Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (Version 1.0)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0224BA8 00248F17
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90248F14 0C09C8CA
Character Codes
Andrew Reynolds Codes
Have All Boards105019D4 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088AF78 00000032
Max Air1088AF88 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088AF98 0000000A
Max Ollie1088AFA8 0000000A
Max Speed1088AFB8 0000000A
Max Spin1088AFC8 0000000A
Max Switch1088AFD8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088AFE8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088AFF8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088B008 0000000A
Max All Stats4088AF88 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEE27C 000001FF
Canada10AEE284 000001FF
Suburbia10AEE294 000001FF
Airport10AEE29C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEE2AC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEE2BC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEE28C 00000004
Skater Island10AEE2A4 00000004
Tokyo10AEE2B4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEE302 000000F8
Canada00AEE30A 000000F8
Rio00AEE312 000000F8
Suburbia00AEE31A 000000F8
Airport00AEE322 000000F8
Skater Island00AEE32A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEE332 000000F8
Tokyo00AEE33A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEE342 000000F8
Bam Margera Codes
Have All Boards105019BC 000003FF
Max Stat Points10888DD8 00000032
Max Air10888DE8 0000000A
Max Hangtime10888DF8 0000000A
Max Ollie10888E08 0000000A
Max Speed10888E18 0000000A
Max Spin10888E28 0000000A
Max Switch10888E38 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10888E48 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10888E58 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10888E68 0000000A
Max All Stats40888DE8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AECC8C 000001FF
Canada10AECC94 000001FF
Suburbia10AECCA4 000001FF
Airport10AECCAC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AECCBC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AECCCC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AECC9C 00000004
Skater Island10AECCB4 00000004
Tokyo10AECCC4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AECD12 000000F8
Canada00AECD1A 000000F8
Rio00AECD22 000000F8
Suburbia00AECD2A 000000F8
Airport00AECD32 000000F8
Skater Island00AECD3A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AECD42 000000F8
Tokyo00AECD4A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AECD52 000000F8
Bucky Lasek Codes
Have All Boards105019B4 000003FF
Max Stat Points108882A8 00000032
Max Air108882B8 0000000A
Max Hangtime108882C8 0000000A
Max Ollie108882D8 0000000A
Max Speed108882E8 0000000A
Max Spin108882F8 0000000A
Max Switch10888308 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10888318 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10888328 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10888338 0000000A
Max All Stats408882B8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEC53C 000001FF
Canada10AEC544 000001FF
Suburbia10AEC554 000001FF
Airport10AEC55C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEC56C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEC57C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEC54C 00000004
Skater Island10AEC564 00000004
Tokyo10AEC574 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEC5C2 000000F8
Canada00AEC5CA 000000F8
Rio00AEC5D2 000000F8
Suburbia00AEC5DA 000000F8
Airport00AEC5E2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEC5EA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEC5F2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEC5FA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEC602 000000F8
Chad Muska Codes
Have All Boards105019CC 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088A468 00000032
Max Air1088A478 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088A488 0000000A
Max Ollie1088A498 0000000A
Max Speed1088A4A8 0000000A
Max Spin1088A4B8 0000000A
Max Switch1088A4C8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088A4D8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088A4E8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088A4F8 0000000A
Max All Stats4088A478 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEDB2C 000001FF
Canada10AEDB34 000001FF
Suburbia10AEDB44 000001FF
Airport10AEDB4C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEDB5C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEDB6C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEDB3C 00000004
Skater Island10AEDB54 00000004
Tokyo10AEDB64 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEDBB2 000000F8
Canada00AEDBBA 000000F8
Rio00AEDBC2 000000F8
Suburbia00AEDBCA 000000F8
Airport00AEDBD2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEDBDA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEDBE2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEDBEA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEDBF2 000000F8
Custom Skater Codes
Have All Boards10501A34 000003FF
Max Stat Points108939C8 00000032
Max Air108939D8 0000000A
Max Hangtime108939E8 0000000A
Max Ollie108939F8 0000000A
Max Speed10893A08 0000000A
Max Spin10893A18 0000000A
