Winning Eleven 8 International

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90112130 00832021
Infinite Funds (Master League)104DB4D4 0000FFFF
Max Funds (Master League)204DB4D4 05F5E0FF
Home Team Scores 5010BEC4A8 00000032
Home Team Scores 2010BEC4A8 00000014
Home Team Scores 010BEC4A8 00000000
Home Team Starts With 50D0BEC4A8 00000000
10BEC4A8 00000032
Home Team Starts With 20D0BEC4A8 00000000
10BEC4A8 00000014
Home Team Starts With 10D0BEC4A8 00000000
10BEC4A8 0000000A
Home Team Starts With 5D0BEC4A8 00000000
10BEC4A8 00000005
Away Team Scores 5010BEC640 00000032
Away Team Scores 2010BEC640 00000014
Away Team Scores 010BEC640 00000000
Away Team Starts With 50D0BEC640 00000000
10BEC640 00000032
Away Team Starts With 20D0BEC640 00000000
10BEC640 00000014
Away Team Starts With 10D0BEC640 00000000
10BEC640 0000000A
Away Team Starts With 5D0BEC640 00000000
10BEC640 00000005
P1 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0466CC2 0000FBFE
205B12B4 00004650
P1 Press L2+Select For Low TimeD0466CC2 0000FEFE
205B12B4 00000001
P2 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0466E02 0000FBFE
205B12B4 00004650
P2 Press L2+Select For Low TimeD0466E02 0000FEFE
205B12B4 00000001
P3 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0466F42 0000FBFE
205B12B4 00004650
P3 Press L2+Select For Low TimeD0466F42 0000FEFE
205B12B4 00000001
P4 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0467082 0000FBFE
205B12B4 00004650
P4 Press L2+Select For Low TimeD0467082 0000FEFE
205B12B4 00000001
P5 Press L1+Select For More TimeD04671C2 0000FBFE
205B12B4 00004650
P5 Press L2+Select For Low TimeD04671C2 0000FEFE
205B12B4 00000001
P6 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0467302 0000FBFE
205B12B4 00004650
P6 Press L2+Select For Low TimeD0467302 0000FEFE
205B12B4 00000001
P7 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0467442 0000FBFE
205B12B4 00004650
P7 Press L2+Select For Low TimeD0467442 0000FEFE
205B12B4 00000001
P8 Press L1+Select For More TimeD0467582 0000FBFE
205B12B4 00004650
P8 Press L2+Select For Low TimeD0467582 0000FEFE
205B12B4 00000001