Bugs Bunny & Taz Time Busters

Credit: Raven-187

Infinite Health8001696E 2400
Infinite Clipboards800100A0 0003
Infinite Carrots80010058 0064
Have All Gears Found8001005C 01F4
8001005E 01F4
80010060 00C8
80010062 012C
80010064 01F4
80010066 012C
80010068 00C8
8001006A 01F4
8001006C 01F4
8001006E 0190
80010070 012C
80010072 012C
80010074 01F4
80010076 01F4
80010078 012C
8001007A 00C8
Have All Acme Boxes (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50001001 0000
300100BE 0005
Have All Boss Tokens (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)50000901 0000
300100D2 0001
All Characters Found800100E6 0202
800100E8 0201
800100EA 0102
800100EC 0202
800100EE 0201
800100F0 0102
Granwich Codes
Only Need 1 GearD0010086 0001
80010086 000A
Aztec Era Codes
Golden City Codes
All Gears Found8001005C 01F4
All Acme Boxes300100BE 0005
Have Boss Token300100D2 0001
All Characters Found300100E6 0002
Baboon Realm Codes
All Gears Found8001005E 01F4
All Acme Boxes300100BF 0005
Have Boss Token300100D3 0001
All Characters Found300100E7 0002
Sacred Ride Codes
All Gears Found80010060 00C8
All Acme Boxes300100C0 0005
Have Boss Token300100D4 0001
Sam's Temple Codes
All Gears Found80010062 012C
All Acme Boxes300100C1 0005
All Characters Found300100E8 0001
Viking Era Codes
Shore Village Codes
All Gears Found80010064 01F4
All Acme Boxes300100C2 0005
Have Boss Token300100D5 0001
All Characters Found300100E9 0002
Moon Valley Codes
All Gears Found80010066 012C
All Acme Boxes300100C3 0005
Have Boss Token300100D6 0001
All Characters Found300100EA 0002
Shield Race Codes
All Gears Found80010068 00C8
All Acme Boxes300100C4 0005
Have Boss Token300100D7 0001
Elmer's Domain Codes
All Gears Found8001006A 01F4
All Acme Boxes300100C5 0005
All Characters Found300100EB 0001
Arabian Era Codes
Sunset Alleys Codes
All Gears Found8001006C 01F4
All Acme Boxes300100C6 0005
Have Boss Token300100D8 0001
All Characters Found300100EC 0002
Royal Gardens Codes
All Gears Found8001006E 0190
All Acme Boxes300100C7 0005
Have Boss Token300100D9 0001
All Characters Found300100ED 0002
Carpet Chase Codes
All Gears Found80010070 012C
All Acme Boxes300100C8 0005
Have Boss Token300100DA 0001
Babba's Cave Codes
All Gears Found80010072 012C
All Acme Boxes300100C9 0005
All Characters Found300100EE 0001
Transylvanian Era Codes
Ghost Town Codes
All Gears Found80010074 01F4
All Acme Boxes300100CA 0005
Have Boss Token300100DB 0001
All Characters Found300100EF 0002
Zoovania Codes
All Gears Found80010076 01F4
All Acme Boxes300100CB 0005
Have Boss Token300100DC 0001
All Characters Found300100F0 0002
Haunted River Codes
All Gears Found80010078 012C
All Acme Boxes300100CC 0005
Have Boss Token300100DD 0001
Count's Castle Codes
All Gears Found8001007A 00C8
All Acme Boxes300100CD 0005
All Characters Found300100F1 0001