Xenosaga-Episode II-Jenseits Von Gut Und Bose

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9012C5C4 0C0AA781
A.G.W.S. Codes
A.G.W.S. Codes
E.S. Dinah Codes
Max HP1061BDD2 0000869F
1061BDD4 00000001
Max EP1061BDD6 00000063
Max Str1061BDD8 000003E7
Max Vit1061BDDA 000003E7
Max Eatk1061BDDC 000003E7
Max Edef1061BDDE 000003E7
Max Dex0061BDE0 00000063
Max Eva0061BDE1 00000063
Max Agl0061BDE2 00000063
Level 990061BDE3 00000063
Infinite HP2061BE2C 0001869F
Infinite EP1061BE30 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C680 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C680 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C684 00000001
E.S. Zebulun Codes
Max HP1061BEDA 0000270F
1061BEDC 00000000
Max EP1061BEDE 00000063
Max Str1061BEE0 000003E7
Max Vit1061BEE2 000003E7
Max Eatk1061BEE4 000003E7
Max Edef1061BEE6 000003E7
Max Dex0061BEE8 00000063
Max Eva0061BEE9 00000063
Max Agl0061BEEA 00000063
Level 990061BEEB 00000063
Infinite HP2061BF34 0000270F
Infinite EP1061BF38 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C6C0 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C6C0 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C6C4 00000001
E.S. Asher Codes
Max HP1061BFE2 0000867F
1061BFE4 00000001
Max EP1061BFE6 00000063
Max Str1061BFE8 000003E7
Max Vit1061BFEA 000003E7
Max Eatk1061BFEC 000003E7
Max Edef1061BFEE 000003E7
Max Dex0061BFF0 00000063
Max Eva0061BFF1 00000063
Max Agl0061BFF2 00000063
Level 990061BFF3 00000063
Infinite HP2061C03C 0001869F
Infinite EP1061C040 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C700 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C700 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C704 00000001
Character Codes
Chaos Codes
Max HP1061B382 0000270F
1061B384 00000000
Max EP1061B386 00000063
Max Str1061B388 000003E7
Max Vit1061B38A 000003E7
Max Eatk1061B38C 000003E7
Max Edef1061B38E 000003E7
Max Dex0061B390 00000063
Max Eva0061B391 00000063
Max Agl0061B392 00000063
Level 990061B393 00000063
Infinite HP2061B3DC 0000270F
Infinite EP1061B3E0 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C400 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C400 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C404 00000001
Max S. Pt2061C408 0001869F
Max C. Pt2061C40C 0001869F
Have All Ether2061C420 FFFFFFFF
2061C424 01FFFFFF
Have Swimsuit Tech Skill00641AE7 0000007F
Have Level 1 Skills006A5880 000000FF
Have Level 2 Skills006A5881 000000FF
Have Level 3 Skills006A5882 000000FF
Have Level 4 Skills006A5883 000000FF
Max Skill Class Lv006A58A4 00000063
Max Skill Learned S006A58A5 00000064
Skills Have Max Stars Codes
Level 1-Class A006A5884 0000000F
Level 1-Class B006A5885 0000000F
Level 1-Class C006A5886 0000000F
Level 1-Class D006A5887 0000000F
Level 1-Class E006A5888 0000000F
Level 1-Class F006A5889 0000000F
Level 1-Class G006A588A 0000000F
Level 1-Class H006A588B 0000000F
Level 2-Class A006A588C 0000000F
Level 2-Class B006A588D 0000000F
Level 2-Class C006A588E 0000000F
Level 2-Class D006A588F 0000000F
Level 2-Class E006A5890 0000000F
