Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay, GMO

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0042A477
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9042A474 0C100E4C
Infinite Health200C0220 8EA10458
200C0224 902100B7
200C0228 14200002
200C022C 00000000
200C0230 080F5815
200C0234 00000000
200C0238 080F8924
200C023C 00000000
203D5518 0C030088
Never Wounded203E24B4 00000000
203E24DC 00000000
Idiot AI-Ground Vehicles20192910 03E00008
20192914 00000000
Enemy Awareness Never Updated203F3830 03E00008
203F3834 00000000
Unlock All Special Features20346078 24020001
Infinite Ammo20220F3C 00000000
Extra Ammo10220F34 00000001
God Mode2017FC80 24020001
God Mode For Your Team2017FC94 24020001
Infinite Ammo2017FCB4 24020001
No Human Damage2017FCA4 24020001
Hero Mode2017FBC4 24020001
Unlock All Missions201F56EC 24020001
Zoom Further20220D00 3C014200
20220D28 44810000
Zoom Even Further20220D00 3C014300
20220D28 44810000
Max Infinite Ammo/No Reload20220F34 240303E7
Evil Twin Mode20238A98 24030001
Show Debug Names2023C45C 24040001
Show Corpses2023F574 24020001
Quick Characters20364FC0 3C013E00
20364F78 AE0101D0
Chicken Mode20398878 24030001
Squirrel Mode20398888 24020001
P1 Press L2+R2 To Enable Team ShadowE002EFFD 005DF002
2017FC44 24020001
2017FC54 24020001
P1 Press L1+R1 To Disable Team ShadowE002BFFD 005DF002
2017FC44 90820358
2017FC54 90820359
P1 Press Up+Select To Enable Walk Through WallsD05DF002 0000FFEE
203CD9F8 080F3DB6
P1 Press Down+Select To Disable Walk Through WallsD05DF002 0000FFBE
203CD9F8 7080AE28
P1 Press L3+Triangle To Become InvisibleE002EFFD 005DF002
203F37DC AE00002C
203F3800 AE00002C
P1 Press L3+X To Become Visible AgainE002BFFD 005DF002
203F37DC 0C0FCE0C
203F3800 E6140028