Twisted Metal Head-On-Extra Twisted Edition

🇺🇸 • Credit: Skiller

Enable Code (Must Be On)90295498 0C0A54CE
200A0000 1220000A
200A0004 46010036
200A000C 3C02004F
200A0010 9042D603
200A0014 30430002
200A0018 14600003
200A0028 080660DF
200A003C 1000FFFA
D04ED602 0000FFFE
20198378 08028000
Infinite NOS2011BE84 00000000
Unlock All Characters2078FF60 FFFDFFFF
2078FF64 00000003
Unlock All Battlegrounds2078FF70 00FFFFFF
Unlock All Ending Movies2078FF74 0001FFFF
Unlock Tower Tooth Challenge2078FF78 0001FFFF
Play Roman Ruins In Lost2078FF70 00200000
Press Select Once To Enable Codes
Infinite HP P1200A0030 3C03447A
200A0034 44830000
Hold R2 For 1-Hit Kills200A0020 449B0000