Army Men-World War

Credit: ViperByte

Infinite Health800FEB7C 0310
Have Grenades & Infinite Ammo300F8999 0005
Have Mortar & Infinite Shells300F899A 000A
Have Bazooka & Infinite Shells300F899B 000A
Have Flame Thrower & Infinite Fuel300F899C 0064
Have Auto Rifle & Infinite Rounds300F899D 00FA
Have Explosives & Infinite Ammo300F899E 0005
Have Infinite Medpacks300F89A0 0003
Have Mine Detector300F89A1 00FF
All Levels Unlocked800F7AD8 0002
800F7ADC 0006
D0156410 FF74
800F87C4 F52C
Infinite TimeD00586D0 D5C0
800586D2 2400
Infinite Armor-PT Boat800FECA0 17F0
Infinite Armor-Jeep800FF808 14B0
Infinite Armor-Tank800FFA50 EAD0
Infinite Armor-Train80100C90 1FF0
Infinite Ammo/Supplies-All Weapons & Items300F8999 00FF
800F899A FFFF
800F899C FFFF
300F899E 00FF
800F89A0 FFFF
800A0194 0003