Winnie The Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)904E9650 00832021
Infinite Health P1200C0220 8C8202B8
200C0224 3C0142C8
200C0228 0804908C
200C022C AC410000
20351C6C 0C030088
No Health P1200C0220 8C8202B8
200C0224 24010000
200C0228 0804908C
200C022C AC410000
20351C6C 0C030088
Infinite Health P2200C0230 8C8202B8
200C0234 3C0142C8
200C0238 0804908C
200C023C AC410000
20351C78 0C03008C
No Health P2200C0230 8C8202B8
200C0234 24010000
200C0238 0804908C
200C023C AC410000
20351C78 0C03008C
Infinite Stamina P1200C0240 8E0202B8
200C0244 3C0142C8
200C0248 0814855E
200C024C AC410008
20351B30 0C030090
No Stamina P1200C0240 8E0202B8
200C0244 24010000
200C0248 0814855E
200C024C AC410008
20351B30 0C030090
Infinite Stamina P2200C0250 8E2202B8
200C0254 3C0142C8
200C0258 080CF7E2
200C025C AC410008
20351B38 0C030094
No Stamina P2200C0250 8E2202B8
200C0254 24010000
200C0258 080CF7E2
200C025C AC410008
20351B38 0C030094
P1 Press L1+Up For Slow MotionD066A402 0000FBEF
205E4580 43340000
P1 Press L1+Right For Hyper ModeD066A402 0000FBDF
205E4580 41F00000
P1 Press L1+Down For Ultra Hyper ModeD066A402 0000FBBF
205E4580 41700000
P1 Press L1+Left For Normal SpeedD066A402 0000FB7F
205E4580 42700000
Fight Store Codes
Max Bank Money200C0260 3C0605F5
200C0264 34C6E0FF
200C0268 080761D6
200C026C AC4600E0
202AD314 0C030098
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Bank Money202AEFC0 00000000
Buying Items Increases Bank Money202AEFB8 00431021
Can Buy Items With No Bank Money102AF462 00001000
Unlock All Trunks Items201DC358 00648025
201DC35C AC500198
Unlock All Shoes Items201DC4A8 00648025
201DC4AC AC5001F0
Unlock All Gloves Items201DC540 00648025
201DC544 AC500200
Unlock All Foul Protectors Items201DC5D8 00648025
201DC5DC AC500208
Unlock All Mouthguard Items201DC670 00648025
201DC674 AC500210
Unlock All Signature Punches Items201DC060 00648025
201DC064 AC500180
201DC190 00648025
201DC194 AC500188
Unlock All Taunt Items201DC228 00648025
201DC22C AC500190
Unlock All Tattoo Items201DC2C0 00648025
201DC2C4 AC5001D8
Have All Items Purchased201C99E0 00441025
201C99E4 AC6200E8
Create Champ Codes
Infinite Available Points2028E758 241103E7
2028FD90 24110000
Start With Max Power201BFBCC 24020064
Start With Max Speed201BFBDC 24020064
Start With Max Agility201BFBEC 24020064
Start With Max Stamina201BFBFC 24020064
Start With Max Chin201BFC0C 24020064
Start With Max Heart201BFC1C 24020064
Start With Max Cuts201BFC2C 24020064
Start With Max Body201BFC3C 24020064
Power Rating Maxes Out Fully2028F104 24110064
Speed Rating Maxes Out Fully2028F198 24120064
Agility Maxes Out Fully2028F22C 24130064
Stamina Maxes Out Fully2028F2C0 24140064
Chin Maxes Out Fully2028F354 24150064
Heart Maxes Out Fully2028F3E8 24160064
Cuts Maxes Out Fully2028F47C 24110064
Body Maxes Out Fully2028F514 24110064
Career Mode Codes
View Schedule For Max Account200C0260 3C0605F5
200C0264 34C6E0FF
200C0268 080761D6
200C026C AC6600E0
202A3A48 0C030098
View Schedule For Max Earnings200C0270 3C0605F5
200C0274 34C6E0FF
200C0278 080761D6
200C027C AC6600E4
202A393C 0C03009C
Fight Prep Doesnt Decrease Account202A5BCC 00000000
Fight Pre Increases Account202A5BC8 00621821
Always Win $50000 Per Fight201D0CF0 3410C350
Always Win $40000 Per Fight201D0CF0 34109C40
Always Win $30000 Per Fight201D0CF0 34107530
Always Win $20000 Per Fight201D0CF0 34104E20
Always Win $10000 Per Fight201D0CF0 34102710
Always Win $5000 Per Fight201D0CF0 34101388
Training Codes
Always Gain 99 Power2027CD80 24110063
Always Gain 50 Power2027CD80 24110032
Always Gain 20 Power2027CD80 24110014
Always Gain 10 Power2027CD80 2411000A
Always Gain 99 Speed2027CE1C 24110063
Always Gain 50 Speed2027CE1C 24110032
Always Gain 20 Speed2027CE1C 24110014
Always Gain 10 Speed2027CE1C 2411000A
Always Gain 99 Agility2027CEB8 24110063
Always Gain 50 Agility2027CEB8 24110032
Always Gain 20 Agility2027CEB8 24110014
Always Gain 10 Agility2027CEB8 2411000A
Always Gain 99 Stamina2027CF54 24110063
Always Gain 50 Stamina2027CF54 24110032
Always Gain 20 Stamina2027CF54 24110014
Always Gain 10 Stamina2027CF54 2411000A
Always Gain 99 Chin2027CFF0 24110063
Always Gain 50 Chin2027CFF0 24110032
Always Gain 20 Chin2027CFF0 24110014
Always Gain 10 Chin2027CFF0 2411000A
Always Gain 99 Body2027D08C 24110063
Always Gain 50 Body2027D08C 24110032
Always Gain 20 Body2027D08C 24110014
Always Gain 10 Body2027D08C 2411000A
Always Gain 99 Heart2027D128 24110063
Always Gain 50 Heart2027D128 24110032
Always Gain 20 Heart2027D128 24110014
Always Gain 10 Heart2027D128 2411000A
Always Gain 99 Cuts2027D1C4 24110063
Always Gain 50 Cuts2027D1C4 24110032
Always Gain 20 Cuts2027D1C4 24110014
Always Gain 10 Cuts2027D1C4 2411000A