Max Switch10893A28 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10893A38 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10893A48 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10893A58 0000000A
Max All Stats408939D8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF3A3C 000001FF
Canada10AF3A44 000001FF
Suburbia10AF3A54 000001FF
Airport10AF3A5C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF3A6C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF3A7C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF3A4C 00000004
Skater Island10AF3A64 00000004
Tokyo10AF3A74 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF3AC2 000000F8
Canada00AF3ACA 000000F8
Rio00AF3AD2 000000F8
Suburbia00AF3ADA 000000F8
Airport00AF3AE2 000000F8
Skater Island00AF3AEA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF3AF2 000000F8
Tokyo00AF3AFA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF3B02 000000F8
Darth Maul Codes
Have All Boards105019F4 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088DCD8 00000032
Max Air1088DCE8 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088DCF8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088DD08 0000000A
Max Speed1088DD18 0000000A
Max Spin1088DD28 0000000A
Max Switch1088DD38 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088DD48 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088DD58 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088DD68 0000000A
Max All Stats4088DCE8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEFFBC 000001FF
Canada10AEFFC4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEFFD4 000001FF
Airport10AEFFDC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEFFEC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEFFFC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEFFCC 00000004
Skater Island10AEFFE4 00000004
Tokyo10AEFFF4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF0042 000000F8
Canada00AF004A 000000F8
Rio00AF0052 000000F8
Suburbia00AF005A 000000F8
Airport00AF0062 000000F8
Skater Island00AF006A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF0072 000000F8
Tokyo00AF007A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF0082 000000F8
Demoness Codes
Have All Boards10501A24 000003FF
Max Stat Points108921E8 00000032
Max Air108921F8 0000000A
Max Hangtime10892208 0000000A
Max Ollie10892218 0000000A
Max Speed10892228 0000000A
Max Spin10892238 0000000A
Max Switch10892248 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10892258 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10892268 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10892278 0000000A
Max All Stats408921F8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF2B9C 000001FF
Canada10AF2BA4 000001FF
Suburbia10AF2BB4 000001FF
Airport10AF2BBC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF2BCC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF2BDC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF2BAC 00000004
Skater Island10AF2BC4 00000004
Tokyo10AF2BD4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF2C22 000000F8
Canada00AF2C2A 000000F8
Rio00AF2C32 000000F8
Suburbia00AF2C3A 000000F8
Airport00AF2C42 000000F8
Skater Island00AF2C4A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF2C52 000000F8
Tokyo00AF2C5A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF2C62 000000F8
Elissa Steamer Codes
Have All Boards105019E4 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088C5D8 00000032
Max Air1088C5E8 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088C5F8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088C608 0000000A
Max Speed1088C618 0000000A
Max Spin1088C628 0000000A
Max Switch1088C638 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088C648 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088C658 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088C668 0000000A
Max All Stats4088C5E8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEF11C 000001FF
Canada10AEF124 000001FF
Suburbia10AEF134 000001FF
Airport10AEF13C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEF14C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEF15C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEF12C 00000004
Skater Island10AEF144 00000004
Tokyo10AEF154 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEF1A2 000000F8
Canada00AEF1AA 000000F8
Rio00AEF1B2 000000F8
Suburbia00AEF1BA 000000F8
Airport00AEF1C2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEF1CA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEF1D2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEF1DA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEF1E2 000000F8
Eric Koston Codes
Have All Boards105019AC 000003FF
Max Stat Points10887778 00000032
Max Air10887788 0000000A
Max Hangtime10887798 0000000A
Max Ollie108877A8 0000000A
Max Speed108877B8 0000000A
Max Spin108877C8 0000000A
Max Switch108877D8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance108877E8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance108877F8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10887808 0000000A
Max All Stats40887788 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEBDEC 000001FF
Canada10AEBDF4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEBE04 000001FF
