Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90452AF8 0C11A6C3
Have All Accomplishments Completed200C0220 240100C8
200C0224 8C820000
200C0228 8C420004
200C022C AC410008
200C0230 8C42000C
200C0234 AC410008
200C0238 8C42000C
200C023C AC410008
200C0240 24010152
200C0244 8C42000C
200C0248 080E6874
200C024C AC410008
2039A2B8 0C030088
Infinite Cash10F7ED5C 0000FFFF
Max Cash20F7ED5C 05F5E0FF
Start With $50,000203835A0 3403C350
Start With Hella Cash203835A0 3C0305F5
Pause For Max Cash200C0250 3C0605F5
200C0254 34C6E0FF
200C0258 080804E6
200C025C AE46033C
20387B88 0C030094
Pause For Max Total Earnings200C0260 3C0605F5
200C0264 34C6E0FF
200C0268 03E00008
200C026C AE460340
20387B94 0C030098
20387B98 3C055197
Cash Doesnt Decrease When Buying Things203889A0 00000000
Cash Increases When Buying Things2038897C 00451023
Quick Score Gain2031D5D4 24A503E7
Super Score Gain2031D5D4 24A5270F
Hella Score Gain2031D5D4 24A57FFF
Hella Score After 1 Trick2031D5D4 3C0505F5
2031D604 3C0505F5
Infinite Running Combo203E34B0 00000000
203E34C4 00000000
Infinite Time2034FB6C 00000000
P1 Press L1+Select To Enable Infinite TimeD053BBDC 0000FBFE
2034FB6C 00000000
P1 Press L2+Select To Disable Infinite TimeD053BBDC 0000FEFE
2034FB6C AE030058