Arc The Lad Collection-Arc The Lad II

Credit: StalkerX

Character Codes
Arc Codes
Max Level800BD424 03E7
Max HP800BD426 03E7
Infinite HP800BD428 03E7
Max MP800BD42A 03E7
Infinite MP800BD42C 03E7
Max Attack800BD42E 090B
Max Magic800BD430 090B
Max Defense800BD432 090B
Max Agility300BD434 00FF
Enable Character300BD435 0001
Quick Exp Gain800BD438 FFFF
Max Exp800BD438 E0FF
800BD43A 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BD43C 00??
Letter 2300BD43D 00??
Letter 3300BD43E 00??
Letter 4300BD43F 00??
Letter 5300BD440 00??
Letter 6300BD441 00??
Letter 7300BD442 00??
Letter 8300BD443 00??
Letter 9300BD444 00??
Letter 10300BD445 00??
Letter 11300BD446 00??
Letter 12300BD447 00??
Letter 13300BD448 00??
Letter 14300BD449 00??
Letter 15300BD44A 00??
Letter 16300BD44B 00??
Max Skills800BD47A FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BD482 00??
Slot 2800BD486 00??
Slot 3800BD48A 00??
Slot 4800BD48E 00??
Slot 5800BD492 00??
Slot 6800BD496 00??
Slot 7800BD49A 00??
Slot 8800BD49E 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BD484 9C41
Slot 2800BD488 9C41
Slot 3800BD48C 9C41
Slot 4800BD490 9C41
Slot 5800BD494 9C41
Slot 6800BD498 9C41
Slot 7800BD49C 9C41
Slot 8800BD4A0 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BD4AE 00FF
Slot 2800BD4B2 00FF
Slot 3800BD4B6 00FF
Choko Codes
Max Level800BE770 03E7
Max HP800BE772 03E7
Infinite HP800BE774 03E7
Max MP800BE776 03E7
Infinite MP800BE778 03E7
Max Attack800BE77A 090B
Max Magic800BE77C 090B
Max Defense800BE77E 090B
Max Agility300BE780 00FF
Enable Character300BE781 0014
Quick Exp Gain800BE784 FFFF
Max Exp800BE784 E0FF
800BE786 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE788 00??
Letter 2300BE789 00??
Letter 3300BE78A 00??
Letter 4300BE78B 00??
Letter 5300BE78C 00??
Letter 6300BE78D 00??
Letter 7300BE78E 00??
Letter 8300BE78F 00??
Letter 9300BE790 00??
Letter 10300BE791 00??
Letter 11300BE792 00??
Letter 12300BE793 00??
Letter 13300BE794 00??
Letter 14300BE795 00??
Letter 15300BE796 00??
Letter 16300BE797 00??
Max Skills800BE7C6 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE7CE 00??
Slot 2800BE7D2 00??
Slot 3800BE7D6 00??
Slot 4800BE7DA 00??
Slot 5800BE7DE 00??
Slot 6800BE7E2 00??
Slot 7800BE7E6 00??
Slot 8800BE7EA 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE7D0 9C41
Slot 2800BE7D4 9C41
Slot 3800BE7D8 9C41
Slot 4800BE7DC 9C41
Slot 5800BE7E0 9C41
Slot 6800BE7E4 9C41
Slot 7800BE7E8 9C41
Slot 8800BE7EC 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE7FA 00FF
Slot 2800BE7FE 00FF
Slot 3800BE802 00FF
Diekbeck Codes
Max Level800BDD48 03E7
Max HP800BDD4A 03E7
Infinite HP800BDD4C 03E7
Max MP800BDD4E 03E7
Infinite MP800BDD50 03E7
Max Attack800BDD52 090B
Max Magic800BDD54 090B
Max Defense800BDD56 090B
Max Agility300BDD58 00FF
Enable Character300BDD59 000A
Quick Exp Gain800BDD5C FFFF
Max Exp800BDD5C E0FF
800BDD5E 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BDD60 00??
Letter 2300BDD61 00??
Letter 3300BDD62 00??
Letter 4300BDD63 00??
Letter 5300BDD64 00??
Letter 6300BDD65 00??
Letter 7300BDD66 00??
Letter 8300BDD67 00??
Letter 9300BDD68 00??
Letter 10300BDD69 00??
Letter 11300BDD6A 00??
Letter 12300BDD6B 00??
Letter 13300BDD6C 00??
Letter 14300BDD6D 00??
Letter 15300BDD6E 00??
Letter 16300BDD6F 00??
Max Skills800BDD9E FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BDDA6 00??
