Tales Of Legendia

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Skiller

Enable Code (Must Be On)9012E9E8 0C0423D4
Character Codes
Character 2 Codes
Max EXP204A7EF8 05F5E0FF
Max HP104A7EFC 0000270F
Max TP104A7EFE 000003E7
Max ATK104A7F00 0000270F
Max DEF104A7F02 0000270F
Max INT104A7F04 000003E7
Max ACC104A7F06 000003E7
Max EVA104A7F08 000003E7
Max LCK104A7F0A 00000064
Max ATK Plus104A7F10 0000270F
Max DEF Plus104A7F12 0000270F
Max INT Plus104A7F14 000003E7
Max ACC Plus104A7F16 000003E7
Max EVA Plus104A7F18 000003E7
Infinite HP104A7F1A 0000270F
Infinite TP104A7F1C 000003E7
Level 99104A7F40 00000063
Title Modifier104A7F44 000000??
Equipment Modifier Codes
Head104A7F20 0000????
Body104A7F22 0000????
Weapon104A7F24 0000????
Acc. 1104A7F26 0000????
Acc. 2104A7F28 0000????
Character 3 Codes
Max EXP204A7F4C 05F5E0FF
Max HP104A7F50 0000270F
Max TP104A7F52 000003E7
Max ATK104A7F54 0000270F
Max DEF104A7F56 0000270F
Max INT104A7F58 000003E7
Max ACC104A7F5A 000003E7
Max EVA104A7F5C 000003E7
Max LCK104A7F5E 00000064
Max ATK Plus104A7F64 0000270F
Max DEF Plus104A7F66 0000270F
Max INT Plus104A7F68 000003E7
Max ACC Plus104A7F6A 000003E7
Max EVA Plus104A7F6C 000003E7
Infinite HP104A7F6E 0000270F
Infinite TP104A7F70 000003E7
Level 99104A7F94 00000063
Title Modifier104A7F98 000000??
Equipment Modifier Codes
Head104A7F74 0000????
Body104A7F76 0000????
Weapon104A7F78 0000????
Acc. 1104A7F7A 0000????
Acc. 2104A7F7C 0000????
Character 4 Codes
Max EXP204A7FA0 05F5E0FF
Max HP104A7FA4 0000270F
Max TP104A7FA6 000003E7
Max ATK104A7FA8 0000270F
Max DEF104A7FAA 0000270F
Max INT104A7FAC 000003E7
Max ACC104A7FAE 000003E7
Max EVA104A7FB0 000003E7
Max LCK104A7FB2 00000064
Max ATK Plus104A7FB8 0000270F
Max DEF Plus104A7FBA 0000270F
Max INT Plus104A7FBC 000003E7
Max ACC Plus104A7FBE 000003E7
Max EVA Plus104A7FC0 000003E7
Infinite HP104A7FC2 0000270F
Infinite TP104A7FC4 000003E7
Level 99104A7FE8 00000063
Title Modifier104A7FEC 000000??
Equipment Modifier Codes
Head104A7FC8 0000????
Body104A7FCA 0000????
Weapon104A7FCC 0000????
Acc. 1104A7FCE 0000????
Acc. 2104A7FD0 0000????
Character 5 Codes
Max EXP204A7FF4 05F5E0FF
Max HP104A7FF8 0000270F
Max TP104A7FFA 000003E7
Max ATK104A7FFC 0000270F
Max DEF104A7FFE 0000270F
Max INT104A8000 000003E7
Max ACC104A8002 000003E7
Max EVA104A8004 000003E7
Max LCK104A8006 00000064
Max ATK Plus104A800C 0000270F
Max DEF Plus104A800E 0000270F
Max INT Plus104A8010 000003E7
Max ACC Plus104A8012 000003E7
Max EVA Plus104A8014 000003E7
Infinite HP104A8016 0000270F
Infinite TP104A8018 000003E7
Level 99104A803C 00000063
Title Modifier104A8040 000000??
Equipment Modifier Codes
Head104A801C 0000????
Body104A801E 0000????
Weapon104A8020 0000????
Acc. 1104A8022 0000????
Acc. 2104A8024 0000????
