Tekken 4

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0180088 002937CF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
902937CC 0C0A88C5
Infinite Health P1102A9C6E 000000A5
75% Health P1D02A9C6E 000000A5
102A9C6E 0000007B
50% Health P1D02A9C6E 000000A5
102A9C6E 00000052
25% Health P1D02A9C6E 000000A5
102A9C6E 00000029
1-Hit Death P1D02A9C6E 000000A5
102A9C6E 00000001
No Health P1102A9C6E 00000000
P1 Needs 1 Win To WinD02A963E 00000000
102A963E 00000001
P1 Never Wins102A963E 00000000
Infinite Health P2102AAB8E 000000A5
75% Health P2D02AAB8E 000000A5
102AAB8E 0000007B
50% Health P2D02AAB8E 000000A5
102AAB8E 00000052
25% Health P2D02AAB8E 000000A5
102AAB8E 00000029
1-Hit Death P2D02AAB8E 000000A5
102AAB8E 00000001
No Health P2102AAB8E 00000000
P2 Needs 1 Win To WinD02AA55E 00000000
102AA55E 00000001
P2 Never Wins102AA55E 00000000
P1 Press L1+L2 For Death Blow On P2D0356020 00000005
102AAB8E 00000000
P2 Press L1+L2 For Death Blow On P1D0356020 00000005
102A9C6E 00000000
Infinite Time10356064 00001788
Hit Anywhere P1 & P2 Cant Hit P1201A5C30 12130024
Hit Anywhere P2 & P1 Cant Hit P2201A5C30 16130024
Hit Anywhere (Both Players)201A5C30 00000000
Disable All Blocking (Both Players)201A4894 1000000C
Infinite Health (Tekken Force Mode)102A9C6E 00000108
Enable All Movies2036C300 FFFFFFFF
Enable Theater0036C32D 00000001
Always Low Total Time202A8C30 00000000
Start On 2nd To Last Stage (Story Mode)D02A8C28 00000000
102A8C28 00000007
Start On Last Stage (Story Mode)D02A8C28 00000000
102A8C28 00000008
Quick Score Gain (Tekken Force Mode)2025CD34 2442270F
2025CE84 2442270F
Max Score (Tekken Force Mode)20260920 3C03000F
20260924 3463423F
20260928 AE631780
Max Wins (Survival Mode)202A8C48 000003E7
Enable Statue Stage0036C311 000000FF
Enable Non-Maru Stage0036C312 000000FF
P1 Always Have Gold Charged Up Fists102A9878 000003E7
P1 Never Has Golden Charged Up Fists102A9878 00000000
P1 Always Have Normal Charged Up Fists102A987A 000003E7
P1 Never Has Normal Charged Up Fists102A987A 00000000
P2 Always Have Gold Charged Up Fists102AA798 000003E7
P2 Never Has Golden Charged Up Fists102AA798 00000000
P2 Always Have Normal Charged Up Fists102AA79A 000003E7
P2 Never Has Normal Charged Up Fists102AA79A 00000000
Invisible Players101824BC 00000000
Players Fight Off Above The Ground101828B8 00003FC0
Players Fight High Above The Ground101828B8 00004000
Players Fight Super High Above The Ground101828B8 00004080
Invisible Legs10186EE0 00000000
Super Small Legs10186EE0 00003F40
Small Legs10186EE0 00003F60
Big Legs10186EE0 00003FA0
Huge Legs10186EE0 00003FB0
Invisible Lower Legs (About Knees Down)1018726C 00000000
Super Small Feet1018726C 00003F00
Small Feet1018726C 00003F40
Big Feet1018726C 00003FA0
Super Huge Feet1018726C 00003FC0
Invisible Head/Torso1018D9E0 00004060
Super Small Head/Torso1018D9E0 00004020
Small Head/Torso1018D9E0 00003FC0
Big Head/Torso1018D9E0 00003F40
Super Huge Head/Torso1018D9E0 00003F20
Xiaoyu/Miharu Have No Skirt101925E4 00007FFF
Camera Always Far Back20355530 41000000
Camera Always Close Up20355530 40000000
Always Play On Background Modifier10357D5C 000000??
Always Play Background Version Codes
Background Type A (If Available)2036C494 00000000
Always Play Background B (If Available)2036C494 00000001
Always Play Background C (If Available)2036C494 00000002
Enable Character Codes
Lei0036C31A 000000FF
Nina0036C31D 000000FF
Xiaoyu/Mihara0036C31F 000000FF
Christie/Eddy0036C320 000000FF
Jin0036C321 000000FF
Julia0036C322 000000FF
Kuma/Panda0036C323 000000FF
Bryan0036C324 000000FF
Heihachi0036C325 000000FF
Lee/Violet0036C327 000000FF
Combot0036C32A 000000FF
All Characters2036C318 FFFFFFFF