WWF Smackdown!-Just Bring It

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, CHOKE ON THAT SLAPNUTS

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 001115EF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
901115EC 0C04672A
Save For All Characters007245A6 000000FF
Save For All Special Modes007245A8 000000FF
Have All Movies0072B018 000000FF
Always Low Match Timer002E2FC9 00000000
Infinite Match Time202E2FC8 00000000
Always Have Specials201C0760 24020005
201C0768 AE2201AC
Infinite Specials201AE5EC 00000000
Extra Specials101AE5E8 00000001
Infinite Ability Points20217E90 240203E7
20218580 00000000
Always Max Smack Down Meters2027EA88 24020064
2027EA90 24020064
Camera Always Overhead View2010293C 00000000
In WWF New York All Extra Visuals Dissapear10E59378 00000FEB
P2 Cant Use Specials (Counter Is Blank)10725B08 00000E84
P2 Is Eliminated10725B0E 00000E84
P2 Cant Move10725B14 00000E84
Specials Build Real Slow10725BFC 00000EEB
Specials Build Extremely Fast (2-3 Good Hits)10725BFC 000039EA
Always Matches & Stipulation Codes
Rope Break Always On10725C04 00000E84
Give Up Always On10725C08 00000E84
Always Cage Match10725C0A 00000E84
Always Falls Count Anywhere10725C0E 00000E84
Always I Quit Match (With Microphone)10725C10 00000E84
Always Table Match (With 2 Tables, 2 Chairs & Microphone)10725C14 00000E84
Always Ladder Match (Title)10725C16 00000E84
Always Hell In A Cell & Crown By Name Match10725C18 00000E84
Always Slobber Knocker10725C1A 00000E84
Always TLC Match10725C1C 00000E84
Always Last Man Standing Match10725C1E 00000E84
Always Extreme Death Match20725C14 0E840E84
10725C1A 00000E84