Tenchu 3-Wrath Of Heaven

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00116AEF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90116AEC 0C0486C8
Item Selection Screen Codes
Have Item Codes
Kumihimo (Tesshu Only)01872534 000000FF
Tetsubishi01872538 000000FF
Healing Poition0187253C 000000FF
Poison Antidote01872540 000000FF
Shuriken01872544 000000FF
Throwing Needle (Tesshu Only)01872548 000000FF
Blow Gun0187254C 000000FF
Caltrops01872550 000000FF
Grenade01872554 000000FF
Mine01872558 000000FF
Smoke Bomb0187255C 000000FF
Poison Rice01872560 000000FF
Colored Rice01872564 000000FF
Strength Potion01872568 000000FF
Fire Spell0187256C 000000FF
Invisibility Spell01872574 000000FF
Exploding Arror01872578 000000FF
Chameleon Spell01872580 000000FF
Ninja Armor01872584 000000FF
Ninja Rebirth01872588 000000FF
Super Shuriken0187258C 000000FF
Cog Bone01872590 000000FF
Magazine (Tesshu Only)01872594 000000FF
Bamboo Gun (Tesshu Only)01872598 000000FF
Super Needle (Tesshu Only)0187259C 000000FF
Disguise (Tesshu Only)018725A4 000000FF
Sticky Bomb018725A8 000000FF
Muramasa (Rikimaru Only)018725BC 000000FF
Fugaku (Rikimaru Only)018725C0 000000FF
Kasumi And Shizuku (Ayame Only)018725C8 000000FF
Cokuto (Ayame Only)018725CC 000000FF
Tiger Trap018725D4 000000FF
Fireworks018725D8 000000FF
Binding Spell018725DC 000000FF
Decoy Whistle018725E0 000000FF
Stone Of Power018725E4 000000FF
Have Max Item Codes
Kumihimo (Tesshu Only)21872534 006300FF
Tetsubishi21872538 006300FF
Healing Poition2187253C 006300FF
Poison Antidote21872540 006300FF
Shuriken21872544 006300FF
Throwing Needle (Tesshu Only)21872548 006300FF
Blow Gun2187254C 006300FF
Caltrops21872550 006300FF
Grenade21872554 006300FF
Mine21872558 006300FF
Smoke Bomb2187255C 006300FF
Poison Rice21872560 006300FF
Colored Rice21872564 006300FF
Strength Potion21872568 006300FF
Fire Spell2187256C 006300FF
Invisibility Spell21872574 006300FF
Exploding Arror21872578 006300FF
Chameleon Spell21872580 006300FF
Ninja Armor21872584 006300FF
Ninja Rebirth21872588 006300FF
Super Shuriken2187258C 006300FF
Cog Bone21872590 006300FF
Magazine (Tesshu Only)21872594 006300FF
Bamboo Gun (Tesshu Only)21872598 006300FF
Super Needle (Tesshu Only)2187259C 006300FF
Disguise (Tesshu Only)218725A4 006300FF
Sticky Bomb218725A8 006300FF
Muramasa (Rikimaru Only)218725BC 006300FF
Fugaku (Rikimaru Only)218725C0 006300FF
Kasumi And Shizuku (Ayame Only)218725C8 006300FF
Cokuto (Ayame Only)218725CC 006300FF
Tiger Trap218725D4 006300FF
Fireworks218725D8 006300FF
Binding Spell218725DC 006300FF
Decoy Whistle218725E0 006300FF
Stone Of Power218725E4 006300FF
Max Item Codes
Kumihimo (Tesshu Only)01872536 00000063
Tetsubishi0187253A 00000063
Healing Poition0187253E 00000063
Poison Antidote01872542 00000063
Shuriken01872546 00000063
Throwing Needle (Tesshu Only)0187254A 00000063
Blow Gun0187254E 00000063
Caltrops01872552 00000063
Grenade01872556 00000063
Mine0187255A 00000063
Smoke Bomb0187255E 00000063
Poison Rice01872562 00000063
Colored Rice01872566 00000063
Strength Potion0187256A 00000063
Fire Spell0187256E 00000063
Invisibility Spell01872576 00000063
Exploding Arror0187257A 00000063
Chameleon Spell01872582 00000063
Ninja Armor01872586 00000063
Ninja Rebirth0187258A 00000063
Super Shuriken0187258E 00000063
Cog Bone01872592 00000063
Magazine (Tesshu Only)01872596 00000063
Bamboo Gun (Tesshu Only)2187259A 00000063
Super Needle (Tesshu Only)0187259E 00000063
Disguise (Tesshu Only)018725A6 00000063
Sticky Bomb018725AA 00000063
Muramasa (Rikimaru Only)018725BE 00000063
Fugaku (Rikimaru Only)018725C2 00000063
Kasumi And Shizuku (Ayame Only)018725CA 00000063
Cokuto (Ayame Only)018725CE 00000063
Tiger Trap018725D6 00000063
Fireworks018725DA 00000063
Binding Spell018725DE 00000063
Decoy Whistle018725E2 00000063
Stone Of Power018725E6 00000063
Other Codes
Have Ability Codes
Have Rikimaru Ability Codes
Shoulder Thrust01872EC4 00000001
Ninjutsu Block01872ED4 00000001
Ninja Vision01872EE4 00000001
Grappling Hook Combo01872EF4 00000001
Clink To Ceiling01872F04 00000001
Feign Death01872F14 00000001
Wall Kick01872F24 00000001
Ninja Mind Control01872F34 00000001
Wrath Of Heaven01872F44 00000001
Have Ayame Ability Codes
Somersault Kick01872F74 00000001
Ninjutsu Block01872F84 00000001
Ninja Vision01872F94 00000001
Grappling Hook Combo01872FA4 00000001
Clink To Ceiling01872FB4 00000001
Feign Death01872FC4 00000001
Wall Kick01872FD4 00000001
Ninja Mind Control01872FE4 00000001
Wrath Of Heaven01872FF4 00000001
Have Ayame Mission Completed Codes
Mission 1-Layout 101872F69 00000005
Mission 1-Layout 201872F6A 00000005
