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Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 001E5267
Always Have Broadcast0028ECA4 00000001
Trill Codes
Always Rank A20281B70 00000000
Max Perfects1098410C 000003E7
Max Cools10984110 000003E7
Max Goods10984114 000003E7
Max Bads10984118 000003E7
Max Misses1098411C 000003E7
No Perfects1098410C 00000000
No Cools10984110 00000000
No Goods10984114 00000000
No Bads10984118 00000000
No Misses1098411C 00000000
Cela Codes
Always Rank A20281738 00000000
Max Perfects109840E8 000003E7
Max Cools109840EC 000003E7
Max Goods109840F0 000003E7
Max Bads109840F4 000003E7
Max Misses109840F8 000003E7
No Perfects109840E8 00000000
No Cools109840EC 00000000
No Goods109840F0 00000000
No Bads109840F4 00000000
No Misses109840F8 00000000
Chilly Codes
Always Rank A20281FA8 00000000
Max Perfects10984130 000003E7
Max Cools10984134 000003E7
Max Goods10984138 000003E7
Max Bads1098413C 000003E7
Max Misses10984140 000003E7
No Perfects10984130 00000000
No Cools10984134 00000000
No Goods10984138 00000000
No Bads1098413C 00000000
No Misses10984140 00000000