Action Bass

Credit: Sage

Stop/Start Timer (Press Select+R1/Select+R2)D00677E0 0108
80093AF2 2400
D00677E0 0102
80093AF2 AC43
Press Select+L2 To Have A Fish On The HookD00677E0 0101
800C9198 0003
D00677E0 0101
800C9D00 9D14
D00677E0 0101
800C9D02 8015
Open All Areas And The Extra Option3006F463 0001
Unlock Lucky Usachan Lure3006F462 0001
Unlock Noisy Lure3006F461 0001
Unlock Rubber Jig Lure3006F460 0001
Unlock Buzz Bait Lure3006F45F 0001
Unlock Crank Bait Lure3006F45E 0001
Infinite Time800CFDE0 2955
Lure Action Always At Lowest800C9190 0000
Lure Modifier800D565C 00??
Line Tension Always At Lowest800C9200 0000
Max Weight Total800CFDF8 FFFF