Slot 2800BDDAA 00??
Slot 3800BDDAE 00??
Slot 4800BDDB2 00??
Slot 5800BDDB6 00??
Slot 6800BDDBA 00??
Slot 7800BDDBE 00??
Slot 8800BDDC2 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BDDA8 9C41
Slot 2800BDDAC 9C41
Slot 3800BDDB0 9C41
Slot 4800BDDB4 9C41
Slot 5800BDDB8 9C41
Slot 6800BDDBC 9C41
Slot 7800BDDC0 9C41
Slot 8800BDDC4 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BDDD2 00FF
Slot 2800BDDD6 00FF
Slot 3800BDDDA 00FF
Elc Codes
Max Level800BD938 03E7
Max HP800BD93A 03E7
Infinite HP800BD93C 03E7
Max MP800BD93E 03E7
Infinite MP800BD940 03E7
Max Attack800BD942 090B
Max Magic800BD944 090B
Max Defense800BD946 090B
Max Agility300BD948 00FF
Enable Character300BD949 0006
Quick Exp Gain800BD94C FFFF
Max Exp800BD94C E0FF
800BD94E 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BD950 00??
Letter 2300BD951 00??
Letter 3300BD952 00??
Letter 4300BD953 00??
Letter 5300BD954 00??
Letter 6300BD955 00??
Letter 7300BD956 00??
Letter 8300BD957 00??
Letter 9300BD958 00??
Letter 10300BD959 00??
Letter 11300BD95A 00??
Letter 12300BD95B 00??
Letter 13300BD95C 00??
Letter 14300BD95D 00??
Letter 15300BD95E 00??
Letter 16300BD95F 00??
Max Skills800BD98E FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BD996 00??
Slot 2800BD99A 00??
Slot 3800BD99E 00??
Slot 4800BD9A2 00??
Slot 5800BD9A6 00??
Slot 6800BD9AA 00??
Slot 7800BD9AE 00??
Slot 8800BD9B2 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BD998 9C41
Slot 2800BD99C 9C41
Slot 3800BD9A0 9C41
Slot 4800BD9A4 9C41
Slot 5800BD9A8 9C41
Slot 6800BD9AC 9C41
Slot 7800BD9B0 9C41
Slot 8800BD9B4 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BD9C2 00FF
Slot 2800BD9C6 00FF
Slot 3800BD9CA 00FF
Fu-Jin Codes
Max Level800BE360 03E7
Max HP800BE362 03E7
Infinite HP800BE364 03E7
Max MP800BE366 03E7
Infinite MP800BE368 03E7
Max Attack800BE36A 090B
Max Magic800BE36C 090B
Max Defense800BE36E 090B
Max Agility300BE370 00FF
Enable Character300BE371 0010
Quick Exp Gain800BE374 FFFF
Max Exp800BE374 E0FF
800BE376 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE378 00??
Letter 2300BE379 00??
Letter 3300BE37A 00??
Letter 4300BE37B 00??
Letter 5300BE37C 00??
Letter 6300BE37D 00??
Letter 7300BE37E 00??
Letter 8300BE37F 00??
Letter 9300BE380 00??
Letter 10300BE381 00??
Letter 11300BE382 00??
Letter 12300BE383 00??
Letter 13300BE384 00??
Letter 14300BE385 00??
Letter 15300BE386 00??
Letter 16300BE387 00??
Max Skills800BE3B6 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE3BE 00??
Slot 2800BE3C2 00??
Slot 3800BE3C6 00??
Slot 4800BE3CA 00??
Slot 5800BE3CE 00??
Slot 6800BE3D2 00??
Slot 7800BE3D6 00??
Slot 8800BE3DA 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE3C0 9C41
Slot 2800BE3C4 9C41
Slot 3800BE3C8 9C41
Slot 4800BE3CC 9C41
Slot 5800BE3D0 9C41
Slot 6800BE3D4 9C41
Slot 7800BE3D8 9C41
Slot 8800BE3DC 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE3EA 00FF
Slot 2800BE3EE 00FF
Slot 3800BE3F2 00FF
Gogen Codes
Max Level800BD834 03E7
Max HP800BD836 03E7
Infinite HP800BD838 03E7
Max MP800BD83A 03E7
Infinite MP800BD83C 03E7
Max Attack800BD83E 090B
Max Magic800BD840 090B
Max Defense800BD842 090B
Max Agility300BD844 00FF
Enable Character300BD845 0005
Quick Exp Gain800BD848 FFFF
Max Exp800BD848 E0FF
800BD84A 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BD84C 00??
Letter 2300BD84D 00??