Level 2-Class F006A5891 0000000F
Level 2-Class G006A5892 0000000F
Level 2-Class H006A5893 0000000F
Level 3-Class A006A5894 0000000F
Level 3-Class B006A5895 0000000F
Level 3-Class C006A5896 0000000F
Level 3-Class D006A5897 0000000F
Level 3-Class E006A5898 0000000F
Level 3-Class F006A5899 0000000F
Level 3-Class G006A589A 0000000F
Level 3-Class H006A589B 0000000F
Level 4-Class A006A589C 0000000F
Level 4-Class B006A589D 0000000F
Level 4-Class C006A589E 0000000F
Level 4-Class D006A589F 0000000F
All Levels-All Classes406A5884 00070001
0F0F0F0F 00000000
Jin Codes
Max HP1061B69A 0000270F
1061B69C 00000000
Max EP1061B69E 00000063
Max Str1061B6A0 000003E7
Max Vit1061B6A2 000003E7
Max Eatk1061B6A4 000003E7
Max Edef1061B6A6 000003E7
Max Dex0061B6A8 00000063
Max Eva0061B6A9 00000063
Max Agl0061B6AA 00000063
Level 990061B6AB 00000063
Infinite HP2061B6F4 0000270F
Infinite EP1061B6F8 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C4C0 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C4C0 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C4C4 00000001
Max S. Pt2061C4C8 0001869F
Max C. Pt2061C4CC 0001869F
Have All Ether2061C4E0 FFFFFFFF
2061C4E4 01FFFFFF
Have Swimsuit Tech Skill00641BA7 0000007F
Have Level 1 Skills006A5901 000000FF
Have Level 2 Skills006A5902 000000FF
Have Level 3 Skills006A5903 000000FF
Have Level 4 Skills006A5904 000000FF
Max Skill Class Lv006A5925 00000063
Max Skill Learned S006A5926 00000064
Skills Have Max Stars Codes
Level 1-Class A006A5905 0000000F
Level 1-Class B006A5906 0000000F
Level 1-Class C006A5907 0000000F
Level 1-Class D006A5908 0000000F
Level 1-Class E006A5909 0000000F
Level 1-Class F006A590A 0000000F
Level 1-Class G006A590B 0000000F
Level 1-Class H006A590C 0000000F
Level 2-Class A006A590D 0000000F
Level 2-Class B006A590E 0000000F
Level 2-Class C006A590F 0000000F
Level 2-Class D006A5910 0000000F
Level 2-Class E006A5911 0000000F
Level 2-Class F006A5912 0000000F
Level 2-Class G006A5913 0000000F
Level 2-Class H006A5914 0000000F
Level 3-Class A006A5915 0000000F
Level 3-Class B006A5916 0000000F
Level 3-Class C006A5917 0000000F
Level 3-Class D006A5918 0000000F
Level 3-Class E006A5919 0000000F
Level 3-Class F006A591A 0000000F
Level 3-Class G006A591B 0000000F
Level 3-Class H006A591C 0000000F
Level 4-Class A006A591D 0000000F
Level 4-Class B006A591E 0000000F
Level 4-Class C006A591F 0000000F
Level 4-Class D006A5920 0000000F
All Levels-All Classes006A5905 0000000F
106A5906 00000F0F
406A5908 00060001
0F0F0F0F 00000000
006A5920 0000000F
Jr. Codes
Max HP1061B9B2 0000270F
1061B9B4 00000000
Max EP1061B9B6 00000063
Max Str1061B9B8 000003E7
Max Vit1061B9BA 000003E7
Max Eatk1061B9BC 000003E7
Max Edef1061B9BE 000003E7
Max Dex0061B9C0 00000063
Max Eva0061B9C1 00000063
Max Agl0061B9C2 00000063
Level 990061B9C3 00000063
Infinite HP2061BA0C 0000270F
Infinite EP1061BA10 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C580 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C580 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C584 00000001
Max S. Pt2061C588 0001869F
