Trigger Man

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, GMO

Enable Code (Must Be On)90201D08 0C085B2B
Infinite Health200C0220 8C820000
200C0224 AC820008
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C 46000546
20183E8C 0C030088
Infinite Armor20175538 8C820000
20175540 AC820008
Infinite Ammo201F7C9C 00000000
201F7CA0 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo101F7C92 00001000
201F7C94 240203E7
Extra Ammo101F7C92 00001000
201F7C94 00651021
Never Reload201F64D4 00000000
Have All Weapons/Infinite Ammo20201D3C 0804CFF6
P1 Press L1+Select To Complete MissionD03FA502 0000FBFE
20216D50 0804CFEE
D03FA502 0010FBFE
20216D50 03E00008
Idiot AI Guard2011C638 03E00008
2011C63C 00000000
Idiot AI Sentry2011C970 03E00008
2011C974 00000000
Enemy Doesnt Investigate2011CD28 03E00008
2011CD2C 00000000
Enemy Doesnt Hide2011D038 03E00008
2011D03C 00000000
Guards Dont Randomly Fire2011D358 03E00008
2011D35C 00000000
Guards Dont Attack2011D468 03E00008
2011D46C 00000000
Sentries Dont Attack2011D8D0 03E00008
2011D8D4 00000000
Enemy Doest Chase You2011DCC8 03E00008
2011DCCC 00000000
No Enemy Cover Attack2011E368 03E00008
2011E36C 00000000
Wire Mode20279750 00000001
Display AI Vision20277A54 00000001
Adrenalin Refills Faster20277C84 41000000
Pause Never Disabled20277DD0 00000000
Pause Always Disabled20277DD0 00000001
Enemy Zero Accuracy20279344 00000000
Always Day 120277610 00000001
Game Time Always 00:00:0020277614 00000000
Slow Motion2027761C 3F000000
Super Slow Motion2027761C 3E800000
Mega Slow Motion2027761C 3E400000
Normal Speed2027761C 3F800000
Hyper Mode2027761C 40000000
Mega Hyper Mode2027761C 41000000
Super Hyper Mode2027761C 40800000
Blood Enabled20277DC8 00000001
Faster Aim Turn Rate20278418 3E000000
Invulnerable202797FC 00000001
Enable Rain20279910 00000001
Disable Rain20279910 00000000
Enable Lightning20279918 00000001
Disable Lightning20279918 00000000
Auto Wall Mode Enabled20279338 00000001
Disable HUD202795C8 00000001
Player Health Bar Enabled20279A40 00000001
Player Armor Bar Enabled20279A44 00000001
Adrenalin Bar Enabled20279A48 00000001
1-Shot Kills20279A4C 00000001
Stay Locked On When R1 is Released20279A50 00000001
Dive always Slomo20279A54 00000001
Throw always Slomo20279A58 00000001
Shoot when Frozen20279A60 00000001
Can Exit Wall Mode20279A64 00000001
Enemy Health Bar Enabled20279A6C 00000001
Boss Health Bar Enabled20279A70 00000001
Special Health Bar Enabled20279A74 00000001
Ammo Count Enabled20279A78 00000001
Weapon Icon Enabled20279A80 00000001
Stay In Manual Targeting When R2 Released20279AB4 00000001
Player Continued From Game Over Screen20279AC0 00000001
Draw Scripted Sniper Scope20279AC8 00000001
Max Points20279B6C 0000270F
God Mode20279C08 00000001
Activate Cheat Codes
Have All Weapons7025183C 00000001
Infnite Ammo7025185C 00000001
Head Shot7025187C 00000001
Infinite Armor7025189C 00000001
1-Hit Kills702518BC 00000001
1-Shot Kills702518DC 00000001
Infinite Health702518FC 00000001