Letter 3300BD84E 00??
Letter 4300BD84F 00??
Letter 5300BD850 00??
Letter 6300BD851 00??
Letter 7300BD852 00??
Letter 8300BD853 00??
Letter 9300BD854 00??
Letter 10300BD855 00??
Letter 11300BD856 00??
Letter 12300BD857 00??
Letter 13300BD858 00??
Letter 14300BD859 00??
Letter 15300BD85A 00??
Letter 16300BD85B 00??
Max Skills800BD88A FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BD892 00??
Slot 2800BD896 00??
Slot 3800BD89A 00??
Slot 4800BD89E 00??
Slot 5800BD8A2 00??
Slot 6800BD8A6 00??
Slot 7800BD8AA 00??
Slot 8800BD8AE 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BD894 9C41
Slot 2800BD898 9C41
Slot 3800BD89C 9C41
Slot 4800BD8A0 9C41
Slot 5800BD8A4 9C41
Slot 6800BD8A8 9C41
Slot 7800BD8AC 9C41
Slot 8800BD8B0 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BD8BE 00FF
Slot 2800BD8C2 00FF
Slot 3800BD8C6 00FF
Gruga Codes
Max Level800BDF50 03E7
Max HP800BDF52 03E7
Infinite HP800BDF54 03E7
Max MP800BDF56 03E7
Infinite MP800BDF58 03E7
Max Attack800BDF5A 090B
Max Magic800BDF5C 090B
Max Defense800BDF5E 090B
Max Agility300BDF60 00FF
Enable Character300BDF61 000C
Quick Exp Gain800BDF64 FFFF
Max Exp800BDF64 E0FF
800BDF66 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BDF68 00??
Letter 2300BDF69 00??
Letter 3300BDF6A 00??
Letter 4300BDF6B 00??
Letter 5300BDF6C 00??
Letter 6300BDF6D 00??
Letter 7300BDF6E 00??
Letter 8300BDF6F 00??
Letter 9300BDF70 00??
Letter 10300BDF71 00??
Letter 11300BDF72 00??
Letter 12300BDF73 00??
Letter 13300BDF74 00??
Letter 14300BDF75 00??
Letter 15300BDF76 00??
Letter 16300BDF77 00??
Max Skills800BDFA6 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BDFAE 00??
Slot 2800BDFB2 00??
Slot 3800BDFB6 00??
Slot 4800BDFBA 00??
Slot 5800BDFBE 00??
Slot 6800BDFC2 00??
Slot 7800BDFC6 00??
Slot 8800BDFCA 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BDFB0 9C41
Slot 2800BDFB4 9C41
Slot 3800BDFB8 9C41
Slot 4800BDFBC 9C41
Slot 5800BDFC0 9C41
Slot 6800BDFC4 9C41
Slot 7800BDFC8 9C41
Slot 8800BDFCC 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BDFDA 00FF
Slot 2800BDFDE 00FF
Slot 3800BDFE2 00FF
Hemo-ji Codes
Max Level800BE25C 03E7
Max HP800BE25E 03E7
Infinite HP800BE260 03E7
Max MP800BE262 03E7
Infinite MP800BE264 03E7
Max Attack800BE266 090B
Max Magic800BE268 090B
Max Defense800BE26A 090B
Max Agility300BE26C 00FF
Enable Character300BE26D 000F
Quick Exp Gain800BE270 FFFF
Max Exp800BE270 E0FF
800BE272 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE274 00??
Letter 2300BE275 00??
Letter 3300BE276 00??
Letter 4300BE277 00??
Letter 5300BE278 00??
Letter 6300BE279 00??
Letter 7300BE27A 00??
Letter 8300BE27B 00??
Letter 9300BE27C 00??
Letter 10300BE27D 00??
Letter 11300BE27E 00??
Letter 12300BE27F 00??
Letter 13300BE280 00??
Letter 14300BE281 00??
Letter 15300BE282 00??
Letter 16300BE283 00??
Max Skills800BE2B2 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE2BA 00??
Slot 2800BE2BE 00??
Slot 3800BE2C2 00??
Slot 4800BE2C6 00??
Slot 5800BE2CA 00??
Slot 6800BE2CE 00??
Slot 7800BE2D2 00??
