Virtual-On Marz

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 00118227
Max Health P120A3B024 0000270F
Infinite Health P120A3B020 0000270F
No Health P120A3B020 00000000
Infinite Repair Discs P100CEFA8E 00000005
Infinite Time206DB664 00000000
Enable More Virtuaroids20CEA358 00101410
Infinite Repair Discs (All Players)20227638 00000000
Extra Repair Discs (All Players)10227634 00000001
Tap Select For Instant Death (Enemy)200C0220 3C0100A3
200C0224 3421AE20
200C0228 54300001
200C022C AE000200
200C0230 03E00008
200C0234 00000000
D0AC6A82 0000FFFE
2013F788 0C030088
D0AC6A82 0010FFFE
2013F788 00000000
Level Completion Stat Codes
Max Mission Bonus20CEFB70 0098967F
Max Number Of VR Destroyed20CEFB74 0098967F
Max Number Of Extra Enemies Destroyed20CEFB78 0098967F
Max Battle Skill Points20CEFB7C 0098967F
Max Life20CEFB80 0098967F
No Repair Disk(S) Used20CEFB84 00000000
Max Time20CEFB88 0098967F
Max Difficulty20CEFB8C 0098967F
Max Total Score20CEFB8C 05F5E0FF
Always 1 VR Destroyed20CEFB98 00000001
Always 1 Extra Enemy Destroyed20CEFB9C 00000001