Max C. Pt2061C58C 0001869F
Have All Ether2061C5A0 FFFFFFFF
2061C5A4 01FFFFFF
Have Swimsuit Tech Skill00641C67 0000007F
Have Level 1 Skills006A5982 000000FF
Have Level 2 Skills006A5983 000000FF
Have Level 3 Skills006A5984 000000FF
Have Level 4 Skills006A5985 000000FF
Max Skill Class Lv006A59A6 00000063
Max Skill Learned S006A59A7 00000064
Skills Have Max Stars Codes
Level 1-Class A006A5986 0000000F
Level 1-Class B006A5987 0000000F
Level 1-Class C006A5988 0000000F
Level 1-Class D006A5989 0000000F
Level 1-Class E006A598A 0000000F
Level 1-Class F006A598B 0000000F
Level 1-Class G006A598C 0000000F
Level 1-Class H006A598D 0000000F
Level 2-Class A006A598E 0000000F
Level 2-Class B006A598F 0000000F
Level 2-Class C006A5990 0000000F
Level 2-Class D006A5991 0000000F
Level 2-Class E006A5992 0000000F
Level 2-Class F006A5993 0000000F
Level 2-Class G006A5994 0000000F
Level 2-Class H006A5995 0000000F
Level 3-Class A006A5996 0000000F
Level 3-Class B006A5997 0000000F
Level 3-Class C006A5998 0000000F
Level 3-Class D006A5999 0000000F
Level 3-Class E006A599A 0000000F
Level 3-Class F006A599B 0000000F
Level 3-Class G006A599C 0000000F
Level 3-Class H006A599D 0000000F
Level 4-Class A006A599E 0000000F
Level 4-Class B006A599F 0000000F
Level 4-Class C006A59A0 0000000F
Level 4-Class D006A59A1 0000000F
All Levels-All Classes406A5986 00070001
0F0F0F0F 00000000
Kos-Mos Codes
Max HP1061B48A 0000270F
1061B48C 00000000
Max EP1061B48E 00000063
Max Str1061B490 000003E7
Max Vit1061B492 000003E7
Max Eatk1061B494 000003E7
Max Edef1061B496 000003E7
Max Dex0061B498 00000063
Max Eva0061B499 00000063
Max Agl0061B49A 00000063
Level 990061B49B 00000063
Infinite HP2061B4E4 0000270F
Infinite EP1061B4E8 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C440 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C440 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C444 00000001
Max S. Pt2061C448 0001869F
Max C. Pt2061C44C 0001869F
Have All Ether2061C460 FFFFFFFF
2061C464 01FFFFFF
Have Swimsuit Tech Skill00641B27 0000007F
Have Level 1 Skills006A58AB 000000FF
Have Level 2 Skills006A58AC 000000FF
Have Level 3 Skills006A58AD 000000FF
Have Level 4 Skills006A58AE 000000FF
Max Skill Class Lv006A58CF 00000063
Max Skill Learned S006A58D0 00000064
Skills Have Max Stars Codes
Level 1-Class A006A58AF 0000000F
Level 1-Class B006A58B0 0000000F
Level 1-Class C006A58B1 0000000F
Level 1-Class D006A58B2 0000000F
Level 1-Class E006A58B3 0000000F
Level 1-Class F006A58B4 0000000F
Level 1-Class G006A58B5 0000000F
Level 1-Class H006A58B6 0000000F
Level 2-Class A006A58B7 0000000F
Level 2-Class B006A58B8 0000000F
Level 2-Class C006A58B9 0000000F
Level 2-Class D006A58BA 0000000F
Level 2-Class E006A58BB 0000000F
Level 2-Class F006A58BC 0000000F
Level 2-Class G006A58BD 0000000F
Level 2-Class H006A58BE 0000000F
Level 3-Class A006A58BF 0000000F
Level 3-Class B006A58C0 0000000F
Level 3-Class C006A58C1 0000000F
Level 3-Class D006A58C2 0000000F
Level 3-Class E006A58C3 0000000F
Level 3-Class F006A58C4 0000000F
Level 3-Class G006A58C5 0000000F
Level 3-Class H006A58C6 0000000F