Slot 8800BE2D6 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE2BC 9C41
Slot 2800BE2C0 9C41
Slot 3800BE2C4 9C41
Slot 4800BE2C8 9C41
Slot 5800BE2CC 9C41
Slot 6800BE2D0 9C41
Slot 7800BE2D4 9C41
Slot 8800BE2D8 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE2E6 00FF
Slot 2800BE2EA 00FF
Slot 3800BE2EE 00FF
Iga Codes
Max Level800BD730 03E7
Max HP800BD732 03E7
Infinite HP800BD734 03E7
Max MP800BD736 03E7
Infinite MP800BD738 03E7
Max Attack800BD73A 090B
Max Magic800BD73C 090B
Max Defense800BD73E 090B
Max Agility300BD740 00FF
Enable Character300BD741 0004
Quick Exp Gain800BD744 FFFF
Max Exp800BD744 E0FF
800BD746 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BD748 00??
Letter 2300BD749 00??
Letter 3300BD74A 00??
Letter 4300BD74B 00??
Letter 5300BD74C 00??
Letter 6300BD74D 00??
Letter 7300BD74E 00??
Letter 8300BD74F 00??
Letter 9300BD750 00??
Letter 10300BD751 00??
Letter 11300BD752 00??
Letter 12300BD753 00??
Letter 13300BD754 00??
Letter 14300BD755 00??
Letter 15300BD756 00??
Letter 16300BD757 00??
Max Skills800BD786 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BD78E 00??
Slot 2800BD792 00??
Slot 3800BD796 00??
Slot 4800BD79A 00??
Slot 5800BD79E 00??
Slot 6800BD7A2 00??
Slot 7800BD7A6 00??
Slot 8800BD7AA 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BD790 9C41
Slot 2800BD794 9C41
Slot 3800BD798 9C41
Slot 4800BD79C 9C41
Slot 5800BD7A0 9C41
Slot 6800BD7A4 9C41
Slot 7800BD7A8 9C41
Slot 8800BD7AC 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BD7BA 00FF
Slot 2800BD7BE 00FF
Slot 3800BD7C2 00FF
Kelack Codes
Max Level800BE054 03E7
Max HP800BE056 03E7
Infinite HP800BE058 03E7
Max MP800BE05A 03E7
Infinite MP800BE05C 03E7
Max Attack800BE05E 090B
Max Magic800BE060 090B
Max Defense800BE062 090B
Max Agility300BE064 00FF
Enable Character300BE065 000D
Quick Exp Gain800BE068 FFFF
Max Exp800BE068 E0FF
800BE06A 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE06C 00??
Letter 2300BE06D 00??
Letter 3300BE06E 00??
Letter 4300BE06F 00??
Letter 5300BE070 00??
Letter 6300BE071 00??
Letter 7300BE072 00??
Letter 8300BE073 00??
Letter 9300BE074 00??
Letter 10300BE075 00??
Letter 11300BE076 00??
Letter 12300BE077 00??
Letter 13300BE078 00??
Letter 14300BE079 00??
Letter 15300BE07A 00??
Letter 16300BE07B 00??
Max Skills800BE0AA FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE0B2 00??
Slot 2800BE0B6 00??
Slot 3800BE0BA 00??
Slot 4800BE0BE 00??
Slot 5800BE0C2 00??
Slot 6800BE0C6 00??
Slot 7800BE0CA 00??
Slot 8800BE0CE 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE0B4 9C41
Slot 2800BE0B8 9C41
Slot 3800BE0BC 9C41
Slot 4800BE0C0 9C41
Slot 5800BE0C4 9C41
Slot 6800BE0C8 9C41
Slot 7800BE0CC 9C41
Slot 8800BE0D0 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE0DE 00FF
Slot 2800BE0E2 00FF
Slot 3800BE0E6 00FF
Kukuru Codes
Max Level800BE66C 03E7
Max HP800BE66E 03E7
Infinite HP800BE670 03E7
Max MP800BE672 03E7
Infinite MP800BE674 03E7
Max Attack800BE676 090B
Max Magic800BE678 090B
Max Defense800BE67A 090B
Max Agility300BE67C 00FF
Enable Character300BE67D 0013
Quick Exp Gain800BE680 FFFF
Max Exp800BE680 E0FF
800BE682 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE684 00??
Letter 2300BE685 00??
Letter 3300BE686 00??
Letter 4300BE687 00??
Letter 5300BE688 00??
Letter 6300BE689 00??
Letter 7300BE68A 00??
Letter 8300BE68B 00??
Letter 9300BE68C 00??
Letter 10300BE68D 00??
Letter 11300BE68E 00??
Letter 12300BE68F 00??
Letter 13300BE690 00??
Letter 14300BE691 00??
Letter 15300BE692 00??
Letter 16300BE693 00??
Max Skills800BE6C2 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE6CA 00??
Slot 2800BE6CE 00??
Slot 3800BE6D2 00??
