Test Drive-Eve Of Destruction

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90390064 0C0E9787
Max Reputation Rating/Unlock All Cars203CC150 000F423F
203CC158 000F423F
Unlock All Videos203D8180 00000001
Unlock All Feats203D18E0 FFFFFFFF
Arcade Dare Mode Codes
Unlock All Chapters004A8AF9 0000001F
Have Chapter Completed Codes
A Crash Course004A8AFA 0000001F
The Technical Circuit004A8AFB 0000007F
The Destruction Circuit004A8AFC 0000007F
The Specialty Circuit004A8AFD 0000007F
Good Luck Out There!004A8AFE 0000001F
All Chapters104A8AFA 00007F1F
104A8AFC 00007F7F
004A8AFE 0000001F
Career Mode Codes
Max Money200C0220 3C0205F5
200C0224 3442E0FF
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C AC620004
202E1DA0 08030088
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Money202E1D5C 00000000
Always Ranked 1st200C0230 03E00008
200C0234 AC600000
202E0F18 0803008C
View Repair Menu To Fix All Cars Normal Damage200C0240 AC800294
200C0244 03E00008
200C0248 C4800294
202DD710 08030090
View Repair Menu To Fix All Cars Irrepairable Damage200C0250 AC800298
200C0254 03E00008
200C0258 C4800298
202DD708 08030094
Activate Cheat Codes
Turbo Boost203D80E0 00000001
Deadly Ambition203D80E4 00000001
Buh-Kwawk203D80E8 00000001
Chicken Fight203D80EC 00000001
Hardcore Mode203D80F0 00000001
Fast Forward203D80F4 00000001
Olde Tyme Racyng203D80F8 00000001
AI Vengeance203D80FC 00000001