Stella Deus-The Gate Of Eternity

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9011CD10 0C04C7F8
Character Codes
Characters 1-10 Codes
Main Character Codes
Level 99202FB484 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FB488 002003E7
202FB488 000003E7
Infinite HP202FB48C 0000270F
Infinite MP202FB490 000003E7
Infinite AP202FB494 00000064
Max SP202FB498 0000270F
Max HP202FB49C 0000270F
Max MP202FB4A0 000003E7
Max STR202FB4A4 000003E7
Max STM202FB4A8 000003E7
Max INT202FB4AC 000003E7
Max RES202FB4B0 000003E7
Max TEC202FB4B4 000003E7
Max AGL202FB4B8 000003E7
Max LCK202FB4BC 000003E7
Character 2 Codes
Level 99202FBB0C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FBB10 002003E7
202FBB10 000003E7
Infinite HP202FBB14 0000270F
Infinite MP202FBB18 000003E7
Infinite AP202FBB1C 00000064
Max SP202FBB20 0000270F
Max HP202FBB24 0000270F
Max MP202FBB28 000003E7
Max STR202FBB2C 000003E7
Max STM202FBB30 000003E7
Max INT202FBB34 000003E7
Max RES202FBB38 000003E7
Max TEC202FBB3C 000003E7
Max AGL202FBB40 000003E7
Max LCK202FBB44 000003E7
Character 3 Codes
Level 99202FC194 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FC198 002003E7
202FC198 000003E7
Infinite HP202FC19C 0000270F
Infinite MP202FC1A0 000003E7
Infinite AP202FC1A4 00000064
Max SP202FC1A8 0000270F
Max HP202FC1AC 0000270F
Max MP202FC1B0 000003E7
Max STR202FC1B4 000003E7
Max STM202FC1B8 000003E7
Max INT202FC1BC 000003E7
Max RES202FC1C0 000003E7
Max TEC202FC1C4 000003E7
Max AGL202FC1C8 000003E7
Max LCK202FC1CC 000003E7
Character 4 Codes
Level 99202FC81C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FC820 002003E7
202FC820 000003E7
Infinite HP202FC824 0000270F
Infinite MP202FC828 000003E7
Infinite AP202FC82C 00000064
Max SP202FC830 0000270F
Max HP202FC834 0000270F
Max MP202FC838 000003E7
Max STR202FC83C 000003E7
Max STM202FC840 000003E7
Max INT202FC844 000003E7
Max RES202FC848 000003E7
Max TEC202FC84C 000003E7
Max AGL202FC850 000003E7
Max LCK202FC854 000003E7
Character 5 Codes
Level 99202FCEA4 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FCEA8 002003E7
202FCEA8 000003E7
Infinite HP202FCEAC 0000270F
Infinite MP202FCEB0 000003E7
Infinite AP202FCEB4 00000064
Max SP202FCEB8 0000270F
Max HP202FCEBC 0000270F
Max MP202FCEC0 000003E7
Max STR202FCEC4 000003E7
Max STM202FCEC8 000003E7
Max INT202FCECC 000003E7
Max RES202FCED0 000003E7
Max TEC202FCED4 000003E7
Max AGL202FCED8 000003E7
Max LCK202FCEDC 000003E7
Character 6 Codes
Level 99202FD52C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FD530 002003E7
202FD530 000003E7
Infinite HP202FD534 0000270F
Infinite MP202FD538 000003E7
Infinite AP202FD53C 00000064
Max SP202FD540 0000270F
Max HP202FD544 0000270F
Max MP202FD548 000003E7
Max STR202FD54C 000003E7
Max STM202FD550 000003E7
Max INT202FD554 000003E7
Max RES202FD558 000003E7
Max TEC202FD55C 000003E7
Max AGL202FD560 000003E7
Max LCK202FD564 000003E7
Character 7 Codes
Level 99202FDBB4 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FDBB8 002003E7
202FDBB8 000003E7
Infinite HP202FDBBC 0000270F
Infinite MP202FDBC0 000003E7
Infinite AP202FDBC4 00000064
Max SP202FDBC8 0000270F
Max HP202FDBCC 0000270F
Max MP202FDBD0 000003E7
Max STR202FDBD4 000003E7
Max STM202FDBD8 000003E7
Max INT202FDBDC 000003E7
Max RES202FDBE0 000003E7
Max TEC202FDBE4 000003E7
Max AGL202FDBE8 000003E7