Slot 4800BE6D6 00??
Slot 5800BE6DA 00??
Slot 6800BE6DE 00??
Slot 7800BE6E2 00??
Slot 8800BE6E6 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE6CC 9C41
Slot 2800BE6D0 9C41
Slot 3800BE6D4 9C41
Slot 4800BE6D8 9C41
Slot 5800BE6DC 9C41
Slot 6800BE6E0 9C41
Slot 7800BE6E4 9C41
Slot 8800BE6E8 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE6F6 00FF
Slot 2800BE6FA 00FF
Slot 3800BE6FE 00FF
Lieza Codes
Max Level800BDA3C 03E7
Max HP800BDA3E 03E7
Infinite HP800BDA40 03E7
Max MP800BDA42 03E7
Infinite MP800BDA44 03E7
Max Attack800BDA46 090B
Max Magic800BDA48 090B
Max Defense800BDA4A 090B
Max Agility300BDA4C 00FF
Enable Character300BDA4D 0007
Quick Exp Gain800BDA50 FFFF
Max Exp800BDA50 E0FF
800BDA52 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BDA54 00??
Letter 2300BDA55 00??
Letter 3300BDA56 00??
Letter 4300BDA57 00??
Letter 5300BDA58 00??
Letter 6300BDA59 00??
Letter 7300BDA5A 00??
Letter 8300BDA5B 00??
Letter 9300BDA5C 00??
Letter 10300BDA5D 00??
Letter 11300BDA5E 00??
Letter 12300BDA5F 00??
Letter 13300BDA60 00??
Letter 14300BDA61 00??
Letter 15300BDA62 00??
Letter 16300BDA63 00??
Max Skills800BDA92 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BDA9A 00??
Slot 2800BDA9E 00??
Slot 3800BDAA2 00??
Slot 4800BDAA6 00??
Slot 5800BDAAA 00??
Slot 6800BDAAE 00??
Slot 7800BDAB2 00??
Slot 8800BDAB6 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BDA9C 9C41
Slot 2800BDAA0 9C41
Slot 3800BDAA4 9C41
Slot 4800BDAA8 9C41
Slot 5800BDAAC 9C41
Slot 6800BDAB0 9C41
Slot 7800BDAB4 9C41
Slot 8800BDAB8 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BDAC6 00FF
Slot 2800BDACA 00FF
Slot 3800BDACE 00FF
Mofly Codes
Max Level800BE158 03E7
Max HP800BE15A 03E7
Infinite HP800BE15C 03E7
Max MP800BE15E 03E7
Infinite MP800BE160 03E7
Max Attack800BE162 090B
Max Magic800BE164 090B
Max Defense800BE166 090B
Max Agility300BE168 00FF
Enable Character300BE169 000E
Quick Exp Gain800BE16C FFFF
Max Exp800BE16C E0FF
800BE16E 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE170 00??
Letter 2300BE171 00??
Letter 3300BE172 00??
Letter 4300BE173 00??
Letter 5300BE174 00??
Letter 6300BE175 00??
Letter 7300BE176 00??
Letter 8300BE177 00??
Letter 9300BE178 00??
Letter 10300BE179 00??
Letter 11300BE17A 00??
Letter 12300BE17B 00??
Letter 13300BE17C 00??
Letter 14300BE17D 00??
Letter 15300BE17E 00??
Letter 16300BE17F 00??
Max Skills800BE1AE FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE1B6 00??
Slot 2800BE1BA 00??
Slot 3800BE1BE 00??
Slot 4800BE1C2 00??
Slot 5800BE1C6 00??
Slot 6800BE1CA 00??
Slot 7800BE1CE 00??
Slot 8800BE1D2 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE1B8 9C41
Slot 2800BE1BC 9C41
Slot 3800BE1C0 9C41
Slot 4800BE1C4 9C41
Slot 5800BE1C8 9C41
Slot 6800BE1CC 9C41
Slot 7800BE1D0 9C41
Slot 8800BE1D4 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE1E2 00FF
Slot 2800BE1E6 00FF
Slot 3800BE1EA 00FF
Odon Codes
Max Level800BE568 03E7
Max HP800BE56A 03E7
Infinite HP800BE56C 03E7
Max MP800BE56E 03E7
Infinite MP800BE570 03E7
Max Attack800BE572 090B
Max Magic800BE574 090B
Max Defense800BE576 090B
Max Agility300BE578 00FF
Enable Character300BE579 0012
Quick Exp Gain800BE57C FFFF
Max Exp800BE57C E0FF
800BE57E 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE580 00??
Letter 2300BE581 00??
