Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (Version 1.1)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0224D70 002490DF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902490DC 0C09C94A
Character Codes
Andrew Reynolds Codes
Have All Boards10502024 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088B828 00000032
Max Air1088B838 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088B848 0000000A
Max Ollie1088B858 0000000A
Max Speed1088B868 0000000A
Max Spin1088B878 0000000A
Max Switch1088B888 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088B898 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088B8A8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088B8B8 0000000A
Max All Stats4088B838 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEE97C 000001FF
Canada10AEE984 000001FF
Suburbia10AEE994 000001FF
Airport10AEE99C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEE9AC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEE9BC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEE98C 00000004
Skater Island10AEE9A4 00000004
Tokyo10AEE9B4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEEA02 000000F8
Canada00AEEA0A 000000F8
Rio00AEEA12 000000F8
Suburbia00AEEA1A 000000F8
Airport00AEEA22 000000F8
Skater Island00AEEA2A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEEA32 000000F8
Tokyo00AEEA3A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEEA42 000000F8
Bam Margera Codes
Have All Boards1050200C 000003FF
Max Stat Points10889688 00000032
Max Air10889698 0000000A
Max Hangtime108896A8 0000000A
Max Ollie108896B8 0000000A
Max Speed108896C8 0000000A
Max Spin108896D8 0000000A
Max Switch108896E8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance108896F8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10889708 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10889718 0000000A
Max All Stats40889698 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AED38C 000001FF
Canada10AED394 000001FF
Suburbia10AED3A4 000001FF
Airport10AED3AC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AED3BC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AED3CC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AED39C 00000004
Skater Island10AED3B4 00000004
Tokyo10AED3C4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AED412 000000F8
Canada00AED41A 000000F8
Rio00AED422 000000F8
Suburbia00AED42A 000000F8
Airport00AED432 000000F8
Skater Island00AED43A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AED442 000000F8
Tokyo00AED44A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AED452 000000F8
Bucky Lasek Codes
Have All Boards10502004 000003FF
Max Stat Points10888B58 00000032
Max Air10888B68 0000000A
Max Hangtime10888B78 0000000A
Max Ollie10888B88 0000000A
Max Speed10888B98 0000000A
Max Spin10888BA8 0000000A
Max Switch10888BB8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10888BC8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10888BD8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10888BE8 0000000A
Max All Stats40888B68 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AECC3C 000001FF
Canada10AECC44 000001FF
Suburbia10AECC54 000001FF
Airport10AECC5C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AECC6C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AECC7C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AECC4C 00000004
Skater Island10AECC64 00000004
Tokyo10AECC74 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AECCC2 000000F8
Canada00AECCCA 000000F8
Rio00AECCD2 000000F8
Suburbia00AECCDA 000000F8
Airport00AECCE2 000000F8
Skater Island00AECCEA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AECCF2 000000F8
Tokyo00AECCFA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AECD02 000000F8
Chad Muska Codes
Have All Boards1050201C 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088AD18 00000032
Max Air1088AD28 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088AD38 0000000A
Max Ollie1088AD48 0000000A
Max Speed1088AD58 0000000A
Max Spin1088AD68 0000000A
Max Switch1088AD78 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088AD88 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088AD98 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088ADA8 0000000A
Max All Stats4088AD28 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEE22C 000001FF
Canada10AEE234 000001FF
Suburbia10AEE244 000001FF
Airport10AEE24C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEE25C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEE26C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEE23C 00000004
Skater Island10AEE254 00000004
Tokyo10AEE264 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEE2B2 000000F8
Canada00AEE2BA 000000F8
Rio00AEE2C2 000000F8
Suburbia00AEE2CA 000000F8
Airport00AEE2D2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEE2DA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEE2E2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEE2EA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEE2F2 000000F8
Custom Skater Codes
Have All Boards10502044 000003FF
Max Stat Points10894278 00000032
Max Air10894288 0000000A
Max Hangtime10894298 0000000A
Max Ollie108942A8 0000000A
Max Speed108942B8 0000000A
Max Spin108942C8 0000000A
Max Switch108942D8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance108942E8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance108942F8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10894308 0000000A