Character 6 Codes
Max EXP204A8048 05F5E0FF
Max HP104A804C 0000270F
Max TP104A804E 000003E7
Max ATK104A8050 0000270F
Max DEF104A8052 0000270F
Max INT104A8054 000003E7
Max ACC104A8056 000003E7
Max EVA104A8058 000003E7
Max LCK104A805A 00000064
Max ATK Plus104A8060 0000270F
Max DEF Plus104A8062 0000270F
Max INT Plus104A8064 000003E7
Max ACC Plus104A8066 000003E7
Max EVA Plus104A8068 000003E7
Infinite HP104A806A 0000270F
Infinite TP104A806C 000003E7
Level 99104A8090 00000063
Title Modifier104A8094 000000??
Equipment Modifier Codes
Head104A8070 0000????
Body104A8072 0000????
Weapon104A8074 0000????
Acc. 1104A8076 0000????
Acc. 2104A8078 0000????
Character 7 Codes
Max EXP204A809C 05F5E0FF
Max HP104A80A0 0000270F
Max TP104A80A2 000003E7
Max ATK104A80A4 0000270F
Max DEF104A80A6 0000270F
Max INT104A80A8 000003E7
Max ACC104A80AA 000003E7
Max EVA104A80AC 000003E7
Max LCK104A80AE 00000064
Max ATK Plus104A80B4 0000270F
Max DEF Plus104A80B6 0000270F
Max INT Plus104A80B8 000003E7
Max ACC Plus104A80BA 000003E7
Max EVA Plus104A80BC 000003E7
Infinite HP104A80BE 0000270F
Infinite TP104A80C0 000003E7
Level 99104A80E4 00000063
Title Modifier104A80E8 000000??
Equipment Modifier Codes
Head104A80C4 0000????
Body104A80C6 0000????
Weapon104A80C8 0000????
Acc. 1104A80CA 0000????
Acc. 2104A80CC 0000????
Character 8 Codes
Max EXP204A80F0 05F5E0FF
Max HP104A80F4 0000270F
Max TP104A80F6 000003E7
Max ATK104A80F8 0000270F
Max DEF104A80FA 0000270F
Max INT104A80FC 000003E7
Max ACC104A80FE 000003E7
Max EVA104A8100 000003E7
Max LCK104A8102 00000064
Max ATK Plus104A8108 0000270F
Max DEF Plus104A810A 0000270F
Max INT Plus104A810C 000003E7
Max ACC Plus104A810E 000003E7
Max EVA Plus104A8110 000003E7
Infinite HP104A8112 0000270F
Infinite TP104A8114 000003E7
Level 99104A8138 00000063
Title Modifier104A813C 000000??
Equipment Modifier Codes
Head104A8118 0000????
Body104A811A 0000????
Weapon104A811C 0000????
Acc. 1104A811E 0000????
Acc. 2104A8120 0000????
Senel Coolidge Codes
Max EXP204A7EA4 05F5E0FF
Max HP104A7EA8 0000270F
Max TP104A7EAA 000003E7
Max ATK104A7EAC 0000270F
Max DEF104A7EAE 0000270F
Max INT104A7EB0 000003E7
Max ACC104A7EB2 000003E7
Max EVA104A7EB4 000003E7
Max LCK104A7EB6 00000064
Max ATK Plus104A7EBC 0000270F
Max DEF Plus104A7EBE 0000270F
Max INT Plus104A7EC0 000003E7
Max ACC Plus104A7EC2 000003E7
Max EVA Plus104A7EC4 000003E7
Infinite HP104A7EC6 0000270F
Infinite TP104A7EC8 000003E7
Level 99104A7EEC 00000063
Title Modifier104A7EF0 000000??
Equipment Modifier Codes
Head104A7ECC 0000????
Body104A7ECE 0000????
Weapon104A7ED0 0000????
Acc. 1104A7ED2 0000????
Acc. 2104A7ED4 0000????
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Disable FMV2012CCA0 24020001
Infinite Money104A7E00 0000FFFF
Max Money204A7E00 05F5E0FF
Always Low Time204A7E04 00000000
204A7E08 00000000
Max Encounters204A7E0C 05F5E0FF
No Encounters204A7E0C 00000000
Max Combo204A7E10 05F5E0FF
No Combo204A7E10 00000000
Max Grade204A7E20 45BB7FEC
No Grade204A7E20 00000000
Start Battle With Max Climax204A7E3C 3F800000
Battle Difficulty Modifier Codes
Easy004A90B0 00000004
Normal004A90B0 00000005
Hard004A90B0 00000006