Letter 3300BE582 00??
Letter 4300BE583 00??
Letter 5300BE584 00??
Letter 6300BE585 00??
Letter 7300BE586 00??
Letter 8300BE587 00??
Letter 9300BE588 00??
Letter 10300BE589 00??
Letter 11300BE58A 00??
Letter 12300BE58B 00??
Letter 13300BE58C 00??
Letter 14300BE58D 00??
Letter 15300BE58E 00??
Letter 16300BE58F 00??
Max Skills800BE5BE FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE5C6 00??
Slot 2800BE5CA 00??
Slot 3800BE5CE 00??
Slot 4800BE5D2 00??
Slot 5800BE5D6 00??
Slot 6800BE5DA 00??
Slot 7800BE5DE 00??
Slot 8800BE5E2 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE5C8 9C41
Slot 2800BE5CC 9C41
Slot 3800BE5D0 9C41
Slot 4800BE5D4 9C41
Slot 5800BE5D8 9C41
Slot 6800BE5DC 9C41
Slot 7800BE5E0 9C41
Slot 8800BE5E4 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE5F2 00FF
Slot 2800BE5F6 00FF
Slot 3800BE5FA 00FF
Paundit Codes
Max Level800BE874 03E7
Max HP800BE876 03E7
Infinite HP800BE878 03E7
Max MP800BE87A 03E7
Infinite MP800BE87C 03E7
Max Attack800BE87E 090B
Max Magic800BE880 090B
Max Defense800BE882 090B
Max Agility300BE884 00FF
Enable Character300BE885 0015
Quick Exp Gain800BE888 FFFF
Max Exp800BE888 E0FF
800BE88A 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE88C 00??
Letter 2300BE88D 00??
Letter 3300BE88E 00??
Letter 4300BE88F 00??
Letter 5300BE890 00??
Letter 6300BE891 00??
Letter 7300BE892 00??
Letter 8300BE893 00??
Letter 9300BE894 00??
Letter 10300BE895 00??
Letter 11300BE896 00??
Letter 12300BE897 00??
Letter 13300BE898 00??
Letter 14300BE899 00??
Letter 15300BE89A 00??
Letter 16300BE89B 00??
Max Skills800BE8CA FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE8D2 00??
Slot 2800BE8D6 00??
Slot 3800BE8DA 00??
Slot 4800BE8DE 00??
Slot 5800BE8E2 00??
Slot 6800BE8E6 00??
Slot 7800BE8EA 00??
Slot 8800BE8EE 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE8D4 9C41
Slot 2800BE8D8 9C41
Slot 3800BE8DC 9C41
Slot 4800BE8E0 9C41
Slot 5800BE8E4 9C41
Slot 6800BE8E8 9C41
Slot 7800BE8EC 9C41
Slot 8800BE8F0 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE8FE 00FF
Slot 2800BE902 00FF
Slot 3800BE906 00FF
Poco Codes
Max Level800BD528 03E7
Max HP800BD52A 03E7
Infinite HP800BD52C 03E7
Max MP800BD52E 03E7
Infinite MP800BD530 03E7
Max Attack800BD532 090B
Max Magic800BD534 090B
Max Defense800BD536 090B
Max Agility300BD538 00FF
Enable Character300BD539 0002
Quick Exp Gain800BD53C FFFF
Max Exp800BD53C E0FF
800BD53E 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BD540 00??
Letter 2300BD541 00??
Letter 3300BD542 00??
Letter 4300BD543 00??
Letter 5300BD544 00??
Letter 6300BD545 00??
Letter 7300BD546 00??
Letter 8300BD547 00??
Letter 9300BD548 00??
Letter 10300BD549 00??
Letter 11300BD54A 00??
Letter 12300BD54B 00??
Letter 13300BD54C 00??
Letter 14300BD54D 00??
Letter 15300BD54E 00??
Letter 16300BD54F 00??
Max Skills800BD57E FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BD586 00??
Slot 2800BD58A 00??
Slot 3800BD58E 00??
Slot 4800BD592 00??
Slot 5800BD596 00??
Slot 6800BD59A 00??
Slot 7800BD59E 00??
