite Ammo801A14BC 00FF
Infinite Shields801A14C0 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801A14C4 00??
The Deadline Codes
More Time801A2062 0000
801A2064 0000
Infinite Ammo801A2E04 00FF
Infinite Shields801A2E08 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801A2E0C 00??
M.E. Codes
More Time801AB1F6 0000
801AB1F8 0000
Infinite Ammo801AC064 00FF
Infinite Shields801AC068 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801AC06C 00??
Freeway Racers Codes
More Time8015486E 0000
80154870 0000
Infinite Ammo801555EC 00FF
Infinite Shields801555F0 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801555F4 00??
Revelation Codes
More Time801A3FC6 0000
801A3FC8 0000
Infinite Ammo801A4E2C 00FF
Infinite Shields801A4E30 00FF
Weapon Upgrade Modifier801A4E34 00??