Level 4-Class A006A58C7 0000000F
Level 4-Class B006A58C8 0000000F
Level 4-Class C006A58C9 0000000F
Level 4-Class D006A58CA 0000000F
All Levels-All Classes006A58AF 0000000F
106A58B0 00000F0F
406A58B2 00060001
0F0F0F0F 00000000
006A58CA 0000000F
Momo Codes
Max HP1061B8AA 0000270F
1061B8AC 00000000
Max EP1061B8AE 00000063
Max Str1061B8B0 000003E7
Max Vit1061B8B2 000003E7
Max Eatk1061B8B4 000003E7
Max Edef1061B8B6 000003E7
Max Dex0061B8B8 00000063
Max Eva0061B8B9 00000063
Max Agl0061B8BA 00000063
Level 990061B8BB 00000063
Infinite HP2061B904 0000270F
Infinite EP1061B908 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C540 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C540 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C544 00000001
Max S. Pt2061C548 0001869F
Max C. Pt2061C54C 0001869F
Have All Ether2061C560 FFFFFFFF
2061C564 01FFFFFF
Have Swimsuit Tech Skill00641C27 0000007F
Have Level 1 Skills006A5957 000000FF
Have Level 2 Skills006A5958 000000FF
Have Level 3 Skills006A5959 000000FF
Have Level 4 Skills006A595A 000000FF
Max Skill Class Lv006A597B 00000063
Max Skill Learned S006A597C 00000064
Skills Have Max Stars Codes
Level 1-Class A006A595B 0000000F
Level 1-Class B006A595C 0000000F
Level 1-Class C006A595D 0000000F
Level 1-Class D006A595E 0000000F
Level 1-Class E006A595F 0000000F
Level 1-Class F006A5960 0000000F
Level 1-Class G006A5961 0000000F
Level 1-Class H006A5962 0000000F
Level 2-Class A006A5963 0000000F
Level 2-Class B006A5964 0000000F
Level 2-Class C006A5965 0000000F
Level 2-Class D006A5966 0000000F
Level 2-Class E006A5967 0000000F
Level 2-Class F006A5968 0000000F
Level 2-Class G006A5969 0000000F
Level 2-Class H006A596A 0000000F
Level 3-Class A006A596B 0000000F
Level 3-Class B006A596C 0000000F
Level 3-Class C006A596D 0000000F
Level 3-Class D006A596E 0000000F
Level 3-Class E006A596F 0000000F
Level 3-Class F006A5970 0000000F
Level 3-Class G006A5971 0000000F
Level 3-Class H006A5972 0000000F
Level 4-Class A006A5973 0000000F
Level 4-Class B006A5974 0000000F
Level 4-Class C006A5975 0000000F
Level 4-Class D006A5976 0000000F
All Levels-All Classes006A595B 0000000F
106A595C 00000F0F
406A595E 00060001
0F0F0F0F 00000000
006A5976 0000000F
Shion Codes
Max HP1061B592 0000270F
1061B594 00000000
Max EP1061B596 00000063
Max Str1061B598 000003E7
Max Vit1061B59A 000003E7
Max Eatk1061B59C 000003E7
Max Edef1061B59E 000003E7
Max Dex0061B5A0 00000063
Max Eva0061B5A1 00000063
Max Agl0061B5A2 00000063
Level 990061B5A3 00000063
Infinite HP2061B5EC 0000270F
Infinite EP1061B5F0 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C480 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C480 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C484 00000001
Max S. Pt2061C488 0001869F
Max C. Pt2061C48C 0001869F
Have All Ether2061C4A0 FFFFFFFF
2061C4A4 01FFFFFF
Have Swimsuit Tech Skill00641B67 0000007F
Have Level 1 Skills006A58D6 000000FF
Have Level 2 Skills006A58D7 000000FF
Have Level 3 Skills006A58D8 000000FF
Have Level 4 Skills006A58D9 000000FF
Max Skill Class Lv006A58FA 00000063
