A Bug's Life

Credit: Daryl, Sage

Infinite Health800A6594 0004
Infinite Lives & Grain800A65A0 3209
FLIK300A65A2 000F
Start With Goldberry800A6596 0300
Start With Blueberry800A6596 0100
Start With Homing Berry800A6596 0200
Have All Enemies Killed800A658E 0000
Have All Movies Unlocked80082284 000F
8009B878 0707
8009B87A 0707
8009B87C 0707
8009B87E 0707
8009B880 0707
8009B882 0707
8009B884 0707
8009B886 0707
8009B888 0707
Have All Levels Unlocked80082284 000F
Always Have Super Jump800A6590 0020
Infinite Lives300A65A0 0009
Infinite Grain300A65A1 0063
Unlock 1st Set Of Movies80082284 000F
Unlock 2nd Set Of Movies3009B878 0007
Unlock 3rd Set Of Movies3009B879 0007
Unlock 4th Set Of Movies3009B87A 0007
Unlock 5th Set Of Movies3009B87B 0007
Unlock 6th Set Of Movies3009B87C 0007
Unlock 7th Set Of Movies3009B87D 0007
Unlock 8th Set Of Movies3009B87E 0007
Unlock 9th Set Of Movies3009B87F 0007
Unlock 10th Set Of Movies3009B880 0007
Unlock 11th Set Of Movies3009B881 0007
Unlock 12th Set Of Movies3009B882 0007
Unlock 13th Set Of Movies3009B883 0007
Unlock 14th Set Of Movies3009B884 0007
Unlock 15th Set Of Movies3009B885 0007
Unlock 16h Set Of Movies3009B886 0007
Unlock 17th Set Of Movies3009B887 0007
Unlock 18th Set Of Movies3009B888 0007
Unlock 19th Set Of Movies3009B889 0007