Max All Stats40894288 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF413C 000001FF
Canada10AF4144 000001FF
Suburbia10AF4154 000001FF
Airport10AF415C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF416C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF417C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF414C 00000004
Skater Island10AF4164 00000004
Tokyo10AF4174 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF41C2 000000F8
Canada00AF41CA 000000F8
Rio00AF41D2 000000F8
Suburbia00AF41DA 000000F8
Airport00AF41E2 000000F8
Skater Island00AF41EA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF41F2 000000F8
Tokyo00AF41FA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF4202 000000F8
Darth Maul Codes
Have All Boards1050206C 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088E588 00000032
Max Air1088E598 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088E5A8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088E5B8 0000000A
Max Speed1088E5C8 0000000A
Max Spin1088E5D8 0000000A
Max Switch1088E5E8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088E5F8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088E608 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088E618 0000000A
Max All Stats4088E598 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF06BC 000001FF
Canada10AF06C4 000001FF
Suburbia10AF06D4 000001FF
Airport10AF06DC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF06EC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF06FC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF06CC 00000004
Skater Island10AF06E4 00000004
Tokyo10AF06F4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF0742 000000F8
Canada00AF074A 000000F8
Rio00AF0752 000000F8
Suburbia00AF075A 000000F8
Airport00AF0762 000000F8
Skater Island00AF076A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF0772 000000F8
Tokyo00AF077A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF0782 000000F8
Demoness Codes
Have All Boards1050205C 000003FF
Max Stat Points10892A98 00000032
Max Air10892AA8 0000000A
Max Hangtime10892AB8 0000000A
Max Ollie10892AC8 0000000A
Max Speed10892AD8 0000000A
Max Spin10892AE8 0000000A
Max Switch10892AF8 0000000A
Max ARail Balance10892B08 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10892B18 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10892B28 0000000A
Max All Stats40892AA8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF329C 000001FF
Canada10AF32A4 000001FF
Suburbia10AF32B4 000001FF
Airport10AF32BC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF32CC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF32DC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF32AC 00000004
Skater Island10AF32C4 00000004
Tokyo10AF32D4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF3322 000000F8
Canada00AF332A 000000F8
Rio00AF3332 000000F8
Suburbia00AF333A 000000F8
Airport00AF3342 000000F8
Skater Island00AF334A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF3352 000000F8
Tokyo00AF335A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF3362 000000F8
Elissa Steamer Codes
Have All Boards10502034 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088CE88 00000032
Max Air1088CE98 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088CEA8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088CEB8 0000000A
Max Speed1088CEC8 0000000A
Max Spin1088CED8 0000000A
Max Switch1088CEE8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088CEF8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088CF08 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088CF18 0000000A
Max All Stats4088CE98 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEF81C 000001FF
Canada10AEF824 000001FF
Suburbia10AEF834 000001FF
Airport10AEF83C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEF84C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEF85C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEF82C 00000004
Skater Island10AEF844 00000004
Tokyo10AEF854 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEF8A2 000000F8
Canada00AEF8AA 000000F8
Rio00AEF8B2 000000F8
Suburbia00AEF8BA 000000F8
Airport00AEF8C2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEF8CA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEF8D2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEF8DA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEF8E2 000000F8
Eric Koston Codes
Have All Boards10501FFC 000003FF
Max Stat Points10888028 00000032
Max Air10888038 0000000A
Max Hangtime10888048 0000000A
Max Ollie10888058 0000000A
Max Speed10888068 0000000A
Max Spin10888078 0000000A
Max Switch10888088 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10888098 0000000A
Max Lip Balance108880A8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance108880B8 0000000A
Max All Stats40888038 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEC4EC 000001FF
Canada10AEC4F4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEC504 000001FF
Airport10AEC50C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEC51C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEC52C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEC4FC 00000004
Skater Island10AEC514 00000004
Tokyo10AEC524 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEC572 000000F8
Canada00AEC57A 000000F8