Airport10AEBE0C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEBE1C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEBE2C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEBDFC 00000004
Skater Island10AEBE14 00000004
Tokyo10AEBE24 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEBE72 000000F8
Canada00AEBE7A 000000F8
Rio00AEBE82 000000F8
Suburbia00AEBE8A 000000F8
Airport00AEBE92 000000F8
Skater Island00AEBE9A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEBEA2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEBEAA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEBEB2 000000F8
Geoff Rowley Codes
Have All Boards105019DC 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088BAA8 00000032
Max Air1088BAB8 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088BAC8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088BAD8 0000000A
Max Speed1088BAE8 0000000A
Max Spin1088BAF8 0000000A
Max Switch1088BB08 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088BB18 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088BB28 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088BB38 0000000A
Max All Stats4088BAB8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEE9CC 000001FF
Canada10AEE9D4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEE9E4 000001FF
Airport10AEE9EC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEE9FC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEEA0C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEE9DC 00000004
Skater Island10AEE9F4 00000004
Tokyo10AEEA04 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEEA52 000000F8
Canada00AEEA5A 000000F8
Rio00AEEA62 000000F8
Suburbia00AEEA6A 000000F8
Airport00AEEA72 000000F8
Skater Island00AEEA7A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEEA82 000000F8
Tokyo00AEEA8A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEEA92 000000F8
Jamie Thomas Codes
Have All Boards105019EC 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088D108 00000032
Max Air1088D118 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088D128 0000000A
Max Ollie1088D138 0000000A
Max Speed1088D148 0000000A
Max Spin1088D158 0000000A
Max Switch1088D168 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088D178 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088D188 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088D198 0000000A
Max All Stats4088D118 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEF86C 000001FF
Canada10AEF874 000001FF
Suburbia10AEF884 000001FF
Airport10AEF88C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEF89C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEF8AC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEF87C 00000004
Skater Island10AEF894 00000004
Tokyo10AEF8A4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEF8F2 000000F8
Canada00AEF8FA 000000F8
Rio00AEF902 000000F8
Suburbia00AEF90A 000000F8
Airport00AEF912 000000F8
Skater Island00AEF91A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEF922 000000F8
Tokyo00AEF92A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEF932 000000F8
Kareem Campbell Codes
Have All Boards1050199C 000003FF
Max Stat Points10886118 00000032
Max Air10886128 0000000A
Max Hangtime10886138 0000000A
Max Ollie10886148 0000000A
Max Speed10886158 0000000A
Max Spin10886168 0000000A
Max Switch10886178 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10886188 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10886198 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance108861A8 0000000A
Max All Stats40886128 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEAF4C 000001FF
Canada10AEAF54 000001FF
Suburbia10AEAF64 000001FF
Airport10AEAF6C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEAF7C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEAF8C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEAF5C 00000004
Skater Island10AEAF74 00000004
Tokyo10AEAF84 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEAFD2 000000F8
Canada00AEAFDA 000000F8
Rio00AEAFE2 000000F8
Suburbia00AEAFEA 000000F8
Airport00AEAFF2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEAFFA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEB002 000000F8
Tokyo00AEB00A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEB012 000000F8
Kelly Slater Codes
Have All Boards10501A1C 000003FF
Max Stat Points10891558 00000032
Max Air10891568 0000000A
Max Hangtime10891578 0000000A
Max Ollie10891588 0000000A
Max Speed10891598 0000000A
Max Spin108915A8 0000000A
Max Switch108915B8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance108915C8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance108915D8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance108915E8 0000000A
Max All Stats40891568 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF244C 000001FF
Canada10AF2454 000001FF
Suburbia10AF2464 000001FF
Airport10AF246C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF247C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF248C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF245C 00000004
Skater Island10AF2474 00000004
Tokyo10AF2484 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF24D2 000000F8
Canada00AF24DA 000000F8
Rio00AF24E2 000000F8
Suburbia00AF24EA 000000F8
Airport00AF24F2 000000F8