Max Skill Learned S006A58FB 00000064
Skills Have Max Stars Codes
Level 1-Class A006A58DA 0000000F
Level 1-Class B006A58DB 0000000F
Level 1-Class C006A58DC 0000000F
Level 1-Class D006A58DD 0000000F
Level 1-Class E006A58DE 0000000F
Level 1-Class F006A58DF 0000000F
Level 1-Class G006A58E0 0000000F
Level 1-Class H006A58E1 0000000F
Level 2-Class A006A58E2 0000000F
Level 2-Class B006A58E3 0000000F
Level 2-Class C006A58E4 0000000F
Level 2-Class D006A58E5 0000000F
Level 2-Class E006A58E6 0000000F
Level 2-Class F006A58E7 0000000F
Level 2-Class G006A58E8 0000000F
Level 2-Class H006A58E9 0000000F
Level 3-Class A006A58EA 0000000F
Level 3-Class B006A58EB 0000000F
Level 3-Class C006A58EC 0000000F
Level 3-Class D006A58ED 0000000F
Level 3-Class E006A58EE 0000000F
Level 3-Class F006A58EF 0000000F
Level 3-Class G006A58F0 0000000F
Level 3-Class H006A58F1 0000000F
Level 4-Class A006A58F2 0000000F
Level 4-Class B006A58F3 0000000F
Level 4-Class C006A58F4 0000000F
Level 4-Class D006A58F5 0000000F
All Levels-All Classes406A58DA 00070001
0F0F0F0F 00000000
Ziggy Codes
Max HP1061B7A2 0000270F
1061B7A4 00000000
Max EP1061B7A6 00000063
Max Str1061B7A8 000003E7
Max Vit1061B7AA 000003E7
Max Eatk1061B7AC 000003E7
Max Edef1061B7AE 000003E7
Max Dex0061B7B0 00000063
Max Eva0061B7B1 00000063
Max Agl0061B7B2 00000063
Level 990061B7B3 00000063
Infinite HP2061B7FC 0000270F
Infinite EP1061B800 00000063
Quick Exp Gain1061C500 0000FFFF
Max Exp2061C500 05F5E0FF
Always 1 Exp For Next Level2061C504 00000001
Max S. Pt2061C508 0001869F
Max C. Pt2061C50C 0001869F
Have All Ether2061C520 FFFFFFFF
2061C524 01FFFFFF
Have Swimsuit Tech Skill00641BE7 0000007F
Have Level 1 Skills006A592C 000000FF
Have Level 2 Skills006A592D 000000FF
Have Level 3 Skills006A592E 000000FF
Have Level 4 Skills006A592F 000000FF
Max Skill Class Lv006A5950 00000063
Max Skill Learned S006A5951 00000064
Skills Have Max Stars Codes
Level 1-Class A006A5930 0000000F
Level 1-Class B006A5931 0000000F
Level 1-Class C006A5932 0000000F
Level 1-Class D006A5933 0000000F
Level 1-Class E006A5934 0000000F
Level 1-Class F006A5935 0000000F
Level 1-Class G006A5936 0000000F
Level 1-Class H006A5937 0000000F
Level 2-Class A006A5938 0000000F
Level 2-Class B006A5939 0000000F
Level 2-Class C006A593A 0000000F
Level 2-Class D006A593B 0000000F
Level 2-Class E006A593C 0000000F
Level 2-Class F006A593D 0000000F
Level 2-Class G006A593E 0000000F
Level 2-Class H006A593F 0000000F
Level 3-Class A006A5940 0000000F
Level 3-Class B006A5941 0000000F
Level 3-Class C006A5942 0000000F
Level 3-Class D006A5943 0000000F
Level 3-Class E006A5944 0000000F
Level 3-Class F006A5945 0000000F
Level 3-Class G006A5946 0000000F
Level 3-Class H006A5947 0000000F
Level 4-Class A006A5948 0000000F
Level 4-Class B006A5949 0000000F
Level 4-Class C006A594A 0000000F
Level 4-Class D006A594B 0000000F
All Levels-All Classes406A5930 00070001
0F0F0F0F 00000000
Other Codes
Have Key Item Codes
Decoder 011061CC00 00000001
Decoder 021061CC02 00000001
Decoder 031061CC04 00000001
Decoder 041061CC06 00000001
Decoder 051061CC08 00000001
Decoder 061061CC0A 00000001
