X2 Wolverine's Revenge

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 002B1BAF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902B1BAC 0C0B08D8
Infinite Health2011BCDC C44000C4
2011BCE4 E44000C0
Infinite RageE002FFFE 103AC142
203C48C0 42C80000
203C48C4 42C80000
E002FFFE 003AC142
203C48C0 00000000
203C48C4 00000000
Unlock All Play Movies2035F5AC FFFFFFFF
Disable Fog20360774 00000001
20360778 3F800000
Have Cheat Menu (Pause Game)203616DC 00000001
Unlock All Challenges203AC610 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Costumes203AC62C FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Cerebros203AC630 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Production Artwork203235B8 0000003E
Default Speed Modifier (Default 3F800000)2035FA18 ????????
Dodge Flick Delay Modifier (Default 3E19999A)2035FB64 ????????
Dodge Pad Minimum (Default 78)2035FB68 000000??
Show Skeleton2035FBB4 00000001
Show IK Axes2035FBB8 00000001
Show Lights2035FBBC 00000001
Show Shadows2035FBC4 00000001
Show Nearest Light2035FBCC 00000001
Show Mount Points2035FBD8 00000001
Invisible2035FBDC 00000001
Show NPC LOS Line2035FBE0 00000001
Show Last Fight Camera Path2035FBE4 00000001
Show Last Animation Path2035FBE8 00000001
Show Memory Profiles2035FC10 00000001
All Locking/Unlocking Automated2035FD58 00000000
Engage Acts As Lock On & Change Target2035FD58 00000001
Separate Combat Initiate & Target Button2035FD58 00000002
AutoLock Is A Toggle2035FD5C 00000001
Always AutoLock Closest2035FD60 00000001
Dont Always Face Enemy2035FD68 00000001
Force Wolvie To Fight (AutoLocks When Attacked)2035FD74 00000001
Lock Initiate Max Distance Modifier (Default 40E00000)2035FD7C ????????
Lock Cancel Distance Modifier (Default 41200000)2035FD80 ????????
Lock Initiate Max Y Distance Modifier (Default 40400000)2035FD84 ????????
Lock Cancel Min Distance Modifier (Default 40800000)2035FD88 ????????
Strike From Anywhere2035FD8C 00000001
Speed (Motion) Modifier (Default 3F800000)2035FD90 ????????
Speed (Punch) Modifier (Default 3FB33333)2035FD94 ????????
Speed (Kick) Modifier (Default 3F900000)2035FD98 ????????
Speed (Slash) Modifier (Default 3F900000)2035FD9C ????????
Speed (Motion) Modifier (Default 3F800000)2035FDA0 ????????
Speed (Other) Modifier (Default 3F800000)2035FDA4 ????????
Smooth Motion MaxVel Modifier (Default 41600000)2035FDB0 ????????
Smooth Motion Accel Modifier (Default 41600000)2035FDB4 ????????
Smooth Motion Decel Modifier (Default 41600000)2035FDB8 ????????
Run SPeed Threshold Modifier (Default 40AF4396)2035FDBC ????????
Steering In Mid-Air In Running Jump2035FE0C 00000001
Foggy20360774 00000001
Show VRAM Usage203607E8 00000001
Show Performance20360814 00000001
Show NPC View Cones2036081C 00000001
Invulnerable20360824 00000001
Baddies Stand Still20360828 00000001
Show Pathfinding Routes2036082C 00000001
No Realtime Lighting20360920 00000000
Dont Convert Dim Lights To Ambient20360924 00000000
No Animated Lights20360934 00000000
No Animation Curves20360964 00000000
No Animation Optimisation20360968 00000000
Shadow Z-Bias Modifier (Default 41000000)203609D8 ????????
Show Shadow As Searchlight203609E4 00000001
Show Character Collision Volumes20360A20 00000001
Show Full Character Cylinder20360A24 00000001
Screen Effects Off20360A28 00000000
Disable Rails & Fixed Cameras20360AE0 00000001
Show Camera Bounding Boxes20360AE4 00000001
Unlock All Doors20360B10 00000001
Show Nearest Guns Darta20360C38 00000001
Full Inventory20360EE8 00000001
Show Sound System Stats20361168 00000001
Show Sound Emitters2036116C 00000001
Disable Collisions20361690 00000001
Dont Render Matts Particles20361DE8 00000000
Health Heal Time Delay Modifier (Default 40A00000)202D8294 ????????
Health Heal Speed Modifier (Default 41700000)202D8298 ????????
Health Segment2 Healing Slowdown Modifier (Default 3FC00000)202D829C ????????
Health Segment1 Healing Slowdown Modifier (Default 40000000)202D82A0 ????????
Rage Heal Time Delay Modifier (Default 40A00000)202D82A4 ????????
Rage Heal Speed Modifier (Default 3F800000)202D82A8 ????????
Wolvie Takes Combat Damage Rage Modifier (Default 3D4CCCCD)202D82AC ????????
Wolvie Hurts Enemy Rage Modifier (Default 3CA3D70A)202D82B0 ????????
Brightness Ceiling Modifier (Default 437F0000)203A1188 ????????
Freeze Objects203A120C 00000001
Have All Strike Levels203ABD60 00000003
1-Hit Kill203ACE74 00000001
Disable HUD203ACE78 00000001
Disable Mission Countdown203ACE7C 00000001
Player Damage Multipler Modifier (Default 41200000)203C48CC ????????
Max Time In Rage Modifier (Default 41500000)203C48D0 ????????
Rage Animation Speed Modifier (Default 3FA00000)203C48D4 ????????
End Level Stats Codes
Max Combat Score20362454 05F5E0FF
Max Total Score203ABD88 05F5E0FF
Max Stealth Strikes103D85F0 000003E7
Max Double Strikes103D85F2 000003E7
Max Triple Strikes103D85F4 000003E7
Max Bowling Bonus103D85F6 000003E7
Max Combat Points103D85F8 000003E7
Max Dog Tags103D85FA 000003E7
Max Cerebro File103D85FC 000003E7
Max Comic Cover103D85FE 000003E7