Skater Island00AF24FA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF2502 000000F8
Tokyo00AF250A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF2512 000000F8
Neversoft Eyeball Codes
Have All Boards10501A2C 000003FF
Max Stat Points10892D68 00000032
Max Air10892D78 0000000A
Max Hangtime10892D88 0000000A
Max Ollie10892D98 0000000A
Max Speed10892DA8 0000000A
Max Spin10892DB8 0000000A
Max Switch10892DC8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10892DD8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10892DE8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10892DF8 0000000A
Max All Stats40892D78 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF32EC 000001FF
Canada10AF32F4 000001FF
Suburbia10AF3304 000001FF
Airport10AF330C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF331C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF332C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF32FC 00000004
Skater Island10AF3314 00000004
Tokyo10AF3324 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF3372 000000F8
Canada00AF337A 000000F8
Rio00AF3382 000000F8
Suburbia00AF338A 000000F8
Airport00AF3392 000000F8
Skater Island00AF339A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF33A2 000000F8
Tokyo00AF33AA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF33B2 000000F8
Officer Dick Codes
Have All Boards10501A04 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088F388 00000032
Max Air1088F398 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088F3A8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088F3B8 0000000A
Max Speed1088F3C8 0000000A
Max Spin1088F3D8 0000000A
Max Switch1088F3E8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088F3F8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088F408 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088F418 0000000A
Max All Stats4088F398 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF0E5C 000001FF
Canada10AF0E64 000001FF
Suburbia10AF0E74 000001FF
Airport10AF0E7C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF0E8C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF0E9C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF0E6C 00000004
Skater Island10AF0E84 00000004
Tokyo10AF0E94 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF0EE2 000000F8
Canada00AF0EEA 000000F8
Rio00AF0EF2 000000F8
Suburbia00AF0EFA 000000F8
Airport00AF0F02 000000F8
Skater Island00AF0F0A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF0F12 000000F8
Tokyo00AF0F1A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF0F22 000000F8
Ollie The Magic Bum Codes
Have All Boards10501A14 000003FF
Max Stat Points10890A38 00000032
Max Air10890A48 0000000A
Max Hangtime10890A58 0000000A
Max Ollie10890A68 0000000A
Max Speed10890A78 0000000A
Max Spin10890A88 0000000A
Max Switch10890A98 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10890AA8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10890AB8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10890AC8 0000000A
Max All Stats40890A48 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF1CFC 000001FF
Canada10AF1D04 000001FF
Suburbia10AF1D14 000001FF
Airport10AF1D1C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF1D2C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF1D3C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF1D0C 00000004
Skater Island10AF1D24 00000004
Tokyo10AF1D34 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF1D82 000000F8
Canada00AF1D8A 000000F8
Rio00AF1D92 000000F8
Suburbia00AF1D9A 000000F8
Airport00AF1DA2 000000F8
Skater Island00AF1DAA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF1DB2 000000F8
Tokyo00AF1DBA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF1DC2 000000F8
Private Carrera Codes
Have All Boards10501A0C 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088FEB8 00000032
Max Air1088FEC8 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088FED8 0000000A
Max Ollie1088FEE8 0000000A
Max Speed1088FEF8 0000000A
Max Spin1088FF08 0000000A
Max Switch1088FF18 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088FF28 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088FF38 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088FF48 0000000A
Max All Stats4088FEC8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF15AC 000001FF
Canada10AF15B4 000001FF
Suburbia10AF15C4 000001FF
Airport10AF15CC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF15DC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF15EC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF15BC 00000004
Skater Island10AF15D4 00000004
Tokyo10AF15E4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF1632 000000F8
Canada00AF163A 000000F8
Rio00AF1642 000000F8
Suburbia00AF164A 000000F8
Airport00AF1652 000000F8
Skater Island00AF165A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF1662 000000F8
Tokyo00AF166A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF1672 000000F8
Rodney Mullen Codes
Have All Boards105019C4 000003FF
Max Stat Points10889908 00000032
Max Air10889918 0000000A
Max Hangtime10889928 0000000A
Max Ollie10889938 0000000A
Max Speed10889948 0000000A
Max Spin10889958 0000000A
Max Switch10889968 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10889978 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10889988 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10889998 0000000A
