Contra-Legacy Of War

Credit: Code Master,, Robb,

Joker Command800DC844 ????
Infinite Lives P1800DC784 0009
P1 Invisible8008C9D4 0065
P1 Immune To All Bullets8008C9D4 0066
P1 Moon JumpD00DC844 0020
8008C98A FFFE
Infinite Lives P2800DC7AC 0009
P2 Invisible8008CA9C 0065
P2 Immune To All Bullets8008CA9C 0066
Infinite Continues800DEC92 0009
This Code Appears in The 2nd Weapon Slot Codes
P1 Always Have Flame Gun3008BC15 0004
P2 Always Have Flame Gun3008BC19 0004
This Code Appears in The 3rd Weapon Slot Codes
P1 Always Have Red Laser3008BC16 0009
P1 Always Have 1-Shot to Spread3008BC16 0008
P1 Always Have Spread3008BC16 0003
P1 Always Have Blue Pulse3008BC16 0000
P2 Always Have Red Laser3008BC1A 0009
P2 Always Have 1-Shot to Spread3008BC1A 0008
P2 Always Have Spread3008BC1A 0003
P2 Always Have Blue Pulse3008BC1A 0000
This Code Appears in The 4th Weapon Slot Codes
P1 Always Have Homing Missiles3008BC17 0007
P1 Always Have Homing Blue Missiles3008BC17 0006
P1 Always Have 3-Shot Spread3008BC17 0005
P1 Always Have Homing Laser3008BC17 0001
P2 Always Have Homing Missiles3008BC1B 0007
P2 Always Have Homing Blue Missiles3008BC1B 0006
P2 Always Have 3-Shot Spread3008BC1B 0005
P2 Always Have Homing Laser3008BC1B 0001
Infinite Bamboo8008C950 0005
Have All Weapons3008BA08 0002