Slot 8800BD5A2 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BD588 9C41
Slot 2800BD58C 9C41
Slot 3800BD590 9C41
Slot 4800BD594 9C41
Slot 5800BD598 9C41
Slot 6800BD59C 9C41
Slot 7800BD5A0 9C41
Slot 8800BD5A4 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BD5B2 00FF
Slot 2800BD5B6 00FF
Slot 3800BD5BA 00FF
Rai-jin Codes
Max Level800BE464 03E7
Max HP800BE466 03E7
Infinite HP800BE468 03E7
Max MP800BE46A 03E7
Infinite MP800BE46C 03E7
Max Attack800BE46E 090B
Max Magic800BE470 090B
Max Defense800BE472 090B
Max Agility300BE474 00FF
Enable Character300BE475 0011
Quick Exp Gain800BE478 FFFF
Max Exp800BE478 E0FF
800BE47A 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BE47C 00??
Letter 2300BE47D 00??
Letter 3300BE47E 00??
Letter 4300BE47F 00??
Letter 5300BE480 00??
Letter 6300BE481 00??
Letter 7300BE482 00??
Letter 8300BE483 00??
Letter 9300BE484 00??
Letter 10300BE485 00??
Letter 11300BE486 00??
Letter 12300BE487 00??
Letter 13300BE488 00??
Letter 14300BE489 00??
Letter 15300BE48A 00??
Letter 16300BE48B 00??
Max Skills800BE4BA FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BE4C2 00??
Slot 2800BE4C6 00??
Slot 3800BE4CA 00??
Slot 4800BE4CE 00??
Slot 5800BE4D2 00??
Slot 6800BE4D6 00??
Slot 7800BE4DA 00??
Slot 8800BE4DE 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BE4C4 9C41
Slot 2800BE4C8 9C41
Slot 3800BE4CC 9C41
Slot 4800BE4D0 9C41
Slot 5800BE4D4 9C41
Slot 6800BE4D8 9C41
Slot 7800BE4DC 9C41
Slot 8800BE4E0 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BE4EE 00FF
Slot 2800BE4F2 00FF
Slot 3800BE4F6 00FF
Sania Codes
Max Level800BDE4C 03E7
Max HP800BDE4E 03E7
Infinite HP800BDE50 03E7
Max MP800BDE52 03E7
Infinite MP800BDE54 03E7
Max Attack800BDE56 090B
Max Magic800BDE58 090B
Max Defense800BDE5A 090B
Max Agility300BDE5C 00FF
Enable Character300BDE5D 000B
Quick Exp Gain800BDE60 FFFF
Max Exp800BDE60 E0FF
800BDE62 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BDE64 00??
Letter 2300BDE65 00??
Letter 3300BDE66 00??
Letter 4300BDE67 00??
Letter 5300BDE68 00??
Letter 6300BDE69 00??
Letter 7300BDE6A 00??
Letter 8300BDE6B 00??
Letter 9300BDE6C 00??
Letter 10300BDE6D 00??
Letter 11300BDE6E 00??
Letter 12300BDE6F 00??
Letter 13300BDE70 00??
Letter 14300BDE71 00??
Letter 15300BDE72 00??
Letter 16300BDE73 00??
Max Skills800BDEA2 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BDEAA 00??
Slot 2800BDEAE 00??
Slot 3800BDEB2 00??
Slot 4800BDEB6 00??
Slot 5800BDEBA 00??
Slot 6800BDEBE 00??
Slot 7800BDEC2 00??
Slot 8800BDEC6 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BDEAC 9C41
Slot 2800BDEB0 9C41
Slot 3800BDEB4 9C41
Slot 4800BDEB8 9C41
Slot 5800BDEBC 9C41
Slot 6800BDEC0 9C41
Slot 7800BDEC4 9C41
Slot 8800BDEC8 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BDED6 00FF
Slot 2800BDEDA 00FF
Slot 3800BDEDE 00FF
Shante Codes
Max Level800BDB40 03E7
Max HP800BDB42 03E7
Infinite HP800BDB44 03E7
Max MP800BDB46 03E7
Infinite MP800BDB48 03E7
Max Attack800BDB4A 090B
Max Magic800BDB4C 090B
Max Defense800BDB4E 090B
Max Agility300BDB50 00FF
Enable Character300BDB51 0008
Quick Exp Gain800BDB54 FFFF
Max Exp800BDB54 E0FF
800BDB56 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BDB58 00??
Letter 2300BDB59 00??
Letter 3300BDB5A 00??
Letter 4300BDB5B 00??
Letter 5300BDB5C 00??
Letter 6300BDB5D 00??
Letter 7300BDB5E 00??
Letter 8300BDB5F 00??
Letter 9300BDB60 00??
Letter 10300BDB61 00??
Letter 11300BDB62 00??
Letter 12300BDB63 00??
Letter 13300BDB64 00??
Letter 14300BDB65 00??
Letter 15300BDB66 00??
Letter 16300BDB67 00??
Max Skills800BDB96 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BDB9E 00??
