Yu-Gi-Oh! GX-The Beginning of Destiny

🇺🇸 • Credit: Skiller

Enable Code (Must Be On)90112118 0C0447EE
Move Cards For 10 Cards201B5888 2706000A
Max Cash Upon Buying/winning2015FC60 10000008
Max Infinite DP2035682C 3B9AC9FF
Deck Codes
Press Select For All Cards At Card Menu200A0000 3C01014D
200A0004 34216184
200A0008 94230000
200A000C 34020FA7
200A0010 14620019
200A0038 3C0400A9
200A003C 3484A050
200A0044 A4830000
200A0048 24840002
200A004C 24A50001
200A0050 A4850000
200A0054 24840002
200A0058 34070109
200A005C A4870000
200A0060 24840002
200A0064 24210002
200A0068 94230000
200A0070 1403FFF4
200A0078 03E00008
200A007C 27BD0050
E002FFFE 0025C482
2017DDD8 08028000
2017DDDC 00000000
Draw Time Codes
Activation Code (Must Be On)200A0100 12800011
200A0138 1000000F
200A0178 03E00008
D169B786 000027BD
2169B780 08028040
Player 2 No cards200A0108 AE000000
Player 2 No Draw200A010C AE00FFFC
Player 1 Refill Max HP when Draw200A0148 34071F40
200A014C AE07FFF0