Top Gun-Combat Zones

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00118917
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90118914 0C042724
Infinite Time201BD158 43F00000
Have Levels Completed Codes
Academy 1201E072C 00000001
201E0730 05F5E0FF
Academy 2201E074C 00000001
201E0750 05F5E0FF
Academy 3201E076C 00000001
201E0770 05F5E0FF
Academy 4201E078C 00000001
201E0790 05F5E0FF
Academy 5201E07AC 00000001
201E07B0 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 1201E07CC 00000001
201E07D0 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 2201E07EC 00000001
201E07F0 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 3201E080C 00000001
201E0810 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 4201E082C 00000001
201E0830 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 5201E084C 00000001
201E0850 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 6201E086C 00000001
201E0870 05F5E0FF
Academy 6201E088C 00000001
201E0890 05F5E0FF
Academy 7201E08AC 00000001
201E08B0 05F5E0FF
Academy 8201E08CC 00000001
201E08D0 05F5E0FF
Academy 9201E08EC 00000001
201E08F0 05F5E0FF
Academy 10201E090C 00000001
201E0910 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 1201E092C 00000001
201E0930 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 2201E094C 00000001
201E0950 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 3201E096C 00000001
201E0970 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 4201E098C 00000001
201E0990 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 5201E09AC 00000001
201E09B0 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 6201E09CC 00000001
201E09D0 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 7201E09EC 00000001
201E09F0 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 8201E0A0C 00000001
201E0A10 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 9201E0A2C 00000001
201E0A30 05F5E0FF
Academy 11201E0A4C 00000001
201E0A50 05F5E0FF
Academy 12201E0A6C 00000001
201E0A70 05F5E0FF
Academy 13201E0A8C 00000001
201E0A90 05F5E0FF
Academy 14201E0AAC 00000001
201E0AB0 05F5E0FF
Academy 15201E0ACC 00000001
201E0AD0 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 1201E0AEC 00000001
201E0AF0 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 2201E0B0C 00000001
201E0B10 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 3201E0B2C 00000001
201E0B30 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 4201E0B4C 00000001
201E0B50 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 5201E0B6C 00000001
201E0B70 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 6201E0B8C 00000001
201E0B90 05F5E0FF
All Levels401E072C 00240008
00000001 00000000
401E0730 00240008
05F5E0FF 00000000
Max Level High Score Codes
Academy 1201E0734 05F5E0FF
Academy 2201E0754 05F5E0FF
Academy 3201E0774 05F5E0FF
Academy 4201E0794 05F5E0FF
Academy 5201E07B4 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 1201E07D4 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 2201E07F4 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 3201E0814 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 4201E0834 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 5201E0854 05F5E0FF
South East Asia-Mission 6201E0874 05F5E0FF
Academy 6201E0894 05F5E0FF
Academy 7201E08B4 05F5E0FF
Academy 8201E08D4 05F5E0FF
Academy 9201E08F4 05F5E0FF
Academy 10201E0914 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 1201E0934 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 2201E0954 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 3201E0974 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 4201E0994 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 5201E09B4 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 6201E09D4 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 7201E09F4 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 8201E0A14 05F5E0FF
Gulf States-Mission 9201E0A34 05F5E0FF
Academy 11201E0A54 05F5E0FF
Academy 12201E0A74 05F5E0FF
Academy 13201E0A94 05F5E0FF
Academy 14201E0AB4 05F5E0FF
Academy 15201E0AD4 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 1201E0AF4 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 2201E0B14 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 3201E0B34 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 4201E0B54 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 5201E0B74 05F5E0FF
Arctic Circle-Mission 6201E0B94 05F5E0FF
All Levels401E0734 00240008
05F5E0FF 00000000