Mission 1-Layout 301872F6B 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 101872F79 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 201872F7A 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 301872F7B 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 101872F89 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 201872F8A 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 301872F8B 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 101872F99 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 201872F9A 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 301872F9B 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 101872FA9 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 201872FAA 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 301872FAB 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 101872FB9 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 201872FBA 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 301872FBB 00000005
Mission 7-Layout 101872FC9 00000005
Mission 7-Layout 201872FCA 00000005
Mission 7-Layout 301872FCB 00000005
Mission 8-Layout 101872FD9 00000005
Mission 8-Layout 201872FDA 00000005
Mission 8-Layout 301872FDB 00000005
Mission 9-Layout 101872FE9 00000005
Mission 9-Layout 201872FEA 00000005
Mission 9-Layout 301872FEB 00000005
Mission 10-Layout 101872FF9 00000005
Mission 10-Layout 201872FFA 00000005
Mission 10-Layout 301872FFB 00000005
Have Rikimaru Mission Completed Codes
Mission 1-Layout 101872EB9 00000005
Mission 1-Layout 201872EBA 00000005
Mission 1-Layout 301872EBB 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 101872EC9 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 201872ECA 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 301872ECB 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 101872ED9 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 201872EDA 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 301872EDB 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 101872EE9 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 201872EEA 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 301872EEB 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 101872EF9 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 201872EFA 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 301872EFB 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 101872F09 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 201872F0A 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 301872F0B 00000005
Mission 7-Layout 101872F19 00000005
Mission 7-Layout 201872F1A 00000005
Mission 7-Layout 301872F1B 00000005
Mission 8-Layout 101872F29 00000005
Mission 8-Layout 201872F2A 00000005
Mission 8-Layout 301872F2B 00000005
Mission 9-Layout 101872F39 00000005
Mission 9-Layout 201872F3A 00000005
Mission 9-Layout 301872F3B 00000005
Mission 10-Layout 101872F49 00000005
Mission 10-Layout 201872F4A 00000005
Mission 10-Layout 301872F4B 00000005
Have Tesshu Mission Completed Codes
Mission 1-Layout 101873019 00000005
Mission 1-Layout 20187301A 00000005
Mission 1-Layout 30187301B 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 101873029 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 20187302A 00000005
Mission 2-Layout 30187302B 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 101873039 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 20187303A 00000005
Mission 3-Layout 30187303B 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 101873049 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 20187304A 00000005
Mission 4-Layout 30187304B 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 101873059 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 20187305A 00000005
Mission 5-Layout 30187305B 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 101873069 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 20187306A 00000005
Mission 6-Layout 30187306B 00000005
Misc. Codes
Infinite Item Usage202D281C 00000000
Extra Items102D2818 00000001
Infinite Health2023BB14 8F8286B8
2023BB1C 3C0142C8
2023BB24 AC410048
Max Infinite Items (All Carried Items)202D3AE4 24070063
202D3AF4 A087001A
Unlock Tesshu21872DE8 000000FF
Unlock Through The Portal01872F59 00000000
Item Selection Screen Codes
Infinite MoneyD067177C 0000FFFF
20671774 0000270F
Infinite Items RemainingD067177C 0000000F
2067177C 00000063
Item Quantity Doesnt Decrease202DB308 00000000
Press Select For Max Items Equipped Slot 1D1870182 0000FFFE
018724DE 00000063
Press Select For Max Items Equipped Slot 2D1870182 0000FFFE
018724E2 00000063
Press Select For Max Items Equipped Slot 3D1870182 0000FFFE
018724E6 00000063
Press Select For Max Items Equipped Slot 4D1870182 0000FFFE
018724EA 00000063
Press Select For Max Items Equipped Slot 5D1870182 0000FFFE
018724EE 00000063
Press Select For Max Items Equipped Slot 6D1870182 0000FFFE
018724F2 00000063