Tony Hawk's Project 8

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9042DB88 0C11106D
Max Stokens2067E098 000F423F
Quick Stoken Gain2032B5F4 24420064
Super Quick Stoken Gain2032B5F4 244203E8
Ultra Stoken Gain2032B5F4 24422710
Unlock Everything200C0240 8C620000
200C0244 00441025
200C0248 08088AA6
200C024C AC620000
20222A90 08030090
Quick Score Gain20325084 241503E7
Super Score Gain20325084 2415270F
Hella Score Gain20325084 24157FFF
Max Score After 1 Trick20325080 3C1505F5
20325084 36B5E0FF
Always Max Special20323228 24020BB8
2032322C AE220094
Always Win Goal203348E0 0C0CB940
Infinite Time2034ED68 00000000
P1 Press L1+Select To Enable Infinite TimeD0514B9C 0000FBFE
2034ED68 00000000
P1 Press L2+Select To Disable Infinite TimeD0514B9C 0000FEFE
2034ED68 AE0300C8
Buying Stats Doesnt Decrease Points20370AB4 24110000
Buying Stats Increases Points20370AB4 24110064
Buying Stats Gives Max Points20370AE0 2403270F
Infinite Gap Key Usage203766C4 00000000
Extra Gap Key Usage203766BC 00451021
Always Max Gap Keys203766D4 2402270F
203766D8 03E00008
203766DC AC820298
View Gaps To Have All Gaps (Current Level)200C0230 2402270F
200C0234 03E00008
200C0238 AC820044
203859D0 0803008C
Infinite Running Combo203D1690 00000000
203D16B8 00000000
Super Slow Motion20479B5C 3EA00000
Slow Motion20479B5C 3F200000
Hyper Mode20479B5C 40000000
Super Hyper Mode20479B5C 40600000
Quick Score Multiplier2067E064 41200000
Super Quick Score Multiplier2067E064 42C80000
Ultra Quick Score Multiplier2067E064 447A0000
Paper Thin Skater2099ED70 3E000000
Ultra Tiny Skater2097C540 3E000000
2097C544 3E000000
2097C548 3E000000
Super Tiny Skater2097C540 3E800000
2097C544 3E800000
2097C548 3E800000
Tiny Skater2097C540 3F000000
2097C544 3F000000
2097C548 3F000000
Halfsize Skater2097C540 3F400000
2097C544 3F400000
2097C548 3F400000
Larger Skater2097C540 3FC00000
2097C544 3FC00000
2097C548 3FC00000
Huge Skater2097C540 40000000
2097C544 40000000
2097C548 40000000
Ultra Huge Skater2097C540 40400000
2097C544 40400000
2097C548 40400000
Unlock Career Level Codes
Downhill70989A28 00000040
Car Factory70989AA8 00000040
High School70989BA8 00000040
City Center70989C28 00000040
Downtown70989CA8 00000040
Crete Park70989D28 00000040
Fun Park70989DA8 00000040
Training70989EA8 00000040
Unlock Free Skate Level Codes
Downhill70989A42 00000001
Car Factory70989AC2 00000001
Suburbs70989B42 00000001
High School70989BC2 00000001
City Center70989C42 00000001
Downtown70989CC2 00000001
Create Park70989D42 00000001
Fun Park70989DC2 00000001
Unlock Cheat Codes
Always Special7098A320 00000008
Perfect Rail7098A320 00000010
Perfect Skitch7098A320 00000020
Perfect Manual7098A342 00000001
Unlimited Focus7098A343 00000008
Activate Cheat Codes
Always Special7098A327 00000004
Perfect Rail7098A327 00000008
Perfect Manual7098A327 00000080
Perfect Skitch7098A328 00000010
Unlimited Focus7098A345 00000080
Unlock Character Codes
Travis Barker7098A367 00000010
Christian Hosoi7098A367 00000020
Jason Lee7098A367 00000040
Kevin Staab7098A367 00000080
Dad7098A368 00000001
Photographer7098A368 00000002
Filmer7098A368 00000004
Security Guard7098A368 00000008
Nerd7098A368 00000010
Bum7098A368 00000020
Beaver Mascot7098A368 00000040
Big Real Estate Agent7098A368 00000080
Real Estate Agent7098A369 00000001
Skate Jam Kid7098A369 00000002
Colonel7098A369 00000008
Zombie7098A369 00000010
Anchor Man7098A369 00000020
Twin7098A369 00000040
Lyn-z Adams Hawkins7098A36B 00000001
Bob Burnquist7098A36B 00000002
Dustin Dollin7098A36B 00000004
Nyjah Huston7098A36B 00000008
Bam Margera7098A36B 00000010
Rodney Mullen7098A36B 00000020
Paul Rodriguez7098A36B 00000040
Ryan Sheckler7098A36B 00000080
Daewon Song7098A36C 00000001
Mike Vallely7098A36C 00000002
Stevie Williams7098A36C 00000004
All Characters7098A367 000000F0
7098A368 00107BFF
0098A36B 000000FF
7098A36C 00000007