Rio00AEC582 000000F8
Suburbia00AEC58A 000000F8
Airport00AEC592 000000F8
Skater Island00AEC59A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEC5A2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEC5AA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEC5B2 000000F8
Geoff Rowley Codes
Have All Boards1050202C 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088C358 00000032
Max Air1088C368 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088C378 0000000A
Max Ollie1088C388 0000000A
Max Speed1088C398 0000000A
Max Spin1088C3A8 0000000A
Max Switch1088C3B8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088C3C8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088C3D8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088C3E8 0000000A
Max All Stats4088C368 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEF0CC 000001FF
Canada10AEF0D4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEF0E4 000001FF
Airport10AEF0EC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEF0FC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEF10C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEF0DC 00000004
Skater Island10AEF0F4 00000004
Tokyo10AEF104 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEF152 000000F8
Canada00AEF15A 000000F8
Rio00AEF162 000000F8
Suburbia00AEF16A 000000F8
Airport00AEF172 000000F8
Skater Island00AEF17A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEF182 000000F8
Tokyo00AEF18A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEF192 000000F8
Jamie Thomas Codes
Have All Boards1050203C 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088D9B8 00000032
Max Air1088D9C8 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088D9D8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088D9E8 0000000A
Max Speed1088D9F8 0000000A
Max Spin1088DA08 0000000A
Max Switch1088DA18 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088DA28 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088DA38 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088DA48 0000000A
Max All Stats4088D9C8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEFF6C 000001FF
Canada10AEFF74 000001FF
Suburbia10AEFF84 000001FF
Airport10AEFF8C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEFF9C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEFFAC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEFF7C 00000004
Skater Island10AEFF94 00000004
Tokyo10AEFFA4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEFFF2 000000F8
Canada00AEFFFA 000000F8
Rio00AF0002 000000F8
Suburbia00AF000A 000000F8
Airport00AF0012 000000F8
Skater Island00AF001A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF0022 000000F8
Tokyo00AF002A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF0032 000000F8
Kareem Campbell Codes
Have All Boards10501FEC 000003FF
Max Stat Points108869C8 00000032
Max Air108869D8 0000000A
Max Hangtime108869E8 0000000A
Max Ollie108869F8 0000000A
Max Speed10886A08 0000000A
Max Spin10886A18 0000000A
Max Switch10886A28 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10886A38 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10886A48 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10886A58 0000000A
Max All Stats408869D8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEB64C 000001FF
Canada10AEB654 000001FF
Suburbia10AEB664 000001FF
Airport10AEB66C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEB67C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEB68C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEB65C 00000004
Skater Island10AEB674 00000004
Tokyo10AEB684 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEB6D2 000000F8
Canada00AEB6DA 000000F8
Rio00AEB6E2 000000F8
Suburbia00AEB6EA 000000F8
Airport00AEB6F2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEB6FA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEB702 000000F8
Tokyo00AEB70A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEB712 000000F8
Kelly Slater Codes
Have All Boards10502074 000003FF
Max Stat Points10891E08 00000032
Max Air10891E18 0000000A
Max Hangtime10891E28 0000000A
Max Ollie10891E38 0000000A
Max Speed10891E48 0000000A
Max Spin10891E58 0000000A
Max Switch10891E68 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10891E78 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10891E88 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10891E98 0000000A
Max All Stats40891E18 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF2B4C 000001FF
Canada10AF2B54 000001FF
Suburbia10AF2B64 000001FF
Airport10AF2B6C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF2B7C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF2B8C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF2B5C 00000004
Skater Island10AF2B74 00000004
Tokyo10AF2B84 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF2BD2 000000F8
Canada00AF2BDA 000000F8
Rio00AF2BE2 000000F8
Suburbia00AF2BEA 000000F8
Airport00AF2BF2 000000F8
Skater Island00AF2BFA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF2C02 000000F8
Tokyo00AF2C0A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF2C12 000000F8
Neversoft Eyeball Codes
Have All Boards10502084 000003FF
Max Stat Points10893618 00000032
Max Air10893628 0000000A
Max Hangtime10893638 0000000A
Max Ollie10893648 0000000A
Max Speed10893658 0000000A
Max Spin10893668 0000000A