Max All Stats40889918 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AED3DC 000001FF
Canada10AED3E4 000001FF
Suburbia10AED3F4 000001FF
Airport10AED3FC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AED40C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AED41C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AED3EC 00000004
Skater Island10AED404 00000004
Tokyo10AED414 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AED462 000000F8
Canada00AED46A 000000F8
Rio00AED472 000000F8
Suburbia00AED47A 000000F8
Airport00AED482 000000F8
Skater Island00AED48A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AED492 000000F8
Tokyo00AED49A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AED4A2 000000F8
Rune Glifberg Codes
Have All Boards105019A4 000003FF
Max Stat Points10886C48 00000032
Max Air10886C58 0000000A
Max Hangtime10886C68 0000000A
Max Ollie10886C78 0000000A
Max Speed10886C88 0000000A
Max Spin10886C98 0000000A
Max Switch10886CA8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10886CB8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10886CC8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10886CD8 0000000A
Max All Stats40886C58 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEB69C 000001FF
Canada10AEB6A4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEB6B4 000001FF
Airport10AEB6BC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEB6CC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEB6DC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEB6AC 00000004
Skater Island10AEB6C4 00000004
Tokyo10AEB6D4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEB722 000000F8
Canada00AEB72A 000000F8
Rio00AEB732 000000F8
Suburbia00AEB73A 000000F8
Airport00AEB742 000000F8
Skater Island00AEB74A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEB752 000000F8
Tokyo00AEB75A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEB762 000000F8
Steve Caballero Codes
Have All Boards10501994 000003FF
Max Stat Points108855E8 00000032
Max Air108855F8 0000000A
Max Hangtime10885608 0000000A
Max Ollie10885618 0000000A
Max Speed10885628 0000000A
Max Spin10885638 0000000A
Max Switch10885648 0000000A
Max Rail Balance10885658 0000000A
Max Lip Balance10885668 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance10885678 0000000A
Max All Stats408855F8 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEA7FC 000001FF
Canada10AEA804 000001FF
Suburbia10AEA814 000001FF
Airport10AEA81C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEA82C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEA83C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEA80C 00000004
Skater Island10AEA824 00000004
Tokyo10AEA834 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEA882 000000F8
Canada00AEA88A 000000F8
Rio00AEA892 000000F8
Suburbia00AEA89A 000000F8
Airport00AEA8A2 000000F8
Skater Island00AEA8AA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEA8B2 000000F8
Tokyo00AEA8BA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEA8C2 000000F8
Tony Hawk Codes
Have All Boards1050198C 000003FF
Max Stat Points10884958 00000032
Max Air10884968 0000000A
Max Hangtime10884978 0000000A
Max Ollie10884988 0000000A
Max Speed10884998 0000000A
Max Spin108849A8 0000000A
Max Switch108849B8 0000000A
Max Rail Balance108849C8 0000000A
Max Lip Balance108849D8 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance108849E8 0000000A
Max All Stats40884968 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AEA0AC 000001FF
Canada10AEA0B4 000001FF
Suburbia10AEA0C4 000001FF
Airport10AEA0CC 000001FF
Los Angeles10AEA0DC 000001FF
Hidden Level10AEA0EC 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AEA0BC 00000004
Skater Island10AEA0D4 00000004
Tokyo10AEA0E4 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AEA132 000000F8
Canada00AEA13A 000000F8
Rio00AEA142 000000F8
Suburbia00AEA14A 000000F8
Airport00AEA152 000000F8
Skater Island00AEA15A 000000F8
Los Angelos00AEA162 000000F8
Tokyo00AEA16A 000000F8
Hidden Level00AEA172 000000F8
Wolverine Codes
Have All Boards105019FC 000003FF
Max Stat Points1088E808 00000032
Max Air1088E818 0000000A
Max Hangtime1088E828 0000000A
Max Ollie1088E838 0000000A
Max Speed1088E848 0000000A
Max Spin1088E858 0000000A
Max Switch1088E868 0000000A
Max Rail Balance1088E878 0000000A
Max Lip Balance1088E888 0000000A
Max Manual Ballance1088E898 0000000A
Max All Stats4088E818 00090004
0000000A 00000000
Have All Level Goal Codes
Foundry10AF070C 000001FF
Canada10AF0714 000001FF
Suburbia10AF0724 000001FF
Airport10AF072C 000001FF
Los Angeles10AF073C 000001FF
Hidden Level10AF074C 000001FF
Have Highest Medal Codes
Rio10AF071C 00000004
Skater Island10AF0734 00000004
Tokyo10AF0744 00000004
Have All Stat Points Codes
Foundry00AF0792 000000F8
Canada00AF079A 000000F8
Rio00AF07A2 000000F8
Suburbia00AF07AA 000000F8
Airport00AF07B2 000000F8
Skater Island00AF07BA 000000F8
Los Angelos00AF07C2 000000F8
Tokyo00AF07CA 000000F8
Hidden Level00AF07D2 000000F8
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Have All Characters10AEA1C0 0000FFFF
Have All Cheats/Movies10AEA1C2 0000FFFF
10AEA1C8 0000FFFF
Infinite Time20CC4490 00000000
20CC4498 00000000
Game Speed Modifier (Default 3F800000)2034E6D8 ????????