Slot 2800BDBA2 00??
Slot 3800BDBA6 00??
Slot 4800BDBAA 00??
Slot 5800BDBAE 00??
Slot 6800BDBB2 00??
Slot 7800BDBB6 00??
Slot 8800BDBBA 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BDBA0 9C41
Slot 2800BDBA4 9C41
Slot 3800BDBA8 9C41
Slot 4800BDBAC 9C41
Slot 5800BDBB0 9C41
Slot 6800BDBB4 9C41
Slot 7800BDBB8 9C41
Slot 8800BDBBC 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BDBCA 00FF
Slot 2800BDBCE 00FF
Slot 3800BDBD2 00FF
Shu Codes
Max Level800BDC44 03E7
Max HP800BDC46 03E7
Infinite HP800BDC48 03E7
Max MP800BDC4A 03E7
Infinite MP800BDC4C 03E7
Max Attack800BDC4E 090B
Max Magic800BDC50 090B
Max Defense800BDC52 090B
Max Agility300BDC54 00FF
Enable Character300BDC55 0009
Quick Exp Gain800BDC58 FFFF
Max Exp800BDC58 E0FF
800BDC5A 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BDC5C 00??
Letter 2300BDC5D 00??
Letter 3300BDC5E 00??
Letter 4300BDC5F 00??
Letter 5300BDC60 00??
Letter 6300BDC61 00??
Letter 7300BDC62 00??
Letter 8300BDC63 00??
Letter 9300BDC64 00??
Letter 10300BDC65 00??
Letter 11300BDC66 00??
Letter 12300BDC67 00??
Letter 13300BDC68 00??
Letter 14300BDC69 00??
Letter 15300BDC6A 00??
Letter 16300BDC6B 00??
Max Skills800BDC9A FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BDCA2 00??
Slot 2800BDCA6 00??
Slot 3800BDCAA 00??
Slot 4800BDCAE 00??
Slot 5800BDCB2 00??
Slot 6800BDCB6 00??
Slot 7800BDCBA 00??
Slot 8800BDCBE 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BDCA4 9C41
Slot 2800BDCA8 9C41
Slot 3800BDCAC 9C41
Slot 4800BDCB0 9C41
Slot 5800BDCB4 9C41
Slot 6800BDCB8 9C41
Slot 7800BDCBC 9C41
Slot 8800BDCC0 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BDCCE 00FF
Slot 2800BDCD2 00FF
Slot 3800BDCD6 00FF
Tosh Codes
Max Level800BD62C 03E7
Max HP800BD62E 03E7
Infinite HP800BD630 03E7
Max MP800BD632 03E7
Infinite MP800BD634 03E7
Max Attack800BD636 090B
Max Magic800BD638 090B
Max Defense800BD63A 090B
Max Agility300BD63C 00FF
Enable Character300BD63D 0003
Quick Exp Gain800BD640 FFFF
Max Exp800BD640 E0FF
800BD642 05F5
Name Modifier Codes
Letter 1300BD644 00??
Letter 2300BD645 00??
Letter 3300BD646 00??
Letter 4300BD647 00??
Letter 5300BD648 00??
Letter 6300BD649 00??
Letter 7300BD64A 00??
Letter 8300BD64B 00??
Letter 9300BD64C 00??
Letter 10300BD64D 00??
Letter 11300BD64E 00??
Letter 12300BD64F 00??
Letter 13300BD650 00??
Letter 14300BD651 00??
Letter 15300BD652 00??
Letter 16300BD653 00??
Max Skills800BD682 FFFF
Magic Modifier Codes
Slot 1800BD68A 00??
Slot 2800BD68E 00??
Slot 3800BD692 00??
Slot 4800BD696 00??
Slot 5800BD69A 00??
Slot 6800BD69E 00??
Slot 7800BD6A2 00??
Slot 8800BD6A6 00??
Magic Max Level Codes
Slot 1800BD68C 9C41
Slot 2800BD690 9C41
Slot 3800BD694 9C41
Slot 4800BD698 9C41
Slot 5800BD69C 9C41
Slot 6800BD6A0 9C41
Slot 7800BD6A4 9C41
Slot 8800BD6A8 9C41
Magic Weapon Level Codes
Slot 1800BD6B6 00FF
Slot 2800BD6BA 00FF
Slot 3800BD6BE 00FF
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Infinite Wealth800BD3EC FFFF
Max Wealth800BD3EC E0FF
800BD3EE 05F5
Infinite Nol Skill800BD3F0 FFFF
Max Nol Skill800BD3F0 E0FF
800BD3F2 05F5