Max Switch10893678 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10893688 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10893698 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance108936A8 0000000A
Max All Stats40893628 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF39EC 000001FF
Canada10AF39F4 000001FF
Suburbia10AF3A04 000001FF
Airport10AF3A0C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF3A1C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF3A2C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF39FC 00000004
Skater Island10AF3A14 00000004
Tokyo10AF3A24 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF3A72 000000F8
Canada00AF3A7A 000000F8
Rio00AF3A82 000000F8
Suburbia00AF3A8A 000000F8
Airport00AF3A92 000000F8
Skater Island00AF3A9A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF3AA2 000000F8
Tokyo00AF3AAA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF3AB2 000000F8
Officer Dick Codes
Have All Boards1050204C 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088FC38 00000032
Max Air1088FC48 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088FC58 0000000A
Max Ollie1088FC68 0000000A
Max Speed1088FC78 0000000A
Max Spin1088FC88 0000000A
Max Switch1088FC98 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088FCA8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088FCB8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088FCC8 0000000A
Max All Stats4088FC48 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF155C 000001FF
Canada10AF1564 000001FF
Suburbia10AF1574 000001FF
Airport10AF157C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF158C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF159C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF156C 00000004
Skater Island10AF1584 00000004
Tokyo10AF1594 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF15E2 000000F8
Canada00AF15EA 000000F8
Rio00AF15F2 000000F8
Suburbia00AF15FA 000000F8
Airport00AF1602 000000F8
Skater Island00AF160A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF1612 000000F8
Tokyo00AF161A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF1622 000000F8
Ollie The Magic Bum Codes
Have All Boards1050207C 000003FF
Max Stat Points108912E8 00000032
Max Air108912F8 0000000A
Max Hangtime10891308 0000000A
Max Ollie10891318 0000000A
Max Speed10891328 0000000A
Max Spin10891338 0000000A
Max Switch10891348 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10891358 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10891368 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10891378 0000000A
Max All Stats408912F8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF23FC 000001FF
Canada10AF2404 000001FF
Suburbia10AF2414 000001FF
Airport10AF241C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF242C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF243C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF240C 00000004
Skater Island10AF2424 00000004
Tokyo10AF2434 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF2482 000000F8
Canada00AF248A 000000F8
Rio00AF2492 000000F8
Suburbia00AF249A 000000F8
Airport00AF24A2 000000F8
Skater Island00AF24AA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF24B2 000000F8
Tokyo00AF24BA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF24C2 000000F8
Private Carrera Codes
Have All Boards10502054 000003FF
Max Stat Points10890768 00000032
Max Air10890778 0000000A
Max Hangtime10890788 0000000A
Max Ollie10890798 0000000A
Max Speed108907A8 0000000A
Max Spin108907B8 0000000A
Max Switch108907C8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance108907D8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance108907E8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance108907F8 0000000A
Max All Stats40890778 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF1CAC 000001FF
Canada10AF1CB4 000001FF
Suburbia10AF1CC4 000001FF
Airport10AF1CCC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF1CDC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF1CEC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF1CBC 00000004
Skater Island10AF1CD4 00000004
Tokyo10AF1CE4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF1D32 000000F8
Canada00AF1D3A 000000F8
Rio00AF1D42 000000F8
Suburbia00AF1D4A 000000F8
Airport00AF1D52 000000F8
Skater Island00AF1D5A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF1D62 000000F8
Tokyo00AF1D6A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF1D72 000000F8
Rodney Mullen Codes
Have All Boards10502014 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088A1B8 00000032
Max Air1088A1C8 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088A1D8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088A1E8 0000000A
Max Speed1088A1F8 0000000A
Max Spin1088A208 0000000A
Max Switch1088A218 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088A228 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088A238 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088A248 0000000A
Max All Stats4088A1C8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEDADC 000001FF
Canada10AEDAE4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEDAF4 000001FF
Airport10AEDAFC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEDB0C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEDB1C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEDAEC 00000004
Skater Island10AEDB04 00000004
Tokyo10AEDB14 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEDB62 000000F8