Max LCK202FDBEC 000003E7
Character 8 Codes
Level 99202FE23C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FE240 002003E7
202FE240 000003E7
Infinite HP202FE244 0000270F
Infinite MP202FE248 000003E7
Infinite AP202FE24C 00000064
Max SP202FE250 0000270F
Max HP202FE254 0000270F
Max MP202FE258 000003E7
Max STR202FE25C 000003E7
Max STM202FE260 000003E7
Max INT202FE264 000003E7
Max RES202FE268 000003E7
Max TEC202FE26C 000003E7
Max AGL202FE270 000003E7
Max LCK202FE274 000003E7
Character 9 Codes
Level 99202FE8C4 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FE8C8 002003E7
202FE8C8 000003E7
Infinite HP202FE8CC 0000270F
Infinite MP202FE8D0 000003E7
Infinite AP202FE8D4 00000064
Max SP202FE8D8 0000270F
Max HP202FE8DC 0000270F
Max MP202FE8E0 000003E7
Max STR202FE8E4 000003E7
Max STM202FE8E8 000003E7
Max INT202FE8EC 000003E7
Max RES202FE8F0 000003E7
Max TEC202FE8F4 000003E7
Max AGL202FE8F8 000003E7
Max LCK202FE8FC 000003E7
Character 10 COdes
Level 99202FEF4C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FEF50 002003E7
202FEF50 000003E7
Infinite HP202FEF54 0000270F
Infinite MP202FEF58 000003E7
Infinite AP202FEF5C 00000064
Max SP202FEF60 0000270F
Max HP202FEF64 0000270F
Max MP202FEF68 000003E7
Max STR202FEF6C 000003E7
Max STM202FEF70 000003E7
Max INT202FEF74 000003E7
Max RES202FEF78 000003E7
Max TEC202FEF7C 000003E7
Max AGL202FEF80 000003E7
Max LCK202FEF84 000003E7
Characters 11-20 Codes
Character 11 Codes
Level 99202FF5D4 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FF5D8 002003E7
202FF5D8 000003E7
Infinite HP202FF5DC 0000270F
Infinite MP202FF5E0 000003E7
Infinite AP202FF5E4 00000064
Max SP202FF5E8 0000270F
Max HP202FF5EC 0000270F
Max MP202FF5F0 000003E7
Max STR202FF5F4 000003E7
Max STM202FF5F8 000003E7
Max INT202FF5FC 000003E7
Max RES202FF600 000003E7
Max TEC202FF604 000003E7
Max AGL202FF608 000003E7
Max LCK202FF60C 000003E7
Character 12 Codes
Level 99202FFC5C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD02FFC60 002003E7
202FFC60 000003E7
Infinite HP202FFC64 0000270F
Infinite MP202FFC68 000003E7
Infinite AP202FFC6C 00000064
Max SP202FFC70 0000270F
Max HP202FFC74 0000270F
Max MP202FFC78 000003E7
Max STR202FFC7C 000003E7
Max STM202FFC80 000003E7
Max INT202FFC84 000003E7
Max RES202FFC88 000003E7
Max TEC202FFC8C 000003E7
Max AGL202FFC90 000003E7
Max LCK202FFC94 000003E7
Character 13 Codes
Level 99203002E4 00000063
Quick EXP GainD03002E8 002003E7
203002E8 000003E7
Infinite HP203002EC 0000270F
Infinite MP203002F0 000003E7
Infinite AP203002F4 00000064
Max SP203002F8 0000270F
Max HP203002FC 0000270F
Max MP20300300 000003E7
Max STR20300304 000003E7
Max STM20300308 000003E7
Max INT2030030C 000003E7
Max RES20300310 000003E7
Max TEC20300314 000003E7
Max AGL20300318 000003E7
Max LCK2030031C 000003E7
Character 14 Codes
Level 992030096C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD0300970 002003E7
20300970 000003E7
Infinite HP20300974 0000270F
Infinite MP20300978 000003E7
Infinite AP2030097C 00000064
Max SP20300980 0000270F
Max HP20300984 0000270F
Max MP20300988 000003E7
Max STR2030098C 000003E7
Max STM20300990 000003E7
Max INT20300994 000003E7
Max RES20300998 000003E7
Max TEC2030099C 000003E7
Max AGL203009A0 000003E7
Max LCK203009A4 000003E7
Character 15 Codes
Level 9920300FF4 00000063
Quick EXP GainD0300FF8 002003E7
