Suffering, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Floydfan

Enable Code (Must Be On)90417DA4 0C10C4BB
Infinite Health200C0220 03E00008
200C0224 E4800018
20314C58 08030088
20314C5C C480001C
Infinite Health Kits/Ammo202839C0 00000000
Extra Health Kits/Amo202839B8 00511021
Max Infinite Health Kits/Ammo202839B8 24020063
Never Reload202A8A80 00000000
Infinite Flashlight Power20240FF4 00000000
Enemies Dont Do Close Range Attacks20447008 03E00008
2044700C 00000000
Level Up Torques Insanity Smash Attack Once To Gain The Max Level202B6BC4 24630004
Infinite Insanity202B49BC 00000000