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Enable Code (Must Be On)9056ABEC 0C1700BB
Quick Money Gain20338A84 3C09FFF8
Super Quick Money Gain20338A84 3C09FFF0
Ultra QUick Money Gain20338A84 3C09FF00
Quick Max Money20338AB4 3C0205F5
20338AC0 3442E0FF
Quick Park Completion203FE424 2403001E
203FE428 A0A30000
Activate Debug Flag Codes
Render GUI On206C9EC4 00000001
Ignore Research On706CB8CD 00000008
More Overheard Spech On706CB8CD 00000010
Render Park Landscape On706CB8C8 00000001
Render Park Attractions On706CB8C8 00000002
Render Park Guests On706CB8C8 00000004
Render Park Staff On706CB8C8 00000008
Render Park Bubbles On706CB8C8 00000010
Render Park Tracks On706CB8C8 00000020
Render Park Particles On706CB8C9 00000001
Render Park Instances On706CB8C9 00000002
Render Skydome Only On706CB8C9 00000020
Show Player Coords On706CB8CC 00000001
Extra Debug Info (Press R2)706CB8CC 00000002
Show Camera Coords On706CB8CC 00000004
Show Height Sample Below Camera On706CB8CC 00000008
Show Camera Fwd Vector (Flat) On706CB8CC 00000010
Allow Sprint In Doglegs On706CB8CC 00000040
Allow Walk On Non-Walkable On706CB8CC 00000080
GUI Sounds On206CBF9C 00000001
Peep Stats View On706CB8CD 00000001
Debug Controls On706CB8CD 00000002
Show Pos Of Mission Groups On706CB8CD 00000004
Disable Mission Popups On706CB8CD 00000020
Allow Obstructed Track Placement On706CB8CD 00000040
Ingore Mission Min. Interval On706CB8CD 00000080
Show Mission Timers On706CB8CE 00000001
Guests Leave When Needs Not Met On706CB8CE 00000008
Transparent Fade On206CC1AC 00000001
Ignore Unlocks On206CC1C4 00000001