Warriors, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9044D2A8 0C10C190
Quick Score Gain106FE490 0000FFFF
Max Score206FE490 0098967F
Infinite Rage20256628 00000000
Infinite Item Usage2041E620 00000000
Max Items (Upon Usage)2041E618 24020009
Infinite Time (Timed Missions)204234A4 00000000
Max Item Codes
Flash21FD88D0 00000009
Money21FD88FC 000003E7
Spray Paint21FD8928 00000009
Powercuffs21FD8980 00000009
Hancuff Keys21FD89AC 00000009
Rembrandt/Swan Codes
Infinite Health1065A684 000009C4
Max Health1065A686 000009C4
Max Infinite Health2065A684 09C409C4
Ajax/Cowboy Codes
Infinite Health1065A804 000009C4
Max Health1065A806 000009C4
Max Infinite Health2065A804 09C409C4
Vermin/Cochise Codes
Infinite Health1065A984 000009C4
Max Health1065A986 000009C4
Max Infinite Health2065A984 09C409C4
Cleon Codes
Infinite Health1065AB04 000009C4
Max Health1065AB06 000009C4
Max Infinite Health2065AB04 09C409C4
Unlock Replay Level Codes
Coney-1-New Blood706FE8F8 002000FD
Coney-2-Real Live Bunch706FE8F8 002000FB
East Coney-3-Payback706FE8F8 002000F7
Riverside-4-Blackout706FE8F8 002000EF
Tremont-5-Real Heavy Rep706FE8F8 002000BF
Soho-6-Writer's Block706FE8F9 002000FE
East Harlem-7-Adios Amigo706FE8F9 002000FD
Coney-8-Encore706FE8F9 002000F7
Coney-9-Payin' The Cost706FE8F9 002000DF
East Coney-10-Destroyed706FE8F9 002000BF
Pelham-11-Boys In Blue706FE8F9 0020007F
Bensonhurst-12-Set Up706FE8FA 002000FD
Trainyard-13-All-City706FE8FA 002000FB
Gunhill-14-Desperate Dudes706FE8FA 002000F7
Tremont-15-No Permits, No Parley706FE8FA 002000EF
Riverside-16-Home Run706FE8FA 002000DF
Bowery-17-Friendly Faces706FE8FA 002000BF
Coney-18-Come Out To Play706FE8FA 0020007F
Coney-B-The Best706FE90D 002000FD
Harlem-E-Sharp Dressed Man706FE90D 002000F7
East Cony-A-Roots706FE90F 002000FB
Chinatown-D-Scout's Honor706FE90F 002000F7
East Coney-C-Heavy Muscle706FE910 002000BF
All Replay Levels406FE8F8 00140001
00000000 00000000
Max High Score Codes
Coney-1-New Blood206FE79C 0098967F
Coney-2-Real Live Bunch206FE7A8 0098967F
East Coney-3-Payback206FE7B4 0098967F
Riverside-4-Blackout206FE7C0 0098967F
Tremont-5-Real Heavy Rep206FE7CC 0098967F
Soho-6-Writer's Block206FE7D8 0098967F
East Harlem-7-Adios Amigo206FE7E4 0098967F
Coney-8-Encore206FE7F0 0098967F
Coney-9-Payin' The Cost206FE7FC 0098967F
East Coney-10-Destroyed206FE808 0098967F
Pelham-11-Boys In Blue206FE814 0098967F
Bensonhurst-12-Set Up206FE820 0098967F
Trainyard-13-All-City206FE82C 0098967F
Gunhill-14-Desperate Dudes206FE838 0098967F
Tremont-15-No Permits, No Parley206FE844 0098967F
Riverside-16-Home Run206FE850 0098967F
Bowery-17-Friendly Faces206FE85C 0098967F
Coney-18-Come Out To Play206FE868 0098967F
East Cony-A-Roots206FE874 0098967F
Coney-B-The Best206FE880 0098967F
East Coney-C-Heavy Muscle206FE88C 0098967F
Chinatown-D-Scout's Honor206FE898 0098967F
Harlem-E-Sharp Dressed Man206FE8A4 0098967F
Armies Of The Night206FE8BC 0098967E
Rumble Mode Codes
Infinite Health1065BA04 000009C4
Max Health1065BA06 000009C4
Max Infinite Health2065BA04 09C409C4
Armies Of The Night Codes
Infinite Health1065A684 000009C4
Max Health1065A686 000009C4
Max Infinite Health2065A684 09C409C4
Quick Points Gain106FE494 0000FFFF
Max Points206FE494 0098967F
Infinite Credits20619910 00000063
Infinite Time204234A4 00000000