Canada00AEDB6A 000000F8
Rio00AEDB72 000000F8
Suburbia00AEDB7A 000000F8
Airport00AEDB82 000000F8
Skater Island00AEDB8A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEDB92 000000F8
Tokyo00AEDB9A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEDBA2 000000F8
Rune Glifberg Codes
Have All Boards10501FF4 000003FF
Max Stat Points108874F8 00000032
Max Air10887508 0000000A
Max Hangtime10887518 0000000A
Max Ollie10887528 0000000A
Max Speed10887538 0000000A
Max Spin10887548 0000000A
Max Switch10887558 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10887568 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10887578 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10887588 0000000A
Max All Stats40887508 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEBD9C 000001FF
Canada10AEBDA4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEBDB4 000001FF
Airport10AEBDBC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEBDCC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEBDDC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEBDAC 00000004
Skater Island10AEBDC4 00000004
Tokyo10AEBDD4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEBE22 000000F8
Canada00AEBE2A 000000F8
Rio00AEBE32 000000F8
Suburbia00AEBE3A 000000F8
Airport00AEBE42 000000F8
Skater Island00AEBE4A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEBE52 000000F8
Tokyo00AEBE5A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEBE62 000000F8
Steve Caballero Codes
Have All Boards10501FE4 000003FF
Max Stat Points10885E98 00000032
Max Air10885EA8 0000000A
Max Hangtime10885EB8 0000000A
Max Ollie10885EC8 0000000A
Max Speed10885ED8 0000000A
Max Spin10885EE8 0000000A
Max Switch10885EF8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10885F08 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10885F18 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10885F28 0000000A
Max All Stats40885EA8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEAEFC 000001FF
Canada10AEAF04 000001FF
Suburbia10AEAF14 000001FF
Airport10AEAF1C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEAF2C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEAF3C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEAF0C 00000004
Skater Island10AEAF24 00000004
Tokyo10AEAF34 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEAF82 000000F8
Canada00AEAF8A 000000F8
Rio00AEAF92 000000F8
Suburbia00AEAF9A 000000F8
Airport00AEAFA2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEAFAA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEAFB2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEAFBA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEAFC2 000000F8
Tony Hawk Codes
Have All Boards10501FDC 000003FF
Max Stat Points10885208 00000032
Max Air10885218 0000000A
Max Hangtime10885228 0000000A
Max Ollie10885238 0000000A
Max Speed10885248 0000000A
Max Spin10885258 0000000A
Max Switch10885268 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10885278 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10885288 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10885298 0000000A
Max All Stats40885218 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEA7AC 000001FF
Canada10AEA7B4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEA7C4 000001FF
Airport10AEA7CC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEA7DC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEA7EC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEA7BC 00000004
Skater Island10AEA7D4 00000004
Tokyo10AEA7E4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEA832 000000F8
Canada00AEA83A 000000F8
Rio00AEA842 000000F8
Suburbia00AEA84A 000000F8
Airport00AEA852 000000F8
Skater Island00AEA85A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEA862 000000F8
Tokyo00AEA86A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEA872 000000F8
Wolverine Codes
Have All Boards10502064 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088F0B8 00000032
Max Air1088F0C8 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088F0D8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088F0E8 0000000A
Max Speed1088F0F8 0000000A
Max Spin1088F108 0000000A
Max Switch1088F118 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088F128 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088F138 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088F148 0000000A
Max All Stats4088F0C8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF0E0C 000001FF
Canada10AF0E14 000001FF
Suburbia10AF0E24 000001FF
Airport10AF0E2C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF0E3C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF0E4C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF0E1C 00000004
Skater Island10AF0E34 00000004
Tokyo10AF0E44 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF0E92 000000F8
Canada00AF0E9A 000000F8
Rio00AF0EA2 000000F8
Suburbia00AF0EAA 000000F8
Airport00AF0EB2 000000F8
Skater Island00AF0EBA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF0EC2 000000F8
Tokyo00AF0ECA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF0ED2 000000F8
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Have All Characters10AEA8C0 0000FFFF
Have All Cheats/Movies10AEA8C2 0000FFFF
10AEA8C8 0000FFFF
Infinite Time20CC5390 00000000
20CC5398 00000000
Game Speed Modifier (Default 3F800000)2034E8D8 ????????