Decoder 071061CC0C 00000001
Decoder 081061CC0E 00000001
Decoder 091061CC10 00000001
Decoder 101061CC12 00000001
Decoder 111061CC14 00000001
Decoder 121061CC16 00000001
Decoder 131061CC18 00000001
Decoder 141061CC1A 00000001
Decoder 151061CC1C 00000001
Decoder 161061CC1E 00000001
Decoder 171061CC20 00000001
Decoder 181061CC22 00000001
Love Letter1061CC24 00000001
ZAZA's Clue 11061CC26 00000001
ZAZA's Clue 21061CC28 00000001
ZAZA's Clue 31061CC2A 00000001
ZAZA's Clue 41061CC2C 00000001
ZAZA's Clue 51061CC2E 00000001
ZAZA's Clue 61061CC30 00000001
ZAZA's Clue 71061CC32 00000001
Spode Letter1061CC34 00000001
Heart Letter1061CC36 00000001
Club Letter1061CC38 00000001
Diamond Letter1061CC3A 00000001
Facility Key1061CC3C 00000001
Stella's Shoes1061CC3E 00000001
Stella's Hairpin1061CC40 00000001
Stella's Scorset1061CC42 00000001
Water Tank A Key1061CC44 00000001
Water Tank B Key1061CC46 00000001
Spring Seed1061CC48 00000001
Summer Seed1061CC4A 00000001
Autumn Seed1061CC4C 00000001
Winter Seed1061CC4E 00000001
Power Battery1061CC50 00000001
Sequencer A1061CC52 00000001
Sequencer B1061CC54 00000001
Sequencer C1061CC56 00000001
Sequencer D1061CC58 00000001
Wedding Ring1061CC5A 00000001
Engagement Ring1061CC5C 00000001
Hyper Fertilizer1061CC5E 00000001
Vault Key1061CC60 00000001
Secret Box1061CC62 00000001
Curry Recipe1061CC64 00000001
Teddy Bear1061CC66 00000001
Memory Locket1061CC68 00000001
Music Box1061CC6A 00000001
Entertainment Guide1061CC6C 00000001
Rules Of High Society1061CC6E 00000001
Blue Maid Uniform1061CC70 00000001
Pink Maid Uniform1061CC72 00000001
Black Maid Uniform1061CC74 00000001
Aqua Maid Uniform1061CC76 00000001
Statue Blueprint1061CC78 00000001
Pink Book1061CC7A 00000001
Free Play Token1061CC7C 00000001
Toy Store Key1061CC7E 00000001
Red Eye Fish Print1061CC80 00000001
Iron 4 Sheet Music1061CC82 00000001
Unlock COde1061CC84 00000001
King's Key1061CC86 00000001
Geriatric Swimsuit1061CC88 00000001
Sidney's Letter1061CC8A 00000001
Robot Part Right Arm1061CC8C 00000001
Robot Part Left Arm1061CC8E 00000001
Robot Part Right Leg1061CC90 00000001
Robot Part Left Leg1061CC92 00000001
Robot Part Head1061CC94 00000001
Robot Part Body1061CC96 00000001
Secret Key 11061CC98 00000001
Secret Key 21061CC9A 00000001
Secret Key 31061CC9C 00000001
Secret Key 41061CC9E 00000001
Secret Key 51061CCA0 00000001
Secret Key 61061CCA2 00000001
Secret Key 71061CCA4 00000001
Secret Key 81061CCA6 00000001
Secret Key 91061CCA8 00000001
Secret Key 101061CCAA 00000001
Secret Key 111061CCAC 00000001
Secret Key 121061CCAE 00000001
Secret Key 131061CCB0 00000001
Secret Key 141061CCB2 00000001
Secret Key 151061CCB4 00000001
Secret Key 161061CCB6 00000001
Secret Key 171061CCB8 00000001
Secret Key 181061CCBA 00000001
Secret Key 191061CCBC 00000001
Secret Key 201061CCBE 00000001
Secret Key 211061CCC0 00000001
Secret Key 221061CCC2 00000001
Secret Key 231061CCC4 00000001
Secret Key 241061CCC6 00000001
Secret Key 251061CCC8 00000001
Secret Key 261061CCCA 00000001
Secret Key 271061CCCC 00000001
