Urbz-Sims In The City, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9042C85C 0C0F9638
Max Money200C0220 3C03000F
200C0224 3463423F
200C0228 0809F6D6
200C022C 00C0202D
2027DB50 08030088
2027DB58 AC830074
Money Never Decreases2027D15C 00000000
Use Money Once For Max Money2027D158 00000000
Always Max Urb's Needs200C0230 3C0142C8
200C0234 AC410000
200C0238 54E00001
200C023C 27FF0014
200C0240 03E00008
200C0244 C4440000
20262B18 0C03008C
Urb's Bladder Meter Needs Never Decrease201F5B00 00000000
201F5C40 00000000
Urb's Hygiene Meter Never Decreases201F5C3C 00000000
Urb's Hunger Meter Never Decreases201F5B78 00000000
Urb's Fun Meter Never Decreases201F5C38 00000000
Urb's Energy Meter Never Decreases201F5AC8 00000000
Max Reputation20200358 00000000
P1 Hold L3 To Complete Reputation GoalD18D4A42 0000FFFD
20200358 00000000
D18D4A42 0000FFFF
20200358 14600003
Swim In The Nude20478118 001895EC
Change Formal Wear To Become Nude20478120 001895EC
Sleep In The Nude20478124 001895EC
Workout In The Nude2047812C 001895EC
Do Creative Skill In The Nude20478158 001895EC
Do Mental Skill In The Nude2047815C 001895EC
Do Physical Skill In The Nude20478158 001895EC
Do Everything In The Nude201895D4 0806257B
Enable Display Anim Names204C5238 00000001
Disable Display Anim Names204C5238 00000000
Enable Display Mem Usage204C523C 00000001
Disable Display Mem Usage204C523C 00000000
Enable New Player Ctrls204C5244 00000001
Disable New Player Ctrls204C5244 00000000
Enable 3D Wall Fade204C5248 00000001
Disable 3D Wall Fade204C5248 00000000
Enable Display Performance Metrics204C524C 00000001
Disable Display Performance Metrics204C524C 00000000
Enable Display Text Boundaries204C5250 00000001
Disable Display Text Boundaries204C5250 00000000
Enable Display Motive Values204C5258 00000001
Disable Display Motive Values204C5258 00000000
Enable Object Highlighting204C5260 00000000
Disable Object Highlighting204C5260 00000001
Enable Flash Bounding Boxes204C5278 00000001
Disable Flash Bounding Boxes204C5278 00000000
Enable Free Items204C5288 00000001
Disable Free Items204C5288 00000000
Enable Object Catalog (All Objects)204C528C 00000001
Disable Object Catalog (All Objects)204C528C 00000000
Enable Unlock All XAM Skins & Ringtones204C5290 00000001
Disable Unlock All XAM Skins & Ringtones204C5290 00000000
Enable All Objects Moveable204C52A0 00000001
Disable All Objects Moveable204C52A0 00000000
Enable Unlock All Shopping Items204C52A8 00000001
Disable Unlock All Shopping Items204C52A8 00000000
Enable Player Inventory Requirements204C52B0 00000000
Disable Player Inventory Requirements204C52B0 00000001
Enable God Mode204C52BC 00000001
Disable God Mode204C52BC 00000000
Enable All Player Cheats204C52C0 00000001
Disable All Player Cheats204C52C0 00000000