Viewtiful Joe 2

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90391D68 0C0EA65B
Unlock All Difficulties01EC5F84 000000FF
Unlock Reel Select & The 36 Chambers01EC5F87 000000FF
Infinite VFX Gauge11EC5F98 000005DC
Max VFX Gauge11EC5F9A 000005DC
Max Infinite VFX Gauge21EC5F98 05DC05DC
Infinite Health11EC5F9C 0000000F
Max Health11EC5F9E 0000000F
Max Infinite Health21EC5F9C 000F000F
Have Mac Speed Level 311EC5FA4 00000202
Infinite Lives01EC5FA6 00000063
Have All Upgrades21EC5FA8 FFFFFFFF
Max V-Points21EC5FAC 000F423F
Extra Lives10348648 00000001
Infinite V-Boomerangs11EC5FB0 00000063
Infinite Bombs11EC5FB2 00000063
Infinite Take 211EC5FB4 00000063
Infinite Double Jumps20328FBC 00000000
Max V-Films21EC7528 00000063
Always V Defense Rating21EC7838 00000000
Always V Time Rating21EC785C 00000000
Infinite Time21EC7864 470C9F00
Max V-Point Bonus11F1F61E 000000FF
Invincible71F20518 00000010
Always On Fire21F21B84 0000270F
P1 Press L1+Up For Wider Vision RangeD07EE19C 0000FBEF
01EC5F5D 00000001
P1 Press L1+Right For Normal Vision RangeD07EE19C 0000FBDF
01EC5F5D 00000002
P1 Press L1+Down For Less Vision RangeD07EE19C 0000FBBF
01EC5F5D 00000003
P1 Press L2+Up To Enable 1-Hit Deaths (Enemies)D07EE19C 0000FEEF
201D6954 A6001F44
P1 Press L2+Down To Disble 1-Hit Deaths (Enemies)D07EE19C 0000FBEF
201D6954 A6061F44