Secret Key 281061CCCE 00000001
Secret Key 291061CCD0 00000001
Secret Key 301061CCD2 00000001
Secret Key 311061CCD4 00000001
All Key Items4061CC00 00350001
00010001 00000000
1061CCD4 00000001
In-Battle Codes
Infinite EP UsageD0A8BCC4 0000200B
20A8BCC8 00000000
Press L1+Select To Escape BattleD0955A82 0000FBFE
20AC4198 00000001
Character 1 Codes
Max HP10AC16A2 0000270F
10AC16A4 00000000
Max EP10AC16A6 00000063
Max Str10AC16A8 000003E7
Max Vit10AC16AA 000003E7
Max Eatk10AC16AC 000003E7
Max Edef10AC16AE 000003E7
Max Dex00AC16B0 00000063
Max Eva00AC16B1 00000063
Max Agl00AC16B2 00000063
Level 9900AC16B3 00000063
Infinite HP20AC16FC 0000270F
Infinite EP10AC1700 00000063
Character 2 Codes
Max HP10AC17AA 0000270F
10AC17AC 00000000
Max EP10AC17AE 00000063
Max Str10AC17B0 000003E7
Max Vit10AC17B2 000003E7
Max Eatk10AC17B4 000003E7
Max Edef10AC17B6 000003E7
Max Dex00AC17B8 00000063
Max Eva00AC17B9 00000063
Max Agl00AC17BA 00000063
Level 9900AC17BB 00000063
Infinite HP20AC1804 0000270F
Infinite EP10AC1808 00000063
Character 3 Codes
Max HP10AC18B2 0000270F
10AC18B4 00000000
Max EP10AC18B6 00000063
Max Str10AC18B8 000003E7
Max Vit10AC18BA 000003E7
Max Eatk10AC18BC 000003E7
Max Edef10AC18BE 000003E7
Max Dex00AC18C0 00000063
Max Eva00AC18C1 00000063
Max Agl00AC18C2 00000063
Level 9900AC18C3 00000063
Infinite HP20AC190C 0000270F
Infinite EP10AC1910 00000063
A.G.W.S. 1 Codes
Max HP10AC19BA 0000270F
10AC19BC 00000000
Max EP10AC19BE 00000063
Max Str10AC19C0 000003E7
Max Vit10AC19C2 000003E7
Max Eatk10AC19C4 000003E7
Max Edef10AC19C6 000003E7
Max Dex00AC19C8 00000063
Max Eva00AC19C9 00000063
Max Agl00AC19CA 00000063
Level 9900AC19CB 00000063
Infinite HP20AC1A14 0000270F
Infinite EP10AC1A18 00000063
A.G.W.S. 2 Codes
Max HP10AC1AC2 0000270F
10AC1AC4 00000000
Max EP10AC1AC6 00000063
Max Str10AC1AC8 000003E7
Max Vit10AC1ACA 000003E7
Max Eatk10AC1ACC 000003E7
Max Edef10AC1ACE 000003E7
Max Dex00AC1AD0 00000063
Max Eva00AC1AD1 00000063
Max Agl00AC1AD2 00000063
Level 9900AC1AD3 00000063
Infinite HP20AC1B1C 0000270F
Infinite EP10AC1B20 00000063
A.G.W.S. 3 Codes
Max HP10AC1BCA 0000270F
10AC1BCC 00000000
Max EP10AC1BCE 00000063
Max Str10AC1BD0 000003E7
Max Vit10AC1BD2 000003E7
Max Eatk10AC1BD4 000003E7
Max Edef10AC1BD6 000003E7
Max Dex00AC1BD8 00000063
Max Eva00AC1BD9 00000063
Max Agl00AC1BDA 00000063
Level 9900AC1BDB 00000063
Infinite HP20AC1C24 0000270F
Infinite EP10AC1C28 00000063
Enemy 1 Codes
Low Max HP10AC1EE2 00000001
10AC1EE4 00000000
NO Max EP10AC1EE6 00000000
No Str10AC1EE8 00000000
No Vit10AC1EEA 00000000
No Eatk10AC1EEC 00000000
No Edef10AC1EEE 00000000
No Dex00AC1EF0 00000000
No Eva00AC1EF1 00000000
No Agl00AC1EF2 00000000
Level 100AC1EF3 00000001
1-Hit DeathD0AC1F3C 00200001
20AC1F3C 00000001
No EP10AC1F40 00000000
Enemy 2 Codes
Low Max HP10AC1FEA 00000001
10AC1FEC 00000000
NO Max EP10AC1FEE 00000000
No Str10AC1FF0 00000000
No Vit10AC1FF2 00000000
No Eatk10AC1FF4 00000000
No Edef10AC1FF6 00000000
No Dex00AC1FF8 00000000
No Eva00AC1FF9 00000000
No Agl00AC1FFA 00000000
Level 100AC1FFB 00000001
1-Hit DeathD0AC2044 00200001
