Wrath Unleashed

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90120E24 0C04993A
Unlock Everything2072600C 24010001
20726010 A041000D
Battle Record Codes
View War Data For Max Realm Wins2072732C 2411270F
20727330 AE110008
View War Data For No Realm Losses2072738C AE000018
View Arena Data Records For Max Creature Wins2072714C 241003E7
20727150 AE30005C
View Arena Data Records For No Creature Losses2072718C AE2000FC
View Medals Twice To Have All Campaign Awards207260D8 24010001
207260E0 A0410044
View Medals To Have Tactician Award20726748 24010014
2072674C AC4101A4
20726750 24020001
Arena Battle Codes
P1 Press L1+Up For Infinite Health Character 1 ONLY200C0200 8C810038
200C0204 14200002
200C0208 8C810144
200C020C AC810140
200C0210 03E00008
200C0214 C4800140
D07878C2 0000FBEF
2035F390 08030080
P1 Press L1+Right For Infinite Health Character 2 ONLY200C0220 8C810038
200C0224 10200002
200C0228 8C810144
200C022C AC810140
200C0230 03E00008
200C0234 C4800140
D07878C2 0000FBDF
2035F390 08030088
P1 Press L1+Down For Infinite Health (Both Characters)200C0240 8C810144
200C0244 AC810140
200C0248 03E00008
200C024C C4800140
D07878C2 0000FBBF
2035F390 08030090
P1 Press L1+Left For Normal Health LevelsD07878C2 0000FB7F
2035F390 03E00008
P1 Press L2+Up For Infinite Energy Character 1 ONLY200C0250 8C810038
200C0254 50200001
200C0258 C48011BC
200C025C 03E00008
200C0260 E48011B8
D07878C2 0000FEEF
2035F184 0C030094
P1 Press L2+Right For Infinite Energy Character 2 ONLY200C0270 8C810038
200C0274 54200001
200C0278 C48011BC
200C027C 03E00008
200C0280 E48011B8
D07878C2 0000FEDF
2035F184 0C03009C
P1 Press L2+Down For Infinite Energy (Both Characters)D07878C2 0000FEBF
2035F184 00000000
P1 Press L2+Left For Normal Energy LevelsD07878C2 0000FE7F
2035F184 E48011B8