20300FF8 000003E7
Infinite HP20300FFC 0000270F
Infinite MP20301000 000003E7
Infinite AP20301004 00000064
Max SP20301008 0000270F
Max HP2030100C 0000270F
Max MP20301010 000003E7
Max STR20301014 000003E7
Max STM20301018 000003E7
Max INT2030101C 000003E7
Max RES20301020 000003E7
Max TEC20301024 000003E7
Max AGL20301028 000003E7
Max LCK2030102C 000003E7
Character 16 Codes
Level 992030167C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD0301680 002003E7
20301680 000003E7
Infinite HP20301684 0000270F
Infinite MP20301688 000003E7
Infinite AP2030168C 00000064
Max SP20301690 0000270F
Max HP20301694 0000270F
Max MP20301698 000003E7
Max STR2030169C 000003E7
Max STM203016A0 000003E7
Max INT203016A4 000003E7
Max RES203016A8 000003E7
Max TEC203016AC 000003E7
Max AGL203016B0 000003E7
Max LCK203016B4 000003E7
Character 17 Codes
Level 9920301D04 00000063
Quick EXP GainD0301D08 002003E7
20301D08 000003E7
Infinite HP20301D0C 0000270F
Infinite MP20301D10 000003E7
Infinite AP20301D14 00000064
Max SP20301D18 0000270F
Max HP20301D1C 0000270F
Max MP20301D20 000003E7
Max STR20301D24 000003E7
Max STM20301D28 000003E7
Max INT20301D2C 000003E7
Max RES20301D30 000003E7
Max TEC20301D34 000003E7
Max AGL20301D38 000003E7
Max LCK20301D3C 000003E7
Character 18 Codes
Level 992030238C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD0302390 002003E7
20302390 000003E7
Infinite HP20302394 0000270F
Infinite MP20302398 000003E7
Infinite AP2030239C 00000064
Max SP203023A0 0000270F
Max HP203023A4 0000270F
Max MP203023A8 000003E7
Max STR203023AC 000003E7
Max STM203023B0 000003E7
Max INT203023B4 000003E7
Max RES203023B8 000003E7
Max TEC203023BC 000003E7
Max AGL203023C0 000003E7
Max LCK203023C4 000003E7
Character 19 Codes
Level 9920302A14 00000063
Quick EXP GainD0302A18 002003E7
20302A18 000003E7
Infinite HP20302A1C 0000270F
Infinite MP20302A20 000003E7
Infinite AP20302A24 00000064
Max SP20302A28 0000270F
Max HP20302A2C 0000270F
Max MP20302A30 000003E7
Max STR20302A34 000003E7
Max STM20302A38 000003E7
Max INT20302A3C 000003E7
Max RES20302A40 000003E7
Max TEC20302A44 000003E7
Max AGL20302A48 000003E7
Max LCK20302A4C 000003E7
Character 20 Codes
Level 992030309C 00000063
Quick EXP GainD03030A0 002003E7
203030A0 000003E7
Infinite HP203030A4 0000270F
Infinite MP203030A8 000003E7
Infinite AP203030AC 00000064
Max SP203030B0 0000270F
Max HP203030B4 0000270F
Max MP203030B8 000003E7
Max STR203030BC 000003E7
Max STM203030C0 000003E7
Max INT203030C4 000003E7
Max RES203030C8 000003E7
Max TEC203030CC 000003E7
Max AGL203030D0 000003E7
Max LCK203030D4 000003E7
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Disable FMV201B9300 24020001
Infinite Money102F81C4 0000FFFF
Max Money202F81C4 05F5E0FF
Buy 1 Item For Max Money101D3CBE 00001000
Buying Shop Items Increases Money20233158 02118021
All Skills Available Learned200C0220 0807D23B
200C0224 A0A3024C
201F472C 24030001
201F4730 08030088
200C0228 0807D23B
200C022C A0A30520
201F4744 24030001
201F4748 0803008A
200C0230 0807D23B
200C0234 A0A30128
201F4760 24030001
201F4764 0803008C
Infinite HP (In-Battle)200C0238 3C010034
200C023C 0041082B
200C0240 54200001
200C0244 AC430074
200C0248 03E00008
200C024C 8C450074
201506F8 0C03008E
Infinite MP (In-Battle)201F8EE4 00000000
201F8EF0 00000000
Infinite SP (In-Batle)201F8D48 00000000
101F8D52 00001000