20AC2044 00000001
No EP10AC2048 00000000
Enemy 3 Codes
Low Max HP10AC20F2 00000001
10AC20F4 00000000
NO Max EP10AC20F6 00000000
No Str10AC20F8 00000000
No Vit10AC20FA 00000000
No Eatk10AC20FC 00000000
No Edef10AC20FE 00000000
No Dex00AC2100 00000000
No Eva00AC2101 00000000
No Agl00AC2102 00000000
Level 100AC2103 00000001
1-Hit DeathD0AC214C 00200001
20AC214C 00000001
No EP10AC2150 00000000
Enemy 4 Codes
Low Max HP10AC21FA 00000001
10AC21FC 00000000
NO Max EP10AC21FE 00000000
No Str10AC2200 00000000
No Vit10AC2202 00000000
No Eatk10AC2204 00000000
No Edef10AC2206 00000000
No Dex00AC2208 00000000
No Eva00AC2209 00000000
No Agl00AC220A 00000000
Level 100AC220B 00000001
1-Hit DeathD0AC2254 00200001
20AC2254 00000001
No EP10AC2258 00000000
Max Item Codes
Med Kit S1061C800 00000063
Med Kit M1061C802 00000063
Med Kit L1061C804 00000063
Med Kit DX1061C806 00000063
Ether Pack S1061C808 00000063
Ether Pack M1061C80A 00000063
Ether Pack DX1061C80C 00000063
Rejuvenator M1061C80E 00000063
Rejuvenator DX1061C810 00000063
Rejuvenator E1061C812 00000063
Antidote L1061C814 00000063
Antidote H1061C816 00000063
Revive S1061C818 00000063
Revive DX1061C81A 00000063
Boost Max1061C81C 00000063
CF Bomb1061C81E 00000063
Hemlock1061C820 00000063
Bio Sphere1061C828 00000063
Skill Upgrade A1061C82A 00000063
Skill Upgrade B1061C82C 00000063
Skill Upgrade C1061C82E 00000063
Skill Upgrade D1061C830 00000063
Skill Upgrade E1061C832 00000063
Class Upgrade A1061C834 00000063
Class Upgrade B1061C836 00000063
Class Upgrade C1061C838 00000063
Nano Repair A1061C83A 00000063
Nano Repair Z1061C83C 00000063
Nano Sphere1061C83E 00000063
Scrap Iron1061C840 00000063
Junked Circuit1061C842 00000063
Ether Core1061C844 00000063
Awakening I1061C848 00000063
Awakening II1061C84A 00000063
Awakening III1061C84C 00000063
Awakening IV1061C84E 00000063
Misc. Codes
Super Exp Gained After Battle20AC2478 0000270F
Hella Exp Gained After Battle20AC2478 0001869F
Ultra Exp Gained After Battle20AC2478 000F423F
Super S.Pt Gained After Battle20AC247C 000003E7
Hella S.Pt Gained After Battle20AC247C 0000270F
Ultra S.Pt Gained After Battle20AC247C 0001869F
Super C.Pt Gained After Battle20AC2480 000003E7
Hella C.Pt Gained After Battle20AC2480 0000270F
Ultra C.Pt Gained After Battle20AC2480 0001869F
Infinite Item UsageD0A9C768 0000802D
20A9C78C 00000000
Extra ItemsD0A9C768 0000802D
10A9C77C 00000001
Use Item For Max ItemD0A9C768 0000802D
20A9C77C 24050063
Enemies Cant Move20204D58 0C081260
20204DA8 0C081260
Enemies Dont Come After You20204D58 0C080F4C
20204DA8 0C080F4C
Press Circle To Save AnywhereD0955A82 0000DBFF
201D6B24 00000000
D0955A82 0010DBFF
201D6B24 5040000E
Infinite S. Pts Usage2022A058 00000000
Infinite C. Pts Usage (Learning Skills)2022A1AC 00000000
Max C.Pt & S.Pt After 1 BattleD0A8FFCC 00001021
20A8FFD4 00000000
D0A8FFFC 00001821
20900004 00000000
Have All Items (Including Japanese Ones)4061C800 00140001
00630063 00000000
Have All Items (Minus Japanese Ones)4061C800 00080001
00630063 00000000
1061C820 00000063
4061C828 000A0001
00630063 00000000