Taiko-Drum Master

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Enable Code (Must Be On)901A9EC8 00832021
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Unlock Oni Difficulty Mode20873554 00000001
Unlock Song Codes
Taiko March208734D8 00000001
Don Rangers208734F8 00000001
Ridge Racer20873518 00000001
The Genji And The Heike Clans20873538 00000001
All Songs408734D8 00040001
00000001 00000000
Song Codes (Part 1)
ABC Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20871DC4 00000002
Max Score-Easy20871DD0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20871DE8 00000002
Max Score-Normal20871DF4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20871E0C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20871E18 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20871E30 00000002
Max Score-Oni20871E3C 0098967F
That's The Way (I Like It) Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20871E54 00000002
Max Score-Easy20871E60 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20871E78 00000002
Max Score-Normal20871E84 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20871E9C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20871EA8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20871EC0 00000002
Max Score-Oni20871ECC 0098967F
The Impression That I Get Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20871EE4 00000002
Max Score-Easy20871EF0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20871F08 00000002
Max Score-Normal20871F14 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20871F2C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20871F38 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20871F50 00000002
Max Score-Oni20871F5C 0098967F
Tubthumping Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20871F74 00000002
Max Score-Easy20871F80 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20871F98 00000002
Max Score-Normal20871FA4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20871FBC 00000002
Max Score-Hard20871FC8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20871FE0 00000002
Max Score-Oni20871FEC 0098967F
Walking On Sunshine Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872004 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872010 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872028 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872034 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087204C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872058 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872070 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087207C 0098967F
Material Girl Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872094 00000002
Max Score-Easy208720A0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal208720B8 00000002
Max Score-Normal208720C4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard208720DC 00000002
Max Score-Hard208720E8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872100 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087210C 0098967F
Love Shack Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872124 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872130 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872148 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872154 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087216C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872178 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872190 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087219C 0098967F
Toxic Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy208721B4 00000002
Max Score-Easy208721C0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal208721D8 00000002
Max Score-Normal208721E4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard208721FC 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872208 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872220 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087222C 0098967F
I'm A Believer Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872244 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872250 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872268 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872274 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087228C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872298 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni208722B0 00000002
Max Score-Oni208722BC 0098967F
Slide Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy208722D4 00000002
Max Score-Easy208722E0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal208722F8 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872304 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087231C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872328 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872340 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087234C 0098967F
American Girls Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872364 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872370 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872388 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872394 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard208723AC 00000002
Max Score-Hard208723B8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni208723D0 00000002
Max Score-Oni208723DC 0098967F
Girls & Boys Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy208723F4 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872400 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872418 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872424 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087243C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872448 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872460 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087246C 0098967F
Killer Queen Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872484 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872490 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal208724A8 00000002
Max Score-Normal208724B4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard208724CC 00000002
Max Score-Hard208724D8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni208724F0 00000002
Max Score-Oni208724FC 0098967F
Lady Marmalade Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872514 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872520 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872538 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872544 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087255C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872568 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872580 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087258C 0098967F
Are You Gonna Be My Girl Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy208725A4 00000002
Max Score-Easy208725B0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal208725C8 00000002
Max Score-Normal208725D4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard208725EC 00000002
Max Score-Hard208725F8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872610 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087261C 0098967F
My Sharona Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872634 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872640 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872658 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872664 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087267C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872688 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni208726A0 00000002
Max Score-Oni208726AC 0098967F
Song Codes (Part 2)
Rock The Dragon-Dragonball Z Theme Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy208726C4 00000002
Max Score-Easy208726D0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal208726E8 00000002
Max Score-Normal208726F4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087270C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872718 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872730 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087273C 0098967F
Bowling For Soup-Jimmy Neutron Theme Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872754 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872760 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872778 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872784 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087279C 00000002
Max Score-Hard208727A8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni208727C0 00000002
Max Score-Oni208727CC 0098967F
Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy208727E4 00000002
Max Score-Easy208727F0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872808 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872814 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087282C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872838 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872850 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087285C 0098967F
William Tell Overture Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872874 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872880 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872898 00000002
Max Score-Normal208728A4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard208728BC 00000002
Max Score-Hard208728C8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni208728E0 00000002
Max Score-Oni208728EC 0098967F
Carmen Prelude Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872904 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872910 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872928 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872934 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard2087294C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872958 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872970 00000002
Max Score-Oni2087297C 0098967F
Foster's Medley Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872994 00000002
Max Score-Easy208729A0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal208729B8 00000002
Max Score-Normal208729C4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard208729DC 00000002
Max Score-Hard208729E8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872A00 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872A0C 0098967F
Symphony No. 25 In G Minor Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872A24 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872A30 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872A48 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872A54 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872A6C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872A78 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872A90 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872A9C 0098967F
Hungarian Dances No. 5 Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872AB4 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872AC0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872AD8 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872AE4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872AFC 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872B08 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872B20 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872B2C 0098967F
Soul Calibur II-Brave Sword, Braver Soul Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872B44 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872B50 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872B68 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872B74 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872B8C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872B98 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872BB0 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872BBC 0098967F
The Genji And The Heike Clans Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872BD4 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872BE0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872BF8 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872C04 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872C1C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872C28 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872C40 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872C4C 0098967F
Ridge Racer Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872C64 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872C70 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872C88 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872C94 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872CAC 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872CB8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872CD0 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872CDC 0098967F
Taiko March Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872CF4 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872D00 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872D18 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872D24 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872D3C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872D48 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872D60 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872D6C 0098967F
Don Rangers Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872D84 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872D90 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872DA8 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872DB4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872DCC 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872DD8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872DF0 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872DFC 0098967F
Katamari On The Rocks Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872E14 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872E20 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872E38 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872E44 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872E5C 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872E68 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872E80 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872E8C 0098967F
Dragon Spirit Codes
Have Gold Crown-Easy20872EA4 00000002
Max Score-Easy20872EB0 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Normal20872EC8 00000002
Max Score-Normal20872ED4 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Hard20872EEC 00000002
Max Score-Hard20872EF8 0098967F
Have Gold Crown-Oni20872F10 00000002
